A Grace Revealed by Jerry Sittser

A Grace Revealed

Twenty years ago, Jerry Sittser lost his daughter, wife, and mother in a car accident. He chronicled that tragic experience in A Grace Disguised, a book that has become a classic on the topic of grief and loss. Now he asks: How do we live meaningfully, even fruitfully, in this world and at the same time long for heaven? How do we respond to the paradox of being a new creature in Christ even though we don't always feel or act like one? How can we...

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TitleA Grace Revealed
Release DateOct 13th, 2012
GenreNonfiction, Religion, Faith, Christian, Theology, Christian Living, Christianity

Reviews A Grace Revealed

  • Derek Emerson
    Jerry Sittser understands pain. He understands loss. He understands grief. But more importantly, he understands that our life is a story of redemption, of connection to the person of Christ. While we cannot forget, nor should we forget, our painful times in life, we need to know that the God's story for our life is not over.This is no mere glib, theological chatter. Sittser's family was in a car hit by a drunk driver nearly 20 years ago. In an in...
  • brian d rogers
    I was led to this book after the passing of my father-in-law. one thing I should say, and I think this rule applies to everyone, there is no guaranteed right-to-the-point solution to when you're suffering the grief of losing a loved one. 10 different people will require 10 different paths to their healing, this is important to remember as a book like this cannot have the same impact acrossed say all 10 of these people. the author intelligently me...
  • Lizzie Lowrie
    This is a wonderful book. Jerry Sittser's book A Grace Disguised is the best book I have ever read on grief and faith and this is a wonderful companion to it, written 20 years later after the loss of his wife, mother as daughter.His reflections on the redemptive narrative in both our lives and the greater story of the gospel is woven throughout the book and brings together both personal reflections from his own suffering and his theological refle...
  • Larry Hiday
    Some reminders and new perspectives of the story of our redemption that is presently being played out in each of our lives if we choose.
  • Tomigirl44
    I read this book as a sequel to A Grief Disguised because I enjoyed the previous book so much and I was not disappointed. This book builds on the first, and considers story/narrative with our lives. As someone who’s especially interested in the role of narrative in our individual lives, as well as in our families and communities, I found this book very helpful.
  • Hannah
    Jerry Sittser speaks from a place of suffering to other Christians, encouraging them in their own hardships. Throughout his testimony he illuminates the principle of biblical redemption. The value of redemption is especially close to Sittser’s heart. Two decades ago Sittser lost three generations of women in one tragic car accident. His mother, wife, and daughter were all lost on the same day, leaving Sittser and his three other children lost a...
  • Paul
    This is a wonderful book, a great sequel to the author's earlier book A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss. Looking back 20 years after the tragic events described in the previous book, Jerry Sittser speaks with clarity and wisdom gained from painful, yet redemptive, life experience. This book will be a great help to readers who struggle to live their lives as part of the story, God's story. No sentimentalism, no platitudes, no theo...
  • Mar
    3.5. Sittser updates his life 20 years after his mom, wife and daughter were killed by a drunk driver and his family was altered. His first book spoke more out of his raw pain; this book has more perspective as he looks back. He frames his story in the grander narrative of God's story which I really appreciated. His chapters go with that theme and titles are aptly named, "Characters", "plot", "setting" etc. There is a hope in this book that God i...
  • Jennifer
    Well written and well thought out this book investigates the relationship of humans with God using a literary metaphor. If that last line doesn't make sense pick up the book and it will. Sittser gives the layman access to theological ideas by challenging the reader to think deeply about God's redemptive love and using an honest recount of his own personal loss among other examples. I strongly recommend this text to book clubs and anyone want to d...
  • Kristina
    This is sold as a companion to 'A Grace Disguised: How the soul grows through loss' (which is the best Christian book I've ever read) but it also works as a stand-along book. The author talks about how the Bible is story and our life is story and part of a bigger picture, even if it's difficult to see for us. The circumstances of our lives matter less than how we respond to them and how we live our lives. It's a challenging and uplifting book.
  • Tricia Howard
    Beautiful book and thought provoking. I really had to concentrate when reading, sometimes taking notes which is why I gave it three stars instead of four stars. It wasn't a book that I really looked forward to reading because it was so deep and more challenging to read than others but because I was reading it for my Bible study group I stuck with it and am glad I did.
  • Amy
    A well written book, easy to read. I liked the content very much, even though I have a problem with the concept of redemption, as if we weren't created quite right and need to be saved from that. Also, I wonder whether Sittser has every considered the possibility that God and the Holy Spirit may not have an exclusively male gender. Other than that, I found the book helpful and positive.
  • Jan
    This is a man who didn't dwell on his personal tragedy, but allowed God to guide him raising his remaining children while still working, and to be open to what God had in store for him. It is a beautiful story but is not so much about his family and trusting God.
  • Jim Howe
    This book came to me at the right time. Jerry thinks theologically and shares from experience with great insight as to how suffering transforms God's people.
  • Judy
    The first half of this book was very well done, but then it became repetitive - I lost interest. Sittser is a winsome writer.
  • Cheri Hudspith
    Do you struggle to wrap your mind and heart around the reality of redemption. If so, I believe you will find this book helpful.
  • Nathan
    Thoroughly enjoyed the process of thinking about my life in the context of God's redemptive story. This book was a very pleasant surprise.
  • Cara
    Such an enjoyable book. Honestly, I was expecting it to be a little more personal, but I enjoyed the theological meat he presented.
  • Pamela Strickland
    Truth and redemption on every page. Jerry's words are slowly settling into my heart and mind, bringing the balance of a scriptural perspective to my story.
  • Cam
    An Inspirational reminder that we are all part of a larger story, one Jesus Christ has already redeemed. I am a new person becoming the new person God has always planned for me.