Vampires in Their Own Words by Michelle Belanger

Vampires in Their Own Words

The code of silence has been broken For this anthology, vampire Michelle Belanger convinced nearly two dozen real-life vampires to break the code of silence that has kept their fascinating subculture shrouded in secrecy. Sometimes provocative, sometimes surprisingly down-to-earth, these candid firsthand accounts come from both psi vampires who feed on energy and sanguine vampires who drink actual blood. Their true stories shed light on a variety ...

Details Vampires in Their Own Words

TitleVampires in Their Own Words
Release DateSep 8th, 2007
PublisherLlewellyn Publications
GenreParanormal, Vampires, Nonfiction, Fantasy

Reviews Vampires in Their Own Words

  • Lori
    I actually need to buy this, I got halfway through at Barnes and Noble. An insiders look into the lives of "real" vamipres, from the psychic to sanguine.
  • Lisa M.
    I frequently purchase books from a great new age surplus shop online. The deals are great so I periodically go through the website and find any interesting books and purchase them. I can afford to risk $2!I have seen Michelle Belanger on various paranormal television shows and somehow knew a little about her -- she identifies as a vampire and owns a large library of occult books, which I envy! I am interested in the occult and always have been. I...
  • Yvonne
    This book is an anthology of written works by self proclaimed vampires/vampyres from psychic to sanguine, edited by Michelle Belanger. This is the second book I have of hers and I enjoy her style. From awakenings to proper feeding etiquette, moral codes and the different traditions; this book covers a lot of ground. It is as good as its going to get if you want to get up close and personal with the 'real' vampire community (I'm not talking about ...
  • Madeleine
    I really enjoyed this!!
  • Emma
    Have you ever heard of a psychic vampire? When I first learned the term a few years ago, I was told it described a person who drained energy from people around them, and they were to be avoided if you liked, you know, not being exhausted. But for Michelle Belanger and others who self-identify with the term, it's very different.The general idea that I, a non-vampire, got from the various essays is that psychic vampires do not process energy the wa...
  • Steve Cran
    When I first heard the term psychic vampire I automatically assumed that it was some pesky person who hung around you and annoyed so much that you felt drained just from being around them. They would leach off you, much like a moocher who has no money. Real vampires of course were the work of fiction and lore and in no way shape or form could ever possibly exist. That a psychic vampire could send out astral tendril and feed off of someone's aura ...
  • Rachel
    Interesting 'slice' of the vampire subculture and spiritual path. "Vampires in Their Own Words" serves as a sampler of sorts; an introduction to the subject as well as a general disinformation guide. Readers who are already a part of this particular demographic will likely see nothing new, but it offers insight to those of us on the outside. Some of the essays were better than others. Almost all of them were enjoyable to read. The organization of...
  • Massanutten Regional Library
    Stephanie, North River patron, June 2015, 4 stars:This book was an unusual read for me in that one of its main purposes is to persuade the Wiccan community that the modern real life energy consuming and blood consuming vampire communities are not all bad. As I am not associated with any such communities, it was interesting to read such an anthology. It gave me an understanding and respect for some American subcultures and provided personal narrat...
  • Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
    I liked it overall. I was disappointed that it was mainly focused on the Psi aspect and rarely delved into the Sang but it was a nice intro to the culture for someone who isn't well aquinted. It allows one to somewhat understand the culture and how it isn't just something people do for attention in most cases. Every now and then it would get a little dry but overall the fact that this is an anthology really made it worth reading
  • Lissa
    The reader must keep in mind that the various people submitting to this book have written their own personal experiences and opinions. I say this because some of the opinions in this book I found to not be particularly nice and I wondered why they were even included. There are however a few really interesting and inspiring stories within.
  • Midnight Angel
    Książka ciekawa, jednak przeznaczona dla osób zainteresowanych wampiryzmem z innej strony niż fantastyczne Stokerowskie przedstawienie tej postaci. Książka opowiada o subkulturze wampirów z perspektywy członków różnych osób związanych z tym światem.
  • Rachel Moore
    I found this book full of blow-hard bs. I don't doubt the existence of psychic vampires and such but the writing style was so pretentious that I didn't care enough to wade through it to the heart of the matter. Bored!
  • Joe
    Easy book to pick up and put down with a limited amount of attachment do to a compilation of short excerpts from those involved in some vampyre communities, areas of expertise or happenings. It's definitely a touch and go kind of book...which is great for people with a limited schedule!
  • Damian Nightwalker
    seemed like there were not enough vampires and MB got to much credit while most wrote it. still seems stilted etcD, ,
  • Kimm
    I registered a book at!
  • Rebecca Wright
    I have a not so secret girl-crush on this lady. I don't get the "I'm a real vampire" thing but it is intriguing to read about.
  • K
    Many of these essays assume a familiarity with a belief system that never is fully explained but the essayists definitely assume that the reader shares the belief system.
  • Lance Robinson
    This book is good for ref and a look into the vampire world of today. A great read if you like vampires.
  • Nicky
    Very interesting and well detailed.