Run to the Hills by Mick Wall

Run to the Hills

This official biography is an accurate and unflinching account of the highs and lows that have accompanied the rise to fame of Britain's hardest rocking band. It demonstrates the artistic validity of Iron Maiden as much as their commercial impact.

Details Run to the Hills

TitleRun to the Hills
Release DateAug 1st, 2004
PublisherSanctuary Publishing
GenreMusic, Nonfiction, Biography, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews Run to the Hills

  • Gabriel Fugazi
    Let's be honest. Nothing really interesting ever happened to Iron Maiden. They got famous. They deserved it. End of story. Still, it's not a boring book. Must be because Mr. Wall is a talented guy.
  • Paul Levy
    Massive and in-depth enjoyed it, but literally can't remember anything at all, maybe its magical and makes you forget, if you want to know the history of Maiden and thee story behind the albums, it has everything you could want and more, I presume. I have forgotten all of it.
  • Zorro
    up the irons!The story of NWOBHM in one book.Turn on the music and start to read.
  • East Bay J
    I absolutely love Iron Maiden. My first album was Number Of The Beast and I was hooked. I bought posters, t-shirts, patches, buttons, more posters, every single I could get my hands on, that first Ten Wasted years box set and yet more posters. I admit I lost interest not long after Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son but, man, did I loves me that Maiden.Run To The Hills is a fantastic, outstanding music bio and the best possible Maiden bio. I so appreci...
  • Rev
    A great look into the history of this mighty band! A must-read for any fan or anyone interested in what makes metal amazing! Up The Irons!
  • C.A. Bryers
    I've been a huge Maiden fan for years, and own several unauthorized biographies of the band as well as this. If you've followed the band as extensively as I have, the first half of the book should be well-ingrained in your mind: lots of lineup changes, eventually culminating in the ousting of Di'Anno and the hiring of Dickinson. The latter years go by fast, which is a shame, as I'd consider it to be one of the band's more intriguing eras. Since t...
  • Jeff
    The Mick Wall chapters are good he tells the story of Maiden with an engaging style. A close observer of the band, he presents multiple perspectives of their history through one-on-one interviews.The updates in the third edition by Dave Ling and Chris Ingham are useless. They read like website news updates and official press releases. The quality of the writing breaks down, along with any insight or sense of perspective.First edition is all Mick...
  • Josh Liller
    I first heard Iron Maiden because Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" got overplayed on the radio. I started with "Fear Of The Dark" and got hooked. I own all the post-Di'Anno studio albums and they are one of my favorite bands. So I was quite curious to learn more about them.And for people wanting to learn alot about the band this book doesn't disappoint. The 3rd edition covers up through the post-"Dance Of Death" tour. With 2 more CDs since then plus th...
  • Brent Venton
    I think they update this book about every other album or so but I read it when it had been updated to cover the reunion of the band with Dickinson and Smith and the release of Brave New World.Overall the book is a pretty honest look at the band. The early days are covered in tremendous detail as a revolving door of colourful characters move in and out (and back in Mr. Murray). But of course, this part of the book is 'Arry's story as it was his vi...
  • Aurélien Thomas
    A must read for every fan, Mick Wall's book gives us to see Iron Maiden's ascension from the inside. Past and present band members, managers, producers etc. here's a multiple voice story, always fascinating, even at times contradictory (which makes for a deep and honest read) telling the tale of a turbulent saga. From dodgy pubs in the East End of London to conquering the world it has not been easy and, this biography is a fantastic tribute to a ...
  • Mats
    Cool story of their struggle, and maybe foremost Daves enormous efforts to keep the band intact along the way, finding the right players, and finally put everything on black ;) Timing, dedication and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears shaped this groundbreaking band in its dawn.I really like the way you get introduced to all the members/ex-members too, their history, ways and where they once came from.A nice effect was to listen to the right al...
  • Mark Jones
    A very interesting read for all 'Maiden fans. You won't really appreciate how much hard work they put into what they do until you read this. It's astounding and very enlightening. I was surprised at how many changes the band has been through, there has been a lot of band members coming and going through the years, and through it all, Harris has pushed the band further and further. There's no wonder they rule the world.
  • Patrick Michael
    Good book although this book is very similar to all the Mick Wall books where the very early years of the band are covered extensively then the more recent years are rushed like he has hitting his limits on words to be printed for the book. Enjoyable read on a band that really has not gotten the press coverage like most others.
  • Justin Sarginson
    Told from virtually all members and ex-members, this is the story of Iron Maiden. Well written, but I lost interest in the Blaze Bailey section and it tailed off at the end as there was no ending or conclusion, reduced to recounting individual tours and DVD releases. If you're a fan, then you'll enjoy.
  • Luis Merati
    I really enjoyed!! There are many interesting and funny histories from Iron Maiden outside stage which made me laugh. It's written in a very simple way and the way they normally speak in the music world. Really cool.
  • Michal Baláž
    I don't believe in objective reviews, therefore I can give this book a five stars review without even thinking about. Great humorous stories about the heroes of my teenage years
  • Glen
    While I tend to enjoy biographies of bands I like, this one was extremely tedious to read. Very thorough, but dull as a bowling ball. All the details are here, too many of them really, but none of the humor. Recommend for the most dedicated fans who don't mind reading a very boring book. If you're a more casual fan of Iron Maiden, read something else.
  • Ivan
    Great book about my favourite band. Getting to know some interesting details about the band from "behind the scenes". Although, honestly, I hoped that the book will also give some answers about why Somewhere in Time album is so underrated by the band.
  • Martin
    Good solid biography of one of the finest metal bands. Honest and insightful
  • Simon Powell
    Starts off well, with the journey from sweaty pub band to finally making it big in the USA (via seemingly endless line up changes - apart from the bass player) taking up well over the half the book. After that the story reverts largely (but not entirely) to album/tour/album/tour before degenerating into an extended puff piece. Well worth reading for the early days, but don't feel like you gave to make it to the end.
  • Richard Bailey
    The book is well put together and tells the story of the band, from the inside. I found the underlying story interesting as there was so much I didn't know about. If you are a fan of the band it comes recommended, but if you are after salacious details of what happens backstage after the show, then you will be disappointed .
  • Russell Holbrook
    I read the first edition of this about fifteen or so years ago. I was so excited to be able to read a biography of my favorite band! I love this book and I look forward to picking up the updated version too!
  • David Douglas
    These guys worked hard to get where they are.
  • Gonçalo
    Honestly it's a life lesson about attitude and perseverance.
  • Tiina Susanna
    Never read a book than Fan has wrote, it's totally uncritical embarracing praise.
  • Susie
    I read this years ago and thought it was a great insight into the band and their backgrounds.
  • Mattias
    A very good biography even though the recent years go by a little too fast.