The Walking Dead, Vol. 6 by Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead, Vol. 6

Trapped in a town surrounded by madmen, Rick must find a way out or die trying. Meanwhile, back at the prison, the rest of the survivors come to grips with the fact Rick may be dead, and a major turning point in the series is reached. Collects issues #31-#36.

Details The Walking Dead, Vol. 6

TitleThe Walking Dead, Vol. 6
Release DateApr 11th, 2007
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Horror, Zombies, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic

Reviews The Walking Dead, Vol. 6

  • Bookdragon Sean
    Every time a write a review for one of these comics, I seem to mention that another level has been breached. And that’s because it’s completely true. This one descended even further into depravity. In the past we’ve had lots of violence, mutilation, torture and even rape. These have become almost casual things, trademarks of everyday life. In this crazy world this stuff happens every day. I hesitate to say that it’s normal, it’s not nor...
  • Alejandro
    Woodbury is all around us! This is the fifth volume of the softcover editions of "The Walking Dead", collecting the comic book issues from #31 to #36.Creative Team:Writer: Robert KirkmanIllustrators: Charlie Adlard Additional gray tones to inking: Cliff RathburnChapter Six THIS SORROWFUL LIFE Don’t you know what people is capable of?! Rick, Michonne and Glenn are trapped in Woodbury.And each one of them......they never would be the same anymor...
  • Brad
    There is a redress going on in modern popular culture with which I am fascinated. Rape tales, tales of torturing women, tales of violence against women have been told for years with graphic detail. Many of these tales have been saying (either explicitly or implicitly) that these brands of violence are wrong or even evil, but many of them still offer up the vision of this violence to illustrate the wrongs and evils.Now a redress has come, and we h...
  • Coreen (AsThePlotThickens)
    "we just need to be sure that when they get here. We're ready for them." Okay I'm liking this one, some scenes were gruesome but most were cool. I'm excited to see what will happen on the next TWD volume.
  • Becky
    Heh... Every time I see or hear the phrase "or die trying" (such as the one in the description for this volume) I can't help but think of The Boondocks and how the show makes fun of 50 Cent. Observe: "Mumble mumble something. ...Or die tryin'." Not that that really has anything to do with this volume. It's just early, I haven't had coffee yet, and reading the description of this book to refresh my memory as to what happened (from sooooooooooooooo...
  • Sarah
    Wow, what a volume! Things got really crazy in these episodes! I loved it. I love how we are finally learning more about the characters as we're actually getting a great insight into them now. I've tried to not get too attached to anyone because I'm pretty sure Robert Kirkman will kill whoever he wants to but I can't help it! (view spoiler)[ HASHTAG DR. STEVENS OMG! (hide spoiler)]I still have my concerns with this comic and it's representation o...
  • Fables&Wren
    WrensReads Review:WHAT A COME BACK.The last two issues have not been my cup of tea.. but this one slapped me across the face.Remember The Governor? And how he believes that he is the biggest bad in the world and things only go his way because he is boss man and he is god? Well, let's just say, he hasn't seen the goddess of war and destruction before. And she will make him rue the day..and that isn't even the worst of it.THIS ISSUE HAS THE MOST GO...
  • Ayman Gomaa
    This volume was really good and alittle bit crazy xD but i loved it - Michonne took her revenge " revenge is a dish best served cold " she was sadist but he deserve it anyway and it teach us never make a girl with a sword mad or u probably will regret it xD :) - Rick start to lose his humanity and feels like a savage but well thats the kind of world he live into now - Glenn that was my fav part even with this shit crazy stuff happening we can see...
  • Darren Hagan
    BRUUUUTAL :') Moral of the story: do not piss off a woman who knows how to wield a sword haha.
  • Kimberley doruyter
    this one seemed shorter then the rest.
  • Sam Quixote
    Rick, Glenn and Michonne remain the captives of the sadistic Governor, the leader of a small enclosed community. But help is on hand as one of the Governor’s guards helps them escape and head back home to the prison. Will they all make it back – or die trying? I really, really enjoyed this one! I flew through it in one sitting, and it’s a cliché but the pages couldn’t turn fast enough. Everything from the lead-up to the breakout, the esc...
  • Justin
    I’m starting to realize that Walking Dead is one of those series that boasts a large number of fans that are oblivious to or are willing to look past its flaws. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it is what it is. The universal acclaim that these books get seems to be at odds with some of the problems it has, especially by this point in the series. This volume, simply put, isn’t put together very well, and isn’t much fun to read. Sp...
  • Gabby
    God damn, a lot of shit went down in this volume. A lot of graphic, gory shit. Rick is quickly losing his trust in humanity and I totally see why. I can feel Lori and Rick's relationship slowly getting worse and worse. I really loved most of this volume but there is one thing that kind of disappointed me and I can't really talk about that without giving spoilers. But damn, I am obsessed with these comics now. I'm hooked and I probably won't stop ...
  • Anthony Chavez
    HUGE turning point in the story here, from volume 5 to volume 6 so much happens to change the groups dynamic at the prison.Glenn, Rick, and Michonne were locked up at Woodbury when they find a few sympathizers who don't like "The Governor" and his crazy ways either. So they decide when everybody is distracted to get outta Dodge and escape. Without giving too much away they make it back to their prison safehouse only to find things vastly differen...
  • Joe
    If you're like me, one of your deeply-held beliefs is that the only problem with zombie movies is that they come to an end. With that in mind, Robert Kirkman has given us "The Walking Dead", a series which tells the ongoing story of an eclectic group of people trying to live in a world now ruled by the dead. Kirkman's introduction says it best: "How many hours are in a day when you don't spend half of them watching television? When is the last ti...
  • Brightness
    But mostly just this:
  • Lesincele Viaja gracias a los libros
    Las escenas entre Michonne y el Gobernador han sido mucho más violentas de lo que me esperaba. En este volumen se profundiza más en lo que somos capaces de hacer por sobrevivir aunque no se considere lo mejor desde el punto de vista moral. Tengo mucha curiosidad por saber cómo continúa.
  • ☣Lynn☣
    Go Michonne!!
  • Michelle Bet
    Leído para el 2015 Reading Challenge. Reto: #40. Novela gráfica. Contiene spoilers de volúmenes anteriores. Este volumen está cargado de tensión, de lucha, de rabia, de momentos que llega a darme escalofríos.En el vol. 5 nos quedamos con Martínez diciéndole a Rick que va a sacarlo de Woodbury, y en eso se concentra el vol. 6, en la huida de Rick, Glenn, Michonne y 3 personas más de ese pueblo para llegar a la prisión con los demás.En e...
  • Sooraya Evans
    This volume follows Rick, Glenn and Michonne as they escape from Woodbury. A random henchman of the Governor suddenly offers to help them. Hmm, too good to be true if you ask me. The elaborate scene where Michonne tortures the Governor was downright disturbing. Damn! That's something you can't unsee.
  • Sangeeta
  • Jennifer Girard
    4.5This will be my most coherent review ever... Ready? Whoa... What? but... What? Yeah...More seriously, it was one of my favorite (if not my favorite)!
  • Chloe
    Just a quick warning to say that this review contains spoilers for The Walking Dead: The Best Defense!If I am being honest, I just do not seem to be enjoying The Walking Dead any more, but I am determined to continue with it, as it definitely has the potential to improve. And I am actually quite glad that I am, as this volume demonstrated that it is certainly possible for the story to get better and become interesting once again.In The Best Defen...
  • Rebecca Schuster
    My first three-star rating for a book of the Walking Dead series. ... It is not that it is a bad book. Not at all. It is really breath-takingly thrilling and again has some great cliffhangers even within the book.However, all in all this volume was far too "Hostel" for my taste (and I never watched the movie for a very good reason! The trailer was already hard enough to bear). Of course, the reader (the female one especially) is pleased to see th...
  • Alondra
    5 StarsSure, maybe it should be 4 or 4.5; but I don't think so. Michonne's payback on the governer in the comics, is wwaayyy better than the t.v. show. Hell, it probably wasn't enough. I love the insight into the characters, without it being a long drawn-out speech. We learn about them in fits and starts; and just enough. We start to see their motivations with each scenario that plays out.
  • Kim
    The zombie apocalypse is freakin scary! And I am not talking about the zombies man! The people are insane! I would have to say after reading 36 issues that I LOVE the show more so than the comics. The comics are freaking me out!
  • Jordan
    This volume wraps up the very lackluster Governor story. Michonne gets an entire gratuitous issue to exact torturous revenge with all manner of sharp instruments, but everyone else is just spinning their wheels and I am left struggling to find a reason to be interested in these people anymore.
  • Nicole Alycia
    They have really toned down the characters in the show.... these guys are seriously messed up.
  • Dimitarsdim
    Fuck yes! The previous two volumes lacked intensity and thrill for me, but this one gave me what I wanted! 4.25stars!SPOILERS BELOWThis volume was very enjoyable and satisfying. I think I will give it 4.25 stars (highest one yet)The best thing that occurred in the volume was Michonne's vengeance. That's what I was waiting for. Brutal, savage and very Michonne-like. I thought her characterization lacked and highly contrasted with her character in ...
  • Pedro
    4.5/ 5Brutales las secuencias de Michonne torturando al Gobernador. Algo le faltó a este volumen para tener las cinco estrellas, pero estuvo muy bueno y me siguen sorprendiendo los cambios que ha tenido la serie en cuanto a los comics.