The Way of the Wizard by Deepak Chopra

The Way of the Wizard

The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want

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TitleThe Way of the Wizard
Release DateDec 26th, 1995
GenreSpirituality, Nonfiction, Self Help, Philosophy

Reviews The Way of the Wizard

  • Steve Cran
    Author Deepak Chopra uses the metaphor of Merlin raising the future King Arthur in the Crystal cave to teach the reader 20 lessons that will transform the reader's life.Each lesson or chapter is divided into three sections. The first section tells a story where in Arthur learns his lesson from Merlin. The second section is understanding the lesson where the teaching is given further explanation. The third section is called Living the lesson which...
  • Virag Padalkar
    Deepak Chopra follows the way of all self-styled "spiritual" gurus. Here's the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of such quackery - 1. Pick an obscure metaphor for a little-understood concept (in this case Merlin and Arthur)2. Concoct very weird tales that can be passed off as meta-physical connections to certain inexplicable concepts. 3. Relate to those concepts using a chain of even more convoluted logic in such a manner as to confuse readers....
  • The Goon
    Terrible book! Pretentious and horrible, I left this book on a park bench. I didn't want it sitting next to my other books and contaminating their space. This book was not worthy of my bookshelf.
  • Min Yi Su
    This book has so many nuggets of valuable information, I read it slowly over many nights. Though much of the information is familiar, I enjoyed the format Chopra delivers with the story of Arthur and Merlin. I digested the lessons with reflection in my own life and the choices I make. And in the same slow and stead manner, I allowed my perspective to adjust and change when needed.
  • Cassie
    Phenomenal book. Fascinating, and Magical!!! A must read for those on the path for purpose, transformation, fulfillment, joy and contentment in life. The old saying "The teacher will arrive when the student is ready" is very true for those of us who is willing to open our hearts to learn, understand, and become a pupil. The complexity of life is overwhelming, yet was exemplified with stories and lessons in the Way of the Wizard as told through th...
  • Gabriel Iqbal
    Deepak is visionary... a human soul on fire. I have read most of his works and he continues to excite fresh paradigms. He is scientific as well as meta-physical in a single heart-beat.
  • Kathy
    Borrowed this from Mom. I really like the way the ideas are presented, but more than that, they make sense to me - feel familiar.
  • Waseem
    I think this is a bookt hat must be read as opposed to heard - as I did with the audiobook version, nevertheless the metaphors and parables of merlin and arthuer, were 'ok' but not too appealing for some reason in my preffereed method of learning. Ive read/heard similar style books but this just didn't get me excited enough to give it a serious listen as opposed to it ending up being a passive listen towards the end..perhaps thats why ive rated i...
  • Catherine
    This is a book that enfolds Hindu wisdom within the tale of King Arthur and Merlyn the wizard. Rather than directly instruct the reader, the lessons are told through stories about Merlyn's tutoring of the young Arthur. Each lesson has a story, an explanation of the lesson and an explanation of what it means to apply the lesson to your life. It's a clever way of introducing these spiritual concepts to someone raised in Western culture, especially ...
  • Jana
    I really enjoyed this book. I decided to read it in one sitting, since it is a short book, but one can easily spend a much longer time reading it and I am sure it won't be the last time I have read it. I feel this is a book to carry around with you every day and read the lessons again and again, and every time you learn something new from it. I know that to fully grasp its content I will have to read it more than this one time.
  • Jonathan Sudler
    This book comes from a very unusual direction combining the author's Hindu traditions and his fantastical view of the Arthurian legend. Beautiful wisdom is presented in an enticing manner however, periodically I found myself thinking/pondering the question of would a medieval Merlin even think along these lines? And then I would get caught up again in the beauty of the writing. Short and easy to read but its lessons will stick with you for a very...
  • Jose Rampinini
    "Nuestro tiempo necesita hoy más que nunca la sabiduría del mago", dice Chopra. Una sabiduría que nos conduzca al mundo de la libertad y el milagro.A Los magos se les ha atribuido el conocimiento de la alquimia, del arte de convertir un metal inferior en oro. Pero el verdadero poder esta en el conocimiento que es mucho mas Grande.
  • Corey Jonez
    I couldn't put the book down, and yet most of the time the book was in my hand- I wasn't reading it, I was merely soaking in the reality of what I had just read! This book is right up there with seven spiritual laws as my favorite!
  • Elly Sands
    I've read this book over and over again and even indexed it. I avoided Chopra's books for a long time thinking he was too main stream . He may be but his writing is superb and very very insightful.
  • Cecilia Zuniga
    This book does a great job of integrating teachings from not only Merlin but that are found across ancient traditions. It's an easy, lovely and powerful read.
  • Maria João Palma
    Sendo um livro de Deepak Chopra, eu já contava com a presença das suas metáforas incompreensíveis e das habituais teorias da new age, com uns pózinhos de física quântica. Mas acho que neste livro o que consegue é uma mistura de lições que não trazem nada de novo à nossa vida. Pelo menos, não à minha...
  • Annica H.
    Debo decir que el inicio del libro me pareció bien, fácil de leer e intenso en su mensaje, mientras iba avanzando más, se tornaba más tedioso.Estoy en un punto donde voy creciendo como persona y necesito apoyo para lograrlo, realmente no sé como sentirme con lo acabo de leer, necesito más tiempo para digerirlo, pero no fue una lectura muy buena, en mi opinión.
  • A.J.
    Deepak Chopra is gifted charlatan who preys on the weak-minded and gullible. Included in this group are a few “celebrities” and talk-show hosts who propagate this nonsense to their sheep-like followers. Being the adept con man that he is he throws in scientific jargon to hide his profound ignorance.
  • Bruce
    Every thing we experience is but a reflection of ourselves. Therefore, the world changes as we change. We are energy, life force, and we are influenced by spirit. We are able to sense spirit, so we are something different from spirit.
  • Sally Lovelock
    I love Deepak Chopra, he has the most beautiful voice. However, I couldn't bring myself to read this book and gave up after it took me over a week to read 21 pages!! Not like me at all but life is too short to read books that aren't enjoyable
  • unknown
    This book fell into my lap at the moment I needed it. "When a student is ready, the teacher will come." I've just finished it and feel as if my mind has undergone a defragmentation process. I want everyone to read this, slowly, and absorb it fully.
  • Hery
    Buku pemberian teman. Analogi ceritanya diwakili oleh interaksi Merlin (Sang Guru) dengan Arthur (Murid). Begitu banyak sudut pandang baru saya dapatkan dari buku ini. Tiba di tanganku pada saat yang benar-benar tepat. Tks a lot friend.
  • Nirvana El
    اکسیر متضمن کلید دستیابی به عشق و توفیق و اتصال معنوی و روحانی است و با خواندن آن شاهد تحول تصورات خود از موفقیت و خوشبختی خواهید بود
  • Camille
    I really like Deepak Chopra's books as they are always engaging to the mind and gives you a different perception of the world within afterwards.
  • Kayla Lakings
    It was ohkay.
  • Kendra Purtle
    Essential reading for life. Important information contained in these pages.
  • Luce Cronin
    If you are searching , this is a book to point the way.
  • Dee Halzack
    Excellent, though a little abstruse. Most of it fit neatly with what I learned in Avatar.
  • Claudia Sterling
    Poco profundo y demasiado metafórico. Chopra tiene muchos mejores libros que este.