The Walking Dead, Vol. 2 by Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead, Vol. 2

An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months, society has crumbled: There is no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV. In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally begin living. This volume follows our band of survivors on their tragic journey in search of shelter. Characters live and die as they brave a treacherous landscape lit...

Details The Walking Dead, Vol. 2

TitleThe Walking Dead, Vol. 2
Release DateNov 24th, 2004
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Horror, Zombies, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Comic Book, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Fantasy

Reviews The Walking Dead, Vol. 2

  • Stephen
    NEWSFLASH #1 There are A LOT of books about zombies.NEWSFLASH #2 There are A LOT of books about zombies sporting whole bags full of suck. NEWSFLASH #3 This graphic novel (what we superhero nerds call comics to sound less spandexy) is completely devoid of suck and is among the best written, most intelligent zombie stories ever. NEWSFLASH #4 I really, really like it. It’s a pretty basic set-up. Some mysterio plague-like phenom has caused zombieit...
  • Alejandro
    The Walking Dead continues! This is the second volume of the softcover editions of "The Walking Dead", collecting the comic book issues from #7 to #12.Creative Team:Writer: Robert KirkmanIllustrators: Charlie Adlard Additional gray tones to inking: Cliff Rathburn Chapter Two MILES BEHIND US Okay... What the hell are we going to do now? The body count started on the first chapter making them to realize that ANYBODY may be the next one to fall, no...
  • Delee
    This one starts during the holiday season. How fitting. There is nothing like people being killed by zombies, to put one in the Christmas spirit. :) Meeeeeeeerry Christmas!!!
  • Sean Barrs the Bookdragon
    Insanity is clearly going to be a major theme through this story. I really like the way everyone’s stability is being tested. These graphic novels aren’t just a simple zombie beat down, they’re that too, but the real story is with the characters; it’s about how they learn to carry on and cope with their probable deaths at the hands of a pack of hungry zombies. Simply put, those that are weak will not survive. Only those that are willing t...
  • Jessica
    4.5 starsReally, really good! I still think these comics are much better than the show... I didn't like the artwork as much in this one, however? Is this a new Illustrator? Excited to continue on and read more!
  • Tina Haigler
    Review to come :)
  • Laurie –A Court of Books–
    Actual rating: 3.5 starsI liked this comic less than the first one. The thing is that I can't stop myself from comparing it to the TV show and it didn't live up to my expectations. There will be spoilers of both the TV show and the comics below.What disappointed me the most during my reading is the relationship between the characters. It felt either botched or false. I couldn't connect to the couples, not to the new ones, nor to those that are ac...
  • Meredith Holley
    BANG! POW! SHAZAM! Who wants a gun? We do! You’re babies and convicted felons! We don’t care! There are zombies! We need to kill humans!Wait, but you said the guns were for the zom . . . Oh, whatever, okay, here are your guns. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T TAKE THEM OUT OF YOUR HOLSTERS!(scene)(people make chagrinned faces.)(zombies say, “Gar.”)Not that you would know what to say anyway, but I’m going to make a long speech about feelings ...
  • Brad
    I admit it: some of Robert Kirkman's dialogue is crap. I admit it: The Walking Dead descends into cheesy soap territory from time to time. I admit it: some of Chris Adlard's art seems sloppy and rushed.I admit it: the AMC series adapting this into something even better than its source material. I admit it: I am a massive geek.BUT ...Every once in a while Kirkman hits a patch of dialogue, almost always at a critical character moment, that rings em...
  • [Shai] Bibliophage
    Still haven't got the chance to watch the TV adaptation of this comics series but based from several reviews, the comic version is much better. So, I'm trying to read this series because I don't want to set my expectations in the TV series.Rick and his pack continues to find a safe shelter in this volume. It's understandable that they were just trying to make their shelter safe. However, there are several instances, notably in the old penitentiar...
  • Brendon Schrodinger
    Volume 1 finished with the gang leaving their campsite outside Atlanta following the showdown between Rick and his police partner Shane and Carl, Rick's son. Only two made it out alive. This, the oncoming winter and the realisation that civilisation is not going to just going to reboot itself.So off they all go in the RV, the stinky overfilled beat-up RV. But it's reliable.There are two story lines here. One where they come across something that ...
  • Scarlet Cameo
    Mucho mejor que el volumen anterior. Hay momentos de pasividad, con muy pocas cosas pasando, y otros que son mucho más activos (y no hablo sólo de los zombies). La historia entro y salió rápidamente de la granja, lo cual me agrada porque estar en ese lugar seguro hace que realmente todo se torne en el estilo de telenovela (los dramas familiares toman fuerza, la personalidad de los personajes no cambia porque no hay razones para que lo haga, t...
  • Justin
    Boy howdy, business really picked up in this one. There was tons of arguing, cussing, love-making, yelling, whispering, shooting, killing more zombies, zombies killing more people, etc. all throughout the book. I think where this ends is about where I abandoned the TV show. This was a fast-paced page-turner, but I felt like the site dragged on too long. I'm anxious to see what happens from here since there should be some new storylines to uncover...
  • Fables&Wren
    WrensReads Review:So the art changed in this book, and I am pretty sure the rest of the series is drawn this way. It is really something. I wish I had enough talent in me to draw.Welcome to a version of season 2 of The Walking Dead AMC. Where the barn is full of walkers, Maggie is annoying as ever (she gets better, don't worry), and Hershel believes that everything is just a phase and a cure will be drawn up soon.Maggie has a lot more siblings, O...
  • Sarah
    I really like this comic series. I like how it focuses on the people and the psychological side of how people could react in a zombie apocalypse. Everyone is pretty much having sex, getting munched on or shouting at one another and I think that's pretty realistic. The artwork in this volume was not as good as the volume 1 artwork by Tony Moore. I've gotten used to it at this stage but I see Tony Moore's artwork for the covers and I just want him ...
  • Becky
    There's always a crazy... *SMH* It's been a little bit since I read the first volume, and so, as usual, I was a bit concerned that I might have forgotten stuff. And I did, a little... but it's still early in the series and we're still getting to know the main characters anyway, so there's enough info about them to get along with. I do think that I'm going to have to pick up the pace on reading these though! Again I really liked the artwork - I lo...
  • destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries]
    I can't say I enjoyed this one as much as volume 1, but it was still a damn enjoyable graphic novel! It's so interesting to watch how differently the story unfolds from what I'm familiar with on the television show. I have to say that there are a lot of things I strongly prefer in the show (like, um, Beth's existence?), but I'll definitely be continuing the series to watch things progress in their original intended way.
  • Dennis
    3,5 *Rick und seine Gruppe verlassen ihr Camp nahe Atlanta, nachdem die Bedrohung durch Streuner dort zu groß wurde und ihnen auch langsam die Essensvorräte ausgehen.Außerdem ist Lori schwanger und Rick will ein geeignetes Zuhause für sein(?) Kind finden.Nachdem die Suche zunächst erfolglos verläuft macht sich langsam aber sicher Verzweiflung breit. Dann kommt es jedoch zu einem dramatischen Zwischenfall, der die Gruppe letztlich zur Farm v...
  • Sam Quixote
    AARRRGH, the zombie apocalypse continues! Rick and his miserable band of survivors leave their camp outside Atlanta and potter about the devastated countryside looking for a safe place to stay. They find an abandoned gated community that looks safe… AAAAARGGGH! ZOMBIES!!! Then they find a farm that looks safe… AARRRRGH! MORE ZOMBIES!!! Then they find a prison that looks safe… probably AAARGH! EVEN MORE ZOMBIES (we’ll find out in Volume 3)...
  • Sesana
    For much of the volume, this could just as easily be post-nuclear, or post-plague. That's a compliment, because The Walking Dead isn't as much about the zombies as it is about how people survive and adapt. The survivors find love and lose people they care for, and nearly lose them. They find safe harbors that aren't really, and wind up back where they began. It's all very realistically done, and I ended up feeling attached to these people, flawed...
  • Brittany
    ***Horror Buddy Read with the Shallow Readers! This week's criteria: creepy creepers and walkers***I really enjoyed this volume. For me it is a bit difficult to differentiate between the TV show and the comics sometimes, but I'm getting better.While the artwork is sometimes a bit off for me, some scenes just bleed emotion. I feel their longing for survival, their grief over loved ones, their love and anger for each other. This is just as good as ...
  • Darren Hagan
    I love it. It's so good and gritty and real!
  • Kirk Kowalkowski
    The book is ALWAYS better than the movie (or in this case, the TV show), right? I thought so too, so after falling head over heels for The Walking Dead on TV, I had very high hopes for the comic books. I picked up Days Gone By, and was really let down. Reading it felt like watching Season One in fast forward. There's a real lack of story or character development. It's just this happened, then this happened, then this happened, as if the panels we...
  • Lindsey Lynn (thepagemistress)
    4/5 Stars!Summary:The next installment in this apocalyptic series. Trying to find food and shelter but they find things they never imagined.Dislikes:Lori. End of story.Likes:Honestly, Tyreese I'm loving him. Not that I didn't love him in the show, because I definitely did. The pace of the comic is much quicker too that's keeping me on my toes for sure.Overall:Really pleased with where this is going. I just love this world. Dystopian has my heart.
  • Laura
    Having a hard time with Carol being so young. And Andreas love interest. #IWatchedTheShowFirstVery enjoyable. I love the pace of this comic, and how much information and development they have in each volume.
  • Taschima
    Yes, I am one of those people who got hooked on the TV Show before they found their way to the comic book. And maybe because of that is that I find myself liking the TV Show more than the comic book, for now at least. I've only read Vol.2 (my local library didn't have vol.1), but already I can see some ways in which the TV Show excels more than the comic book.Like for example...-Seeing the zombies coming, and attacking people is much more excitin...
  • Anthony Chavez
    While I love the story and the characters this volume's illustrators were different and it was a bit difficult to tell some of the characters apart, at times I confused Dale and Herschel, other times I confused almost all the women.This volume touched on finding a safe home to live and regrow, settle down. Everyone wants to go back to how things were and it looks like the reality and weight of things is sinking in. The group encounters a family o...
  • Laura
    I was disappointed to see that this book was illustrated by a different person. He has a totally different style, heavy on the shading, which actually made it hard to tell the difference between two of the women. In fact, one of them begins a relationship with someone and I was flipping back, exclaiming "I thought she had a husband and kids!" before I realized it was another woman. (Part of the problem was me being unobservant, but still...) Also...
  • Crystal Starr Light
    Bullet Review:I think this one is better than the first. I really like Tyresse and Glenn, and even characters like Rick are growing on me. However, the rest of the characters are kinda interchangeable and weren't easy to tell apart. Also, there are a LOT of dialogue bubbles that serve to provide the exposition. At a point, it feels like overload, sorta like:"As you know, Bob, Alice was a doctor at Mercy Hospital.""I know, Corey. Remember that tim...
  • Pedro
    4.5 ⭐Bastante mejor que el primer volumen. Creo que no le doy las cinco estrellas solo porque algo me dice que seguirá subiendo de nivel.