The Boston Tea Party by Russell Freedman

The Boston Tea Party

Follow a crowd of disguised protestors through the quiet streets of colonial Boston as they defend their right to control their own destinies. Russell Freedman's engaging narrative, incorporating meticulous research and quotes from contemporary accounts, follows the rising tensions between the citizens of Boston and representatives of the British Crown. From the controversial, unpopular taxes on tea through the defiant act of dumping hundreds of ...

Details The Boston Tea Party

TitleThe Boston Tea Party
Release DateAug 1st, 2012
PublisherHoliday House
GenreHistory, Childrens, Picture Books, Nonfiction

Reviews The Boston Tea Party

  • Luisa Knight
    Did you know that Herman Melville's grandfather was at the Boston Tea Party? I didn't; but now I do. You'll learn other interesting things from this book as well. It's told in story form and contains excerpts from eye-witnesses who were there that night.Ages: 6 - 10**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too. These reports give a complete break-down of everything in the book, so you'll know just how clean it is or...
  • Barbara
    As he always does, Russell Freedman has once again brought the Boston Tea Party, arguably the event that started America's Revolutionary War, to life. How does he do that, given that the act of dumping tea into the Boston harbor has been covered in just about every elementary social studies text ever published? He relies on research, of course, and tells the story of this act of protest that started small and gained momentum through the eyes of i...
  • Donalyn
    Russell Freedman delivers another lively and informative account of American history.
  • Suzanne
    Freedman once again tells a great story. He not only keeps his readers interested, but tells a factual and documented tale. This is a great introduction to the Boston Tea Party.
  • Christina Williams
    In this historical fiction, intended for Grades 3 and up, children can be introduced to the Boston Tea Party, its purpose, and how it came about. The author does a good job at telling the historic milestone of Americans. I believe he does an exceptional job at telling the story, while including quotes and opinions from some of the voices that were heard during that time. The illustrations also are a good aid in getting the children to know and un...
  • Karen
    Children's book on what happened to start the American Revolution. "Taxation without representation!" I wonder if it really happened that way? Nice story and good time lines in the back.
  • Josiah
    What better way to introduce new readers to important events in American history than with a picture book, and who better to perform the writing than Newbery Medalist Russell Freedman, one of the most respected authors of nonfiction for kids in the history of the genre? Rather than simply laying out the bare facts and hoping some scrap of tinder amidst the information sparks an interest in the reader, Russell Freedman patiently does the work of t...
  • Kirah Marshall
    1. This is a well illustrated nonfiction children's book about the Boston Tea Party. It tells the story of how the settlers were angry with the king and how they were not going to pay the taxes on the tea. It tells about the rules of cargo and trading of the days. It tells readers how the Sons of Liberty met several times to discuss what to do with the ships that carried the tea. They tried civilly asking the ships' crew people to take it back an...
  • Jody
    My fifth graders loved this book. It got them full of anticipation before we did our annual simulation of the Boston Tea Party (yesterday).
  • Allyson Smith
    This book gives the story of the Boston Tea Party. It begins by talking about when the ship full of tea came to the harbor and why the people did not want the tea. It then talks about the men who disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians and went aboard the tea ships. The tea was then thrown overboard on all of the ships while the towns people watched. It then gives and afterword, explaining what happened after the Boston Tea Party and what happened...
  • Paula
    The significance of the Boston Tea Party is described in this narrative nonfiction piece of story-telling that will appeal to a wide variety of readers. Straightforward text and primary source quotes from townspeople and participants offer details that make the rebellious act come alive. The text is accompanied by large muted illustrations that will enhance readers’ understanding. This book would be a great supplement for social studies teacher...
  • Jennifer
    Freedman presents a retelling of the events leading up to, as well as the actual evening of, the infamous (well, at least in American history courses) Boston Tea Party. Students will enjoy Freedman's presentation much more than the presentation featured in their textbooks. Freedman provides not only an entertaining and factual story, but factual supplementary materials such as a map, a timeline, an introduction, an afterward, source notes, and an...
  • Karen Arendt
    Russell Freedman does such an excellent job of making history so accessible for children. Everyone knows the Boston Tea Party, but this book adds detailed illustrations, a timeline, bibliography, and an index! The text gives readers background information in an introduction then takes the reader through the entire conflict, making the story easy to understand. The information included at the back of the book (an index, too!) makes the book worth ...
  • Samantha
    A kid-friendly book on the Boston Tea Party that reads like a newspaper article/diary because it draws on accounts from people who were there. Illustrations are full color and full of emotion. Back matter includes an Afterword, Bibliography, a backstory on tea, and a timeline. Not the first book I would reach for if a child needed a book for a report, but a great nonfiction read of American interest nonetheless.
  • Sandy Brehl
    Both narrative and illustrations convey a sense of the time, place, tension, and issues involved in the actual events leading up to and encompassing the original Boston Tea Party. The events on the ship itself are most revealing of the civility ands seriousness of the protest. The only concerns I had involved the low visual contrast between text and illustration background which made it more of a challenge to actually read.
  • April Smith
    I love Russell Freedman's books. He does any amazing job highlighting the major events during the Boston tea party. I even learned facts from this book that I do not remember learning in school. This book is a great read aloud for fifth grade, which is where students learn about the American Revolution. I would recommend this book to any fifth grade teacher.
  • Brenda Kahn
    Gorgeous illustrations, engaging storytelling (Hey! It's Russell Freedman! Of course, it's engaging.) Introduction, map, sources, afterword, all in a picture book. Perfect addition to the 7th grade "Road to Revolution" Podcast Project. So excited!
  • Yoo Kyung Sung
    "Tea Party" these days have different meanings in the U.S. This book invite the forgotten part of American history. Surely Freedman's authorship is appreciated to revisit The Boston Tea Party part of the U.S. history.
  • Margie
    When it comes to bringing history into the here and now, giving readers an inside glimpse on the then, no one does it better than Russell Freedman. This volume is further enhanced by the paintings of Peter Malone.My full review:
  • Helen
    I'm afraid this nonfiction book was definitely nothing special. I thought it would be exceptional since it was by Freedman, but no such luck. It didn't even have any primary sources or articles, so it would definitely be a no vote for me.
  • grieshaber.reads
    I love Russell Freedman books and the American Revolution is my favorite time period, so I just had to read this picture book. Excellent information told in a compelling story with beautiful illustrations.
  • Rebecca Snodgrass
    I don't like how the words are blended with the background, but it's a good intro to the Boston Tea Party. It's a good book when talking about recalling and retelling because of the words remembered and recalled. It's very interesting.
  • Melissa Dwyer
    Originally rated G by
  • Lisa
    Average story about an event in history that most children know about.
  • Amy
    This connects well with content teaching. Its always good to have another source with details that textbooks leave out.
  • Michael
    Can you start a war without soldiers or firing a shot, but with humor, costumes, and what was basically a big party instead? America did it; find out how.
  • Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)
    Lots of good information on the Boston Tea Party, helpful end notes
  • Melissa Mcavoy
    Good account and handsome pictures. I wish it, and many others on the topic, directly addressed why the colonists dressed as Mohawks.