Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

The tenth anniversary edition of this landmark cookbook, with more than 325,000 copies in print, includes a new introduction from Deborah Madison, America’s leading authority on vegetarian cooking.What Julia Child is to French cooking, Deborah Madison is to vegetarian cooking—a demystifier and definitive guide to the subject. After her many years as a teacher and writer, she realized that there was no comprehensive primer for vegetarian cooki...

Details Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

TitleVegetarian Cooking for Everyone
Release DateNov 6th, 2007
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, Reference

Reviews Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

  • 7jane
    (from the 10th anniversary introduction:) "...people come with their old books, pages tattered and stained with soup, inked with comments, and stuck with sticky notes. One, recently returned to me, was signed by all the monks who had used it in their monastery kitchen. The remains of the torn jacket were glued to the cover and the pages were so swollen with spills that the books was nearly twice its normal thickness. Clearly this old copy had had...
  • Rachel
    if you like to eat food you will like this book. if you like to cook or wish you knew how you will like this book. if you love to cook and love vegetables and are a nerd this will be your bible.this is my bible. and i am not the only one.sometimes when i have a few extra unplanned minutes i will sit at my table and randomly open the book. how better to pass 4 minutes then reading about kambocha squash.she has some elaborate recipes in here but wh...
  • Jessica
    My mom has characterized this as "the vegetarian Joy of Cooking," which is pretty accurate. However, it's not just for vegetarians, but for anyone who might ever feel the need to cook some vegetables (or grains, beans, and other non-meat foods). That is to say, EVERYONE SHOULD OWN THIS BOOK.One of Deborah Madison's basic ideas is that covering a vegetable in garlic, olive oil, and parsley will make it more delicious, and I have found this to be t...
  • Elizabeth
    This is the best cookbook I have ever used. The most useful part of it is the vegetable section, where each fruit or vegetable is listed in alphabetical order, and each section discusses choosing, storage, and preparation of the fruit or vegetable, and then follows with at least one very simple recipe (green beans with butter and basil), and then more complicated ones. The way I use the book is by buying whatever looks good, and then coming home ...
  • Dianne
    I am not a vegetarian; in fact, most of the time I'm carefully watching my carbs. This means that there is a high percentage of this book that I can't even use - all the pasta, rice, grain, bread, bean, and dessert recipes!Why do I rate it so highly, then? It's simple - the vegetable recipes! Far, far, far too many vegetarian cookbooks assume that the objective of a vegetarian cookbook is to show people how to create a high protein entree. Often ...
  • Jensownzoo
    Recently read this cover to cover, making a list of recipes to try in the next few months. Full of winners. I've had this book for a few years and have made several recipes from it and have never been disappointed. I consider this book one of the basic cookbooks that everyone should have in their repetoir, vegetarian or not. A few sample recipes:Apple and Celery Salad with GruyereCarrot Red Pepper SoupButternut Squash Gratin with Onions and SageE...
  • Jen
    After a student borrowed and lost a page of my favorite spinach tortellini recipe, that I knew had originated from this book, I finally checked it out of the library and loved it. In addition to being one of those ultimate resources where you can go to when you need to remember if asparagus is okay to put in stock or how to make any concievable sauce, everything I make from it has an unexpected depth of flavor - and there is variety on the same o...
  • Crystal
    Eh. Don't get me wrong. there's a lot of good recipes in here. But so many that involve animal products, especially cheese, which is much harder to replace than milk or yogurt. There's also gluten, which I need to avoid as well. So basically while the recipes cover a wide spectrum of basic vegetarian cooking, it's too much effort for me to sift through for the vegan gluten free ones. If you are just looking to expand an omnivore's diet, however, ...
  • Jesse Kelly-Landes
    This book is an intensive guide to vegetables. However, the reason I love it are the cakes. These might be the best cakes I've ever baked.
  • Jonathan Kauffman
    The first vegetarian cookbook you should buy and the one on my shelf with the most stains.
  • Rebecca Van Wagner
    Madison's lentil recipes changed my life. I want to cook my way through this entire book.
  • Penelope
    This is a really solid and densely-packed cookbook that's easy to read, get ideas from, and modify. Madison organizes recipes in a very sensible way, where you go to the section on soup, subsection on winter squash, and find a bunch of different variations all together. She'll tell you how to make a bunch of different types of stock if you want to get fancy, but most of the recipes are fairly straightforward. While some of the recipes do use eggs...
  • Penny Perriguey
    This cookbook is great for basic, French-style cooking. There are a lot of good recipes for sauces and condiments. I find that this is not my g0-to cookbook, however. I like my food a little more exotic than this book offers.
  • Erin
    Have made a handful of recipes so far and all have turned out well. perused the whole thing and there's a good mix of easy recipes and more difficult ones. Overall, I think this will be a good book for my collection.
  • Kay
    Bought the original in a used bookstore, then upgraded as a first wedding anniversary present. Madison knows whereof she speaks, and has crammed a wide variety of recipes into this book. Great for folks who are learning to cook, great for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.
  • Muhemed Masika
    You sure?
  • Gina
    Great book for non-vegetarians, too. I found so many easy and interesting vegetable recipes. Love it.
  • Ty Huard
    the title says its for everyone but i feel like it didnt really appeal to me and every other Trans Fluid Octagon.
  • Sharon
    You did that hungry!! I loved it, every twist and turn caught me by surprise!! I can’t wait to read more of your books....
  • LemontreeLime
    This is 'joy of cooking' massive, you could press flowers or even tofu with the book itself, but brilliant! Her sauces make me think. A keeper.
  • Lafcadio
    I was hoping for something... different maybe? I'm not sure. I love vegetables, and I wanted to become more proficient in cooking them and with greater variety. This book certainly has plenty of recipes, and they look easy enough and well explained enough.The problem is, I'm not much of a fan of squash of any kind. And onions are great, but as a seasoning, not as large cooked squishy mouthfuls. I enjoy eggplant every once in a while, but again in...
  • Vanessa
    This is a very useful recipe to have, because of the instructions for preparing a very wide variety of vegetables. Like any cookbook, there are a few recipes that are not very good. I use the chapter on soups the most, because I do not really collect soup recipes. My only major criticism is that the suggested seasonings listed for each vegetable are a little too repetitive. I am allergic to two of the constantly listed ingredients, so I eventuall...
  • Amberle
    This is by far the most informative cookbook I've encountered. It's clearly the result of a painstaking writing/re-writing and editorial process; every bit of the book, from the index to the individual recipes, is clear and informative without being overly wordy or pedantic. The prose is simply nice to read - yes, I did take this into bed with me for some pre-sleepy-time reading!I've already noticed that I've become more adroit in the kitchen wit...
  • Loraine
    Fabulous book. It's the Joy of Cooking for anyone who cooks from scratch, or wants to learn. Great design & layout, and a near perfect index (by my standards), along with color photographs, make for a beautiful book. Add to that 1,400 recipes laid out in a very accessible format, clear instructions, and lots of hints, and . . . you have the perfect cookbook whether you only have space for one or for dozens. Madison has a generous spirit, a no non...
  • Susan
    this book is so awesome i can't even begin to describe it because it would take too long. in summary, this book is not just for vegetarians but for anyone who wants to know how to cook non-meat things. most cookbooks use up most of the room for meat recipes leaving other things as just things to eat on the side. this book tells you how to cook delicious things and whether you choose to add meat to them or have them on the side is totally up to yo...
  • Helen
    Deborah Madison was the founding chef of The Greens restaurant in San Francisco. While I have most all of her cookbooks this is my absolute favorite. My absolute favorite of any cookbook (except Fanny at Chez Panisse).This is not just for vegetarians. I have yet to make anything in this cookbook that is not truly good. All of her recipes are simple, concise and scrumptious. She also explains things to people who are intimidated by cooking as a ru...
  • Jacinda
    Best cookbook I own. It's not necessarily because the recipes are the best tasting (don't get me wrong, most are delicious, but I've made better meals from other books); it's more that she offers an excellent balance between gourmet and simplicity. Before I really knew how to cook, I could make almost any recipe in this book and she easily explained how to use any techniques I hadn't used before. She also has the ingredients lists set up in a way...
  • EsEfEm
    Wow. This is the most comprehensive cookbook I think I've ever read. I even like it more than Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.A few of the ingredients look expensive/hard to find, but maybe that's just due to where I live. I wish there were more protein based recipes, but I LOVE how many vegetable recipes there are. Everything looks super easy to make, as well.Maybe after I've had a chance to make some recipes, I'll revisit my rating....
  • Rachel
    Hard to say one "read" a cookbook...but I checked this out of the library and enjoyed going through it page by page because I love her chatty tone and pragmatic how-tos with each recipe, as well as general instruction on cooking. She makes "cooking by feel" something that can be learned, breaking it down into principles so it isn't a mystery for those who weren't just "born with the gift". Most of the recipes are accessibly presented. There are r...