No Other Love (Lost Heirs, #3) by Candace Camp

No Other Love (Lost Heirs, #3)

Urgently on her way to the earl of Exmoor's estate,Nicola Falcourt's carriage is waylaid by a notorioushighwayman known as The Gentleman. But there isnothing gentlemanly about the masked bandit'sbreathless kiss. The stranger believes Nicola is the wife of Richard Montford,earl of Exmoor, whom he despises and is intent on destroying.But he could not be more mistaken, for Nicola bears no lovefor the cruel earl who'd killed the only man she'd ever l...

Details No Other Love (Lost Heirs, #3)

TitleNo Other Love (Lost Heirs, #3)
Release DateJul 24th, 2007
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Fiction, Regency, Historical Fiction, Category Romance, Harlequin, Regency Romance, Love, Adult

Reviews No Other Love (Lost Heirs, #3)

  • Jultri
    Candace Camp is an author who can get it so right at times, and not so much at other times. This story unfortunately belongs to the latter group. Firstly, I did not feel the youthful love between the leads. It appeared too rushed and unconvincing. While I like that the heroine has backbone, intelligence and compassion, the hero was too blinded by his hastily drawn conclusions years ago of her betrayal, and it was frustrating that despite facts po...
  • Denise
    The conclusion to the Montford Heirs series. This is the story of Jack/John, the 3rd missing child of Lord and Lady Exmoor, who was sent by his mother, Simone, with his sisters 20 years prior. She sent them with a locket for each of her daughters and for her son, the family ring of the Earls of Exmoor which belongs to the children's father. Simone's plan is to bring the children to her trusted un-named friend so she can get them safely out of Par...
  • Elaine
    This is a cracker! Loved it. Everything lovely about this story. Well laden plot, and the characters oh so nice, except for the villain...*hiss*.Will read more of Ms. Camp in the future.4****
  • Wendy
    DNF Chapter Twelve. I am a little annoyed at myself that I expected there to be something different in the formula after the first two in the series. I suppose my forgiveness for that is that I’m not finishing this one. I will read formulaic books if it’s a good formula. This one isn’t. The good thing about this one is that there is no taking advantage of a woman while she’s drugged or just been attacked. Nicola is a fully consensual part...
  • Barbara Bland
    Yes!The End! What a lovely book. What a wonderful ending! It was just right. I loved this book as much as the first two in this series. Candace Camp is an awesome writer and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these three books!! I will enjoy the next of hers that I read just as much; I’m sure!
  • Roberta
    I've always been a sucker for a mysterious highwayman. This book wraps up a series of three so, without having read #1 A Stolen Heart, I was in the dark about some of the references to happenings in the earlier book.
  • Lynette Marie
    The best!This is my favorite of the trilogy. So much action, mystery, romance, and suspense. Questions raised were answered, the whole series wraps up nicely. Highly recommend!
  • Robert Kinyanjui
    Love like no other! It leaves no loose ends; interesting with secrets, thrills and twists…
  • Mandy Grepares
    So much mystery and intrigue! I loved it!
  • Lydia
    Well, smartly written. Beautiful characters. And just a lovely, easy to read story. Just what I needed. Romance, action, mystery and a bit of danger. Great plot too. 👍
  • Presly Jones
    First from this author and i have to commend you Ms Camp you outdid yourself here. Read it a long long time ago, can't even remember when. NO OTHER LOVE was special. A captivating historical romance that just blew my mind and heart. it hurts me till date that i lost this book but am glad i had the pleasure of reading it first. This is a must read and a must have for all historical romance lovers
  • Christine
    This review is for the entire trilogy, which unlike many romance series, should be read in order. Here's the setup: 22 years ago, the three children of the Earl of Exmoor (2 girls and 1 boy) were supposedly killed during the French Revolution, along with their parents. The earldom went to a distant cousin while their grandmother, the dowager countess, mourned the loss of most of her family. Enter Alexandra Ward fro mthe first book, the spitting i...
  • Tabetha Waite
    I felt this was a perfect end to the Montford Heirs trilogy! After reading this book, I recall that I had read it a few years ago and certain parts of it I remembered, though I liked it just as well this round as I had then, for how can you go wrong with a highwayman? In regards to love lost, then returned, as well as a dash of mystery, this is a great story and when the main villian through it all finally gets his comeuppance in the end, you tru...
  • Jennifer M. Smith
    i honestly loved this book. it is the third in the series finishes with a bang- quite literally when the bad guy is shot and killed! i think it was my favorite simply because i had grown fond of both lead characters and i think ms. camp did the characters justice by giving them a wonderful back story of intrigue, kidnapping, murder, mistaken identities, revenge and love lost...
  • Mercedes
    Nicola fell in love with Gil Martin, the stable boy but Richard Exmoor put an end to that when Gil fell to his death or so Nicola believed for the past ten years. On her way to visit her sister Deborah who ended up marrying the despicable Richard, Nicola was held up by a highwayman known as the "Gentleman". Such a great novel of twist and turns with some laughs. Read to find out more.
  • Chris Conrad
    THE LOST HEIRSNice trilogy of light reading. Predictably of coarse. Character development is good. Typical erotic scenes. It was nice to follow the characters in the twists and turns through the three books.
  • Staci
    This story has plot elements from both The Princess Bride and The Notebook so if you liked either of those you might also like this. A nice historical romance although it sometimes refers to events that happened in previous books in a confusing way.
  • Hpitcher
    Loved it. definitely my favorite in the trilogy. i waited so long just to read this!
  • Manuela
    Inverosimile e scontato nei colpi di scena e nelle coincidenze. Forzato e senza senso,in una parola brutto. Credo che la mia esperienza con questa autrice si esaurisca qui.
  • Seema
    The third in a series..too many references to the first two was confusing..story was interesting.
  • Anja
  • Pam
    3rd of the 3 children thought dead. This one is the boy who was raised by a tavern girl. He grows to be a highwayman and is in the storys of the other 2 girls. I liked these books.
  • Diana Senn
    Interesting story, girl is mistaken for the mistress of an estate by a highwayman, but there are secrets on both sides. There is a lot of thrills and high level intrigue.GOOD READ
  • Stasha
    Okay, it's been awhile since I've had the lady of the manor go after the stableboy in a bodice ripper. But, he was worth it.
  • Usagi Tsukino
    I liked it a bit more than the previous two books. =__=
  • Jody
    Really good finish to the series, even if it is getting slightly predictable. Love that it left no loose ends.