As The World Dies Untold Tales Volume 3 by Rhiannon Frater

As The World Dies Untold Tales Volume 3

In the third volume of the AS THE WORLD DIES UNTOLD TALES experience three terrifying tales of those who are forced to face the unrelenting and hungry walking dead.Returning to Texas after celebrating his divorce in Vegas, Rune, a biker cursed with the ability to see ghosts, discovers that the world is being taken over by the hungry undead. Soon he realizes he will have to depend on all his abilities to survive not only the ravenous zombies, but ...

Details As The World Dies Untold Tales Volume 3

TitleAs The World Dies Untold Tales Volume 3
Release DateJun 2nd, 2013
GenreHorror, Zombies, Adult, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic

Reviews As The World Dies Untold Tales Volume 3

  • Giselle
    I'm fairly certain I'm repeating myself when I say I'm in love with this series, but really I don't care! This series rocked my world thoroughly and completely, quickly becoming one of my favorites of all time, if not the favorite. So it's no surprise that these untold tales garner just as much love from me. I rarely read novellas even when they're part of a series, but I'm telling you, these ones are absolutely worth it. They put the cherry on t...
  • Lori
    I have avoided all of Rhiannon's untold tales volumes before, because I didn't know if I could handle going back into that world again for such a short amount of time. To say that I love the AtWD universe is an understatement, and I am of course, a Rhiannon Frater fangirl so I think most people are surprised by this. What can I say about Vol. 3?It's great, like the other Untold Vols. we get to learn how certain individuals came to be at the fort....
  • Hayat
    5 fangirling stars!!This series just keeps getting better with every side story!!I never thought it was possible to love this series even more than I already do but I stand corrected! I love the world Ms Frater has created here. At first glance The plot and characters might appear simple and straightforward but you soon realise how deep, complex and diverse both the characters and their worlds are. What makes the characters believable is their di...
  • Carolyn
    Im sitting here trying to write this review and I honestly cant find the right words, but going to give it a shot. Rhiannon Frater is hands-down one of the most brilliant authors around, I simply love the "world" she has built in the "As The World Dies" series. Just when I think she cant possibly wow me anymore, she releases another complilation. My mind sees the story she tells, so much so that I feel like I know the characters she has created. ...
  • Kathy Geiser
    I love this series. Rhiannon(author)really nailed it. The characters are alive. I really cared about them. I cheered them on and rooted for their success. When things go bad as they have to in any good zombie book I cried. This book really wrapped up the series. I will miss this world, because Rhiannon says that this is the last, even though I secretly hope she changes her mind. If you miss this series you are the one losing out. I became so emer...
  • Felicia A
    YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Another editing project is now a published book! If you've read Rhiannon Frater's AS THE WORLD DIES series, and haven't yet discovered the UNTOLD TALES, please hie thee to Amazon or your bookstore of choice and get them. You will not be disappointed.This one happens to feature one of my absolute favorite characters from the series.
  • Kristin (Blood,Sweat and Books)
    Never has a Zombie story touched me as Rhiannon Frater's As The World Dies series has. This world and these characters will forever hold a special place in my heart. I laughed, I cried and then when I thought I was done, I cried some more. Over the course of the series I was put through the emotional gauntlet and yet still somehow managed to come out victorious.Like every other Untold Tale this book is broken up into stories that follow individua...
  • Jennifer Knight
    As a huge fan of the “As the world dies” trilogy I have to admit that I am more than sad to see it end. However I have to say that Rhiannon has out down herself with this book. In it we get to know more about the motorcycle riding Ghost Whisperer Rune, I will admit that Rhiannon had me Crying like a baby by page four! I love the way that she has woven in many characters form the ATWD universe into this take and even took the time to add a cha...
  • Kathy Hill
    What a wonderful way to bring down the final curtain on the ATWD series. I felt this brought about the real ending we all wanted. The writer brought in several characters from the series to show us what happened to them in between books etc. This is important because as fans you become very attached to these people and want to know more and I'm thankful to the author for sharing the stories with us. The writing is great as usual and there were se...
  • Kim Moffeit grant
    I have read all of the As The World Dies books including all of the Untold Tales and loved every single one. I was thrilled to read more about Rune who is one of my favorite characters, finding out more about the awful Paige Brightman, and being introduced to Emma. I was so happy to get to see what happened to every one though too briefly at the end. I say too briefly as I know this is the last book and I will miss everybody and am sad but all go...
  • Tovia
    I love this series. Rhiannon did a great job of linking all my favorite characters together and had really awesome storylines. I really wish there would be another volume to this series, but I do feel a since of closure, especially with my favorite character, Tito. I just wish it would have been longer. I loved the gunslinger reference.
  • Tabatha Floyd
    I just finished this book with tears in my eyes! It left me wanting to go back and read the series again!!! I thought Rune was going to be my favorite story until Emma came along. Oh Jenni, you devil. You came in and stole the show, AGAIN!
  • Sara
    Loved it reviewed on left..basically three short novellas as an accessory to the "As the world Dies" series giving the reader indepth background to different characters stories not related in the books...a must read for fans!!
  • Lindsay
    Dammit! How many tears am I going to shed over this series?! Full review to come.A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
  • chucklesthescot
    This is the third volume of tales from the As The World Dies series and should be read after book 3 Siege to avoid massive spoilers. In the first story we follow Rune, one of my favourite characters, who can communicate with ghosts although he doesn't really want to. On the road he comes into contact with Tito who is on his way to rescue his family from San Antonio. The ghosts however, want Rune to help Monica and then give out some payback to a ...
  • Mrs LB
    MemoriesSiege is one of the rare books that I will probably never forget. I may not recall names or specific storylines, but I will always remember what I felt during and after listening to this book... anxiety and loss. I had actually forgotten about the supernatural aspect so this read was a nice reminder of just why I enjoyed this series so much.
  • Robin Perryman
    Excellent SeriesVolume 3 didn't disappoint. It was just as good as the other two. I really enjoyed this series. Now I need to read The First Days which I probably should've read first. After reading about the characters stories I'm ready for that series. If you like a good apocalypse story, this series is for you.
  • mia
    It's great to get some insight to some of the characters that are on the sidelines who are loved but their origins aren't detailed!
  • Ashley - The Bookish Brunette
    Rhiannon Frater’s As The World Dies UNTOLD TALES (Vol 3) is broken up into multiple stories, as the previous two Untold Tales volumes were.If you’re unfamiliar with these particular tales, they are the UNTOLD tales from Rhiannon Frater’s AMAZING zombie trilogy, As the World Dies.Untold Tale #1 : RUNERune has been one of my very favorite and most beloved characters since his first appearance in the As the World Dies trilogy. He just has this...
  • Laura Thomas
    More exciting stories in the Untold Tales Series!All of the characters in these Untold Tales appear in Siege, the third and final book in the series.The Backroads of Zombie Hell (Rune’s Story)Now Rune won me over right from the beginning. He brings a spiritual aspect to the story. What happens to the souls of the dead once they become zombies?He’s a loner until a ghost tells him it’s time to get moving. There’s somewhere he needs to be.Th...
  • Unabridged Bookshelf
    Now the only warning I have to give about the As the World Dies: Untold Tales Volume 3 is that readers that have not yet read the series may want to hold off on reading this one until finishing Siege. It does not give much away but it does give some events away. I have not read any of the As the World Dies books, and what little I read will not affect the story for me. I will have to say that out of all of the Untold Tales, Volume 3 is my favorit...
  • Chapter by Chapter
    I don’t think I’ll ever get over just how amazing author, Rhiannon Frater, is! Even after being away from the intense world she created in the As The World Dies trilogy, after only the first page in this collection of short stories, I was completely and utterly immersed back into a world that I was craving. Especially with the start-up of the new season of The Walking Dead, the craving that I had for good zombie stories was found right here.A...
  • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)
    http://readingandwritingurbanfantasy....Story #1Another heartbreaking story. I pretty much cried with this one. Rune can see and talk to ghosts. And during a zombie apocalypse, that can be a hard burden to carry. Especially when your family could be those spirits. But despite the trauma Rune goes through in the beginning, he is a resilient man. He knows how to take care of himself. He's a good guy but he can also be bad when he needs to be. I was...
  • Stephanie Ward
    SERIES REVIEW:The 'As the World Dies: Untold Tales' trilogy is a fantastic collection of short stories that gives the background on some of the favorite characters in the series. Fans of the series will love to learn more about the characters they loved from the books and new readers will get some background on the series and the characters before diving into the books. Each volume consisted of three short stories that featured characters from ea...
  • Crystal Romero
    Rhiannon Frater's, As the World Dies, Untold Tales, is a must have for any of her fans! This little gem of a book holds stories about the characters living at “the fort.” We see their backstories, where they came from, what formed their personalities and the individual struggles they endured to survive the end of the world, zombie apocalypse. I absolutely LOVED the first story and liked how Rhiannon filled in some of the gaps from previous ...
  • Lelia Taylor
    Rune is a man of honor, belying his appearance as a biker, and my heart broke for him at every turn while I became more and more admiring of him. An unusual communion with the ghosts of the innocent dead leads him on a path he would not have expected of himself and he finds his own kind of redemption.Not everyone trying to survive in a zombie-filled world can be a sympathetic character; it wouldn’t be logical that only nice, honorable people wo...
  • Paddy
    This is a superbly written addition to the main trilogy, which gives you more of certain characters back grounds and the terrors they endured getting themselves to relative safety avoiding the zombie walking dead. This book centres around a biker called Rune and his battle that is complicated because of his powers as a medium, psychic that mean he can see dead spirits, and there's a lot that want to talk to him! As the title to my review says, wh...
  • RJ
    This volume is comprised of three separate stories of survivors during the zombie apocalypse. Rune a traveling biker who also has the ability to see and speak to ghosts is caught in the upheaval of the zombie apocalypse. Rune was a decent man and he used his ability to communicate with the dead to resolve the wrongs done to them and let them rest in peace. Senator Brightman was one conceited, arrogant, pompous a$$…well, she was a politician aft...
  • Lorre
    I absolutely loved the Untold Tales! A lot of times I don't think short stories really add anything important to a series, but these Untold Tales certainly do!They are a brilliant addition to a brilliant series!In Volume 3 it's Rune, Senator Brightman and Emma's story.I loved to read more about Rune cause although he's an important charachter in As the World Dies series we don't know that much about him. And it was a nice surprise to see Tito aga...
  • Amanda
    I want to start this out by saying, "Curse you, Rhiannon Frater, Curse you!". You have a developed skill for making me cry.I loved the book. It's beautiful, loved the insight into Rune. Honestly wish I could have read more about Emma, but I love how she was brought into the Fort by a much loved character.Thank you for this entire series. It truly is amazing.