The Best American Short Stories 1993 by Louise Erdrich

The Best American Short Stories 1993

Short Stories by Andrea Lee, Thom Jones, John Updike, Mary Gordon, Joanna Scott, Diane Johnson, Antonya Nelson, Harlan Ellison, and Alice Munro. Foreword --Introduction / Louise Erdrich --Playing with dynamite / John Updike --The girl on the plane / Mary Gaitskill --A real life / Alice Munro --Silent passengers / Larry Woiwode --Queen Wintergreen / Alice Fulton --The man who rowed Christopher Columbus ashore / Harlan Ellison --Poltergeists / Jan...

Details The Best American Short Stories 1993

TitleThe Best American Short Stories 1993
Release DateNov 1st, 1993
PublisherHoughton Mifflin
GenreShort Stories, Fiction, Anthologies

Reviews The Best American Short Stories 1993

  • Patrick McCoy
    I recently came upon a copy of The Best American Short Stories 1993 edited by Louise Erdrich. One interesting aspect of the collection is that Erdich didn't arrange the stories by alphabetical order like usual. She starts the collection off with John Updike's "Playing With Dynamite"-noting that he usually comes last in these collections. I am a fan of Updike but haven't read anything by him in years and this story made little impression on me. Un...
  • Chad Bearden
    It may have just been the mood I was in, but I found myself almost 100% dialed in to every story in the volume. One comes to expect a certain high standard from the Best American series, but there is typically a spectrum of enjoyment to be found. A few really great stories, a few above average, a few 'meh'. Hardly ever a bad one. But whether it was my state-of-mind, or the possibilty that something was in the air in 1993, this is easily my favori...
  • Paul Cockeram
    I came upon this 20-year-old collection in our library, thanks to an award my wife won back in college. I had perused it once before, back in those bygone days, and I discovered that the stories haven't necessarily held up against time's passing. Some are excellent, but a few feel like the unimportant complaints of privileged urban people. The collection contains enough weak stories to deserve a rating of three stars rather than my usual four for...
  • Emily Green
    Some fabulous stories in this volume, though not really any discoveries. The ones that I loved the best, I'd already read, such as "Terrific Mother" by Lorrie Moore and "Charlotte" by Tony Earley. Some of the other stories were not as entertaining. Updike's "Playing with Dynamite," which opens the anthology, was not just boring, but the self-indulgent character tells a self-indulgent story. For the life of me, I can't understand why a story as bo...
  • Daniel
    I've read a few of the Best American anthologies and thought this was one of the stronger editions. I think I was predisposed to like it because Louise Erdrich--one of my favorite writers--was the guest editor. Writers don't always make for good readers (or teachers, for that matter), but Erdrich did a great job selecting these stories. If I had to point to a couple themes, I might say "domestic life" and "travel." John Updike starts the antholog...
  • Ryan
    A solid set with a higher-than-usual yield of memorable works. My favorites this time around:* John Updike - "Playing with Dynamite"* Mary Gaitskill - "The Girl on the Plane"* Antonya Nelson - "Naked Ladies"* Mary Gordon - "The Important Houses"* Alice Munro - "A Real Life"* Lorrie Moore - "Terrific Mother"* Wendell Berry - "Pray Without Ceasing"* Tony Earley - "Charlotte"
  • Sonja
    Every story in this book was wonderful.
  • HeavyReader
    I really like this series. I don't like every story in every collection (or course), but i have read some really good fiction in this book and the others in this series.
  • Clay
    Some great stories in this collection.