Messages from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue

Messages from Your Angels

Messages from Your Angels is a sequel to the bestselling Angel Therapy. This is a channeled book that contains uplifting and fresh information from the angelic realm. The angels, including Archangel Michael, provide healing messages that help readers to heal from emotional pain, find their life's purpose, understand their love life, and make decisions about important life areas.It receives many letters from people who find Angel Therapy a steady ...

Details Messages from Your Angels

TitleMessages from Your Angels
Release DateMar 1st, 2003
PublisherHay House
GenreParanormal, Angels, Spirituality, Nonfiction, New Age, Philosophy, Metaphysics

Reviews Messages from Your Angels

  • Jo Baughan
    Was totally guided to this book, a few years ago, and the book opened up at the answer to my question, explaining everything that knew,but was made to feel I was abnormal for my thoughts, it was quite bizarre how it all happened, but confirmed everything that had known. The chapter Im talking about in relation is Music. Still to this day receive msg's from the angels through music. Very enlightening book that was presented to me by the Angels. To...
  • Josslyn
    Seems like I'm always trying to read this one. Just haven't gotten into like the others. I think it's supposed to be a reference type book too but the messages just haven't spoken to me.
  • Kenley Raye
    I like this book so far. I've read parts of it an not a whole entirely. I am going to reread this book but for whatever reason unlike most of Doreen Virtue's books I just cannot really get into this one.
  • Gerty Gaalman-Schiphorst
    Niet helemaal wat ik ervan verwacht had. Vooral het begin waar de engelen aan het woord zijn vind ik wat "belerend en verwarrend". Later vind ik het wel interessanter.
  • D.l.
    An exercise in automatic writing, in which a psychologist gets in touch with her inner self.Just not my cuppa
  • Jessica Ireland
    Good read for newbies to the world of angels. Easy to read. Exercises to try.
  • Yvonne
    I love this deck for a couple reasons. The cards are beautiful. The definitions are equally beautiful. It is another 'gentle' oracle deck without any harsh or scary cards. My name is also in this deck haha Got to love that! This deck is another favorite of my clients :)
  • LeeAnn
    I read it back when I was in my young, naive spiritual days (I'm a Humanist/ mostly Atheist now). All of Doreens books are good, if only because they might help the reader overcome psychological issues. She IS a psychologist, with a PhD, so this should come as no surprise.
  • J.N. McGhee
    LOve LOVE LOVE it!!!!!
  • Jamie Lee
    I refer back to this over and over. It helped me get over the seat of some loved ones in a really profound way.
  • Koala MOon Bear Dreaming
    Fantastic Book! fantastic Author1 A true leader of the new Age! blessings!
  • Marcelo Rf
    Alejado de la ortodoxia de una religión, el libro te abre la mente -y el corazón, a certezas que se alejan del mecanismo de culpabilidad, tan socorrido en México.
  • Bookish Enchantment (Katherine Quirke)
    Another one of Doreen Virtue's books that is kept with me simply because it is a terrific inspiring reference.
  • Carmen
    Great Angel therapy. Great book.
  • Ann-marie
    Another great one!
  • Janey
    I still keep this book nearby. It is a great book! I definitely recommend this for people who are wanting to learn about their angels and how to connect with them.
  • Nikki
    Love her books
  • Roger
  • Zucy Lopez
    Amazing! full of inspiration and peace..
  • Chené
    Have been using the Angel Cards for mnay years, love them!
  • Meckron
    A good book!