Life, Paint and Passion by Michele Cassou

Life, Paint and Passion

Life, Paint And Passion is a deeply involving approach to using the creative process as a tool for self-discovery. With vibrant and contagious enthusiasm, the authors liberate the reader's urge to create freely and spontaneously, as a painter or an artist in another medium, purely for the process of exploration, not for result.With eloquence and simplicity, the authors encourage the reader to journey inward toward his or her authentic self and di...

Details Life, Paint and Passion

TitleLife, Paint and Passion
Release DateJan 3rd, 1996
GenreArt, Nonfiction, Psychology, Spirituality

Reviews Life, Paint and Passion

  • Kat Klavon
    Loved this book, and gleaned a lot of good tools about intuitive painting process. I highly recommend it! I will probably go back and read parts again for inspiration.
  • Denise
    Paint using your feelings, learn to let go and just do it. Don't over think what you're doing, don't plan, just pick up your brush, pick a colour and let the brush lead you to where it wants to go. It can be done, I've been in that zone when drawing, unfortunately it takes practice and work to learn to relax. Hmmm work on learning to relax, hard to do for most people I think. A good enough read though, worth reading and giving the process a try.
  • Lisa
    If you like to paint but do not consider yourself a painter this book is a must! If you are a painter and struggle with creative blocks, this book is for you! If you just want to read a really good book on creativity that does not get super heady, this book is for sure just for you! I was so happy to have found this book while attending a retreat and it has provided so much insight I definitely see myself reading it again.
  • Ellen
    I have read this book twice all the way through, and continue to enjoy dipping into it. It's all about the process painting technique developed by Michele Cassou and Stewart Cubley (I've taken a workshop from Stewart at Esalen), a wonderful way to surface unconscious feelings. More about psychology than art - fabulous.
  • Emily
    This book sat on my bookshelf unread until I took one of his workshops. I am continually amazed that the energy invested in process painting during that class has continued to change me even 7 years later.
  • Tristy
    I can easily say that this book changed my life. Michele Cassou's work is so powerful and reading this book and taking some workshops based on the book kickstarted my creative life in a major way.
  • Robyn Owens
    A way of looking at the painting process and forgetting the process in order to tap into true creativity. Many personable examples and motivating quotes. Will definitely reread this several times.
  • Julie Belmont
    This book is a comprehensive exploration of the creative mind and process which goes beyond creativity. It gives a different and valued perspective to allow the creative freedom to discover the artists' true self without judgment. The authors' guidance gives permission to be free to express the artists' creative urges without censorship. This book contains valuable tools that can be integrated at any stage of your creative journey.
  • Sooz
    This book was recommended to me because it is about a woman who leads groups in "process painting" ... that is, painting as a way to connect to something within. A good topic and one that I have participated in, but I didn't finish the book because I wasn't sure it had anything new to offer me.
  • Cheryl Goveia
    Since I don't have my studio up and working, I was unable to really get into this book and try out some of her approaches. I'd like to read it again at a later date...the case studies were interesting.
  • Tina
    I keep revisiting this book because I love her (and his) thoughts about painting and teaching creativity. This way of painting really works and I appreciate her for going out on a limb to teach in this way. If you are not into art, you probably don't want to pick this one up.
  • Noni Kaufman
    Great reminders about painting and other forms of expression initiating out of the inner voice and feeling state.
  • Chrissy
    Healed me of the ravages of growing up in world that values product over living.
  • Denidevine