The Little Lady Agency (The Little Lady Agency, #1) by Hester Browne

The Little Lady Agency (The Little Lady Agency, #1)

When sweet, naive Melissa seeks a job with her old Home Economics teacher she is halfway through the interview before it dawns on her that Mrs McKinnon isn't interested in her cookery skills, but is in fact running an escort agency. Melissa panics, but she needs the cash - and what harm can providing lonely men with stimulating conversation over dinner do? More exciting still, she'll get to wear a disguise...Enter her alter ego: Honey. As flirty ...

Details The Little Lady Agency (The Little Lady Agency, #1)

TitleThe Little Lady Agency (The Little Lady Agency, #1)
Release DateSep 5th, 2006
PublisherGallery Books
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews The Little Lady Agency (The Little Lady Agency, #1)

  • Kathryn
    I'm surprised how much I enjoyed this book, especially as I've been kind of "off" chick-lit these days. But, I thought it was really great--fabulous and fresh and frothy while still having backbone and heart. I love how it avoided a lot of the cliches so prevalent in chick-lit (for example, the heavenly Nelson, our leading lady Melissa's flat-mate, is neither gay nor her former lover... he is simply a dear friend who happens to be of the opposite...
  • Antof9
    This is a typical chick-lit book in that the main chica is the underdog, someone uncomfortable with men, etc., etc. It's atypical in that it's basically clean and talks a lot about Issues of Conscience. And for that, I thoroughly enjoyed it.I really cared about Melissa and what happened to her, and the whole Honey dilemma got to be hilarious. I could actually see it as a sitcom! Here's just one of many, many funny lines -- in talking about a flin...
  • Ivana Books Are Magic
    I didn't care much for it, but that's probably because romance has never been my genre. The protagonist of this novel is a very sweet girl Melissa. Very very sweet....well, a bit too sweet and a bit too naive. Nevertheless or perhaps because of it, she is quite easy to relate to ( we were all naive at times) and she is even likable to a degree, especially when she starts to develop some spine with the help of her alter ago persona Honey. I found ...
  • Amy
    Things I liked: - The spunky heroine who sticks to her values (particularly when it comes to sex)- The Knightly-like love interest- The GINGER love interest! - The focus on manners/good dress/etc.- A kinda stereotypical American in a British book who doesn't just get hated on - Remington Steele references
  • Sally Whiteside
    Not what I expected. It was so much fun. Light and easy reading that had me laughing in parts and characters you love to dislike.
  • Ann
    I simply adored this book! The characters are vivid and real, and complex (but still normal). There are few books that I enjoy simply reading about the day-to-day life of the characters, and this was one of them.Melissa does her best to be a good person, even though she isn't always appreciated for it, and she has to fight against her less than supportive family and her own issues of self perception to become a stronger, more confident woman. In ...
  • Meika
    I adored this book. First and foremost, it isn't particularly deep - no rich metaphors or literary acrobatics. It's a novel of manners, plain and simple. The whole point of the novel is that the main character must learn to love herself for who she is, and only then will she reach her full potential. In order to learn this, she takes on an alter-ego that expresses characteristics she thinks are too bold, audacious, sexy...etc. She only begins to ...
  • Love Fool
    Hilarious and warmhearted, this "deliciously addictive" (Cosmopolitan) debut romantic comedy stars a woman who goes from doormat to diva when she sets up shop as the ultimate freelance girlfriend. Omg everyone you need to read this book. Like right now. It was funny and different and we all need to thank Hester Browne for this gem. I LOVE books that I can picture myself as the main character (and her style!!!). Plus, this business idea she planne...
  • Joan
    Well this was a breath of fresh air. A delightful story that kept me entertained (and guessing!) until the last page. A few confusing moments (the father, for one) but this was one of those rare stories where the woman was competent without being bossy or 'sassy' or just plain rude and the man was kind and considerate and a gentleman!A fun read that I will definitely read again. :)
  • Kirsten
    This is one of those books hoping to ride the coattails of the Bridget Jones phenomenon. Although it seems to me that phenomenon has come and gone. Anyway, young English woman starts her own business as a 'life organizer' for bachelors, adopts an alter ego to do so, ends up falling in love with one of her clients, etc. Predictable and not really very entertaining. I don't mind reading light and fluffy books as long as they're fun and engaging, bu...
  • Michelle
    I'll just start this review off by saying: I'm torn after reading this book.The Little Lady Agency is the first in a three part series starring Melissa Romney-Jones, a girl who has been fired - once again - from her job and has no clue where to go from there. Extremely organized and good at soothing the ruffled feathers of her co-workers and friends, Melissa, after a string of highly amusing events and coincidences, decides to open her own agency...
  • Jen B
    LOVED this one! It kept my mind off of both of my 4 hour cross-country flights (and I don't like flying!) I can't wait to read the rest of the series.
  • Katie
    Fun,summer time read. Young english woman finds her calling and love.
  • Barb
    Cute, light and fluffy and amusing.
  • Jami
    I have to admit, I was disappointed by this one. I'm usually enamored by anything British-Chick-Lit, but this book failed to do much for me. The biggest problem was the main character Melissa (who has an alter ego, "Honey," for her agency). I just didn't like her. The way she let everyone, especially her family, walk all over her made me crazy. Even in the book's resolution, she doesn't really stand up for herself. She lets a few other people do ...
  • Cathy
    This could've been something I was really into, but unfortunately too many of the side storylines ended up bothering me for one reason or another.(view spoiler)[- I didn't care for the Melissa/Nelson/Gabi pseudo love triangle that kept rearing its ugly head at regular intervals. I loved the fact that Nelson didn't turn out to be the 'gay-best-friend-flatmate', but was in fact just a straight guy who happens to live with one of his female best T...
  • Tracy
    I can't decide if I like or hate this book. I'm sure over time I'll gravitate towards one or the other. This was a wandering inner monologue that meandered in every direction. Here's the author's inner monologue, "Hmm... I don't like the direction this story is taking, I think I'll make a U-turn." It was like the author read that leather bound collected works of Jane Austen all at once and had starred the storylines she wanted to put in. Then she...
  • Traci Larson
    Meh! I’m not sure this book ended the way I wanted it to. Did she end up with the right guy? I may have to get the next book, I just can’t decide if I want to commit that much time to it. And what a crazy dad!! There were a couple of unresolved issues that left me scratching my head. Maybe I read the end too fast trying to get out the door to book club.
  • Megan Clark
    Cute chick-lit story. Melissa is a relatable character whom you watch grow throughout the novel. You will cheer her on and feel the drama of every situation. A fun beach read!
  • Sonali Mahapatra
    Very very entertaining! :D
  • The Belle
    I have so many friends who claim they “just don’t have time to read.”They go on and on about how much they admire the time I have to read and are jealous of how many books I can plow through in a year. They cannot believe I have all of this “free time” on my hands to shop for books, read books, blog about books, etc. And they are the same friends who get overwhelmed in bookstores and are afraid of wasting time on a bad book, mainly beca...
  • Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)
    This is chicklit, pure and unadorned. But chicklit has its place, and it's a cracking good read for those moments when all you want is mental popcorn. Perfect holiday reading or for those days when you just want to daff the world aside. I have to say, I read it all in one day, lying flat on my back in bed. I had a raging headache from reading too long by the time I finished, but I honestly didn't want to put it down till I reached the end.It remi...
  • Kara
    Does anyone watch How I Met Your Mother? Did you see the "Oh Honey" episode? Ted gets set up with Honey who is gullible. Very gullible. Honey: My apartment building is so safe. My landlord even installed a security camera in my shower.Marshall: Oh, honey...Honey: Maybe I should feel weird about giving a stranger my Social Security Number, but the guy's a Nigerian prince!Marshall: Oh, honey...Honey: I just had a great TV audition...behind the KFC ...
  • Jasmin
    Melissa Romney-Jones, Pony club frump and full time sucker. She lost her boyfriend, lost her job, being taken advantage by former boss, owes her father ten thousand pounds (which she lent to her ex-boyfriend as an investment for a ski business. Him running away was entirely unfortunate) and did I mention, a full time sucker?At a loss for a job and of money, Melissa is being recruited to an up-market escort agency, run by Miss McKinnon (Melissa’...
  • Laura
    Summary: Melissa Romney-Jones has many talents: she can help someone dress accordingly, plan a great party, and organize just about anything. Despite her qualifications, she is released from her job. Unsure of what to do next, Melissa decides to take the skills she learned at finishing school help hapless men. Donning a blonde wig and snug clothing, Melissa becomes “Honey,” a confident go-getter who helps give direction to clueless men. She h...
  • Samantha
    This was one of the stupidest books I have read in awhile...I guess I shouldn't have trusted the library's insistence that this was a "different" kind of romantic comedy-esque read (except for the fact that it took place in London and there was no witticism whatsoever). The Little Lady Agency is so cliche that it hurts. The ending is wrapped up in around 2 pages with everything working out for everyone. What bothered me the most was how Honey/Mel...
  • Emilyandherlittlepinknotes
    “My name is Melissa Romney-Jones, but you can call me Honey. In the past, when people asked me to describe myself, I used to say I was one of nature’s organizers. Reliable. Sensible. A bit, you know, shy”The Little Lady Agency is a delightful chick lit that I picked up based on Sophie Kinsella’s recommendation (right there on the cover).In a few lines story is about Melissa Romney-Jones an under confident & under achieving twenty somethin...
  • Lauren
    Got this book from a friend and it is one of those typical "I hate myself and can't find the right man but I'm going to go through a huge rough patch and you'll read all about it and I'll wind up extremely happy in the end" stories that always makes you happy and sucks you right in. You totally know what I am talking about.With all the heavy reading I've done lately I was in need of some light refreshment and this did the trick!The best part of t...
  • Mandy
    A very fun book to read! This falls in the category of what I fondly term "Brit Chick Lit", think Shopaholic series and Bridget Jones. I highly enjoyed this novel because it was light hearted and fun, but also not silly. I enjoyed the characters and their interesting relationships. I even found myself relating to Melissa in ways that I wouldn't have anticipated. I appreciated that this book had clean language and no gratuitous sex...which I find ...
  • Em*bedded-in-books*
    finally finished it - after exclusively reading it at mealtime for almost 2 months. An easy flowing chick-lit - the protagonist is a large hearted girl with a family who relies too much on her (not for money, but for their general well-being and arranging parties, weddings etc.) with an overbearing brute of a rich, politically inclined father who 'lends' money, not gifts it to his daughters, who is overpowering and dominant and who makes his fami...