The Empty Chair (Lincoln Rhyme, #3) by Jeffery Deaver

The Empty Chair (Lincoln Rhyme, #3)

From the bestselling author of The Bone Collector and The Devil's Teardrop comes this spine-chilling new thriller that pits renowned criminalist Lincoln Rhyme against the ultimate opponent -- Amelia Sachs, his own brilliant protégée.A quadriplegic since a beam crushed his spinal cord years ago, Rhyme is desperate to improve his condition and goes to the University of North Carolina Medical Center for high-risk experimental surgery. But he and S...

Details The Empty Chair (Lincoln Rhyme, #3)

TitleThe Empty Chair (Lincoln Rhyme, #3)
Release DateMay 9th, 2000
PublisherSimon & Schuster
GenreMystery, Thriller, Crime, Fiction

Reviews The Empty Chair (Lincoln Rhyme, #3)

  • RedemptionDenied
    Even five hundred miles from Manhattan, Rhyme' can't catch a break. He's in North Carolina - at the Neurological Research Institute (Medical Centre of the University of North Carolina in Avery) for high-risk medical treatment - with Thom and Sachs' in tow - and its not long before the local authority comes calling asking for his assistance. A boy, Billy Stail, has been murdered and a young woman, Mary Beth McConnell, has been abducted at Blackwat...
  • *TANYA*
    My favorite thus far in the series, I loved it. The story was fantastic, I kept going back and forth of who the culprit was. And the ending, if I had read this book back when it was released I would have gone crazy waiting for the next release. Lol.
  • Richard
    7/10Not quite up to the standard of the previous two books in the series but still a decent read overall. The events unfold in North Carolina which added both good and bad points. A new setting meant new ideas could be explored and different places viewed with new people added into the mix. But it did feel like Deaver had picked up Redneck 101 and just put a couple of generic characters in there to add to the different location feel.This was the ...
  • Alan Cotterell
    This was an unusual story from many aspects. Initially it was different in that it was n't set in New York, but that was acceptable. The main surprise was how my rating went up, I started off thinking 3 - 3.5, then went up to 4 and so it crept up and up until it was an easy 5 stars.I loved the way the characters developed during this book, and not just the recurring central characters but the interaction with the locals as well. Lots of surprises...
  • Obsidian
    Please note that I gave this book half a star, but I rounded it up to 1 star on Goodreads.I loved books #1 and #2 and this book I would rather pretend just doesn't exist. This was bad. Not even haha bad like maybe I can find some humor in it. I mean it was bad to the point that I saw people jumping sharks in my head. We have Lincoln, Sachs, and Lincoln's aide Thom going to North Carolina for an experimental treatment for Lincoln. Sachs is relucta...
  • Daniel
    Okay, okay, okay. Deaver is not out to win any writing awards. I had to struggle with that at first. He wrote this novel the way some of us write comments on a co-worker's birthday card. We keep it short, try to be witty, and rarely use complete sentences. Perhaps I was disappointed because I read The Devil's Teardrop first. Also by Deaver, Teardrop is a fantastic example of a hardboiled forensic thriller that doesn't cop-out and doesn't resort t...
  • Ian
    Ok, so i've read The Bone Collector, The Coffin Dancer and now The Empty Chair in quick succession. Honestly i'm in awe of how absolutely great these books have been. This though has been my favourite one so far, and i was wondering how the preceding books could have been bettered but bloody hell they were! The relationship between Lincoln and Amelia continuing to be the backdrop framing, and increasing, the tension of the cat and mouse chase to ...
  • Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~
    Another great one by Deaver!
  • Janie Johnson
    This installment of the Lincoln Rhyme series was a little better than The Coffin dancer, although I still had some issues with the story. For the most part it was enjoyable and easy to get through. I feel as though I may be getting a little burned out on Lincoln Rhyme though.In this book a teenager, Garrett, is accused of murdering one male and kidnapping 2 females. Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are called in to help solve the crime and find the...
  • Terri Lynn
    I hate to say it because I am a Jeffery Deaver fan and I really love the character of Lincoln Rhyme (and Amelia Sachs) but I really didn't like this one. Maybe it is because a city girl like me finds it hard to stomach the southern hick theme. Ugh.Essentially, the story involved Lincoln Rhyme going to northeastern North Carolina with his partner Amelia Sachs and his caregiver Thom to have an experimental surgery that might help improve his situat...
  • Thomas Strömquist
    Slow and uninteresting (and silly at times, a manhunt in a remote area is not handled by helicopters, dogs or search parties, but Rhyme tries to find out where the suspect is going by putting soil samples through a GC.....) at the start of the book, picks up pace in the middle to disappoint in the end. Characters are out of chararcter, plot twists are not very believable. I'm guessing writers block on this one, not recommended...
  • Corey
    OMG! Jeffery Deaver I think just gave the term twists and turns a new name, he hit the ball right out of the park with this one!!Quadriplegic Forensic Specialist Lincoln Rhyme has traveled to North Carolina with his partner Amelia Sachs, to receive experimental spine surgery hoping to improve his paralysis, even though there are risks. While waiting to be operated on, Rhyme and Sachs are approached by the local Sheriff, who needs his assistance i...
  • Vivian Đình
    OMG cuốn này thật sự chứa đựng quá nhiều hàm xúc!Lần trở lại này Rhymes và Amelia không chỉ tiếp tục truy tìm dấu vết hung thủ nữa mà chính họ trở thành một phần của vụ án lần này khi Amelia cướp ngục giúp tên sát nhân trốn thoát! Và rồi cô còn vướng phải tội giết người nữa! Thật sự đọc đến đoạn cuối cứ tưởng lần này Amelia thế là ...
  • Mike (the Paladin)
    This was the one that ended my Jeffery Deaver/Lincoln Rhyme period. Not as well constructed, somewhat (forgive me) contrived the book lost me early on and just never got me back. I felt like the characters didn't stay true to themselves and this Lincoln Rhyme wasn't the same Lincoln Rhyme I'd met earlier. He somehow didn't come across with the same attitude toward the law or his place in enforcing it.May pick others up at a later date...
  • Paul
    I first came to the world of Lincoln Rhyme through the film The Bone Collector. At the time I didn't realize that the film was based on a book. So when I finally found this out I jumped into that book with both feet. It was everything I liked in a good crime book, dark and twisted with plenty of gruesome murders. It was also a book that made me think, I had to work to pull apart the clues and work out who the killer was. So for some reason, it to...
  • Christy
    Quadriplegic, criminalist Lincoln Rhyme, accompanied by his lover, investigator Amelia Sachs and his assistant Thom, is in Avery, North Carolina, where he hopes to undergo experimental surgery to aid with spinal cord regeneration. His first day there, Rhyme is visited by Jim Bell, sheriff of Paquenoke County, where two women have been kidnapped and a young man killed by 16-year-old Garrett Hanlon, nicknamed the Insect Boy because of his interest ...
  • Harry
    By far, Jeffery Deaver is the one author with that uncanny ability to develop plot twists and very complex characters that leave you stunned to the end. If you've seen the movie, trust me, the books are far more ingenious and developed as compared to what we were presented with on the silver screen. The Bone Collector is a series novel starring Lincoln Rhyme, our famous forensics expert bound to his bed and mobile wheelchair.Reading this novel I ...
  • Katherine
    Čas - 1:32Krutibrko! Nasrat Franta na trabanta, ja dam 5*.To bylo totiz tak nechutne dobre napsane, ze se snad bojim jit spat, protoze se mi urcite bude zdat o proklatem HMYZU. Bzzz.Aaaaaa, potrebuju horkou cokoladku na uklidneni.Jako vazne. Muze mi nekdo vysvetlit, co jsem to prave precetla? Nemohla jsem se odtrhnout a proste. Sakra. Sakra. Sakra. TOLIK PREKVAPEK a situaci a zvratu. Mela jsem milion teorii a PRD, Deaver nade mnou vede 1:0, fajn...
  • Sherri
    Too many twists, everyone in town is a criminal.
  • Mark Harrison
    Rapidly becoming a 'must have' series as crippled crime scene specialist Lincoln and his side kick Amelia try and track down a kidnapper in the swamps of the South, have to pit their considerable forensic skills against each other and combat a series of baffling twists and turns. Compelling in the extreme with at least three superb twists - exceptional crime series.
  • Aneca
    Book nº 3 of the Lincoln Rhymes series, it begins with Rhymes decided to undergo a new surgical procedure that might help his quadriplegia. He may very well die on the operating table which leaves Amelia very worried. When the local police force asks for their help in a murder / kidnapping case she doesn't hesitate to accept just to postpone Lincoln's operation.With their usual methods Rhymes and Amelia follow the suspect’s tracks and lead the...
  • Marty
    I can't put the Lincoln Rhyme novels down once I start reading, but find them ultimately rather unsatisfying. They set up one cliff-hanger after another only to find out again and again that Rhyme has anticipated it and set up the bad guys. Then you get an ending so improbable it's hard to keep a straight face. The bad guys are all revealed, the good guys are all OK and even the accidental killing turns out to have been a bad guy, so that's OK to...
  • Alondra
    3 Stars (In my heart it should be 2.5)3 Stars for enough twists and turns at the end to make this book enjoyable. I really, really do not like Amelia Sachs as a character. AND!! The twists to the mystery were just a little too far-fetched and unbelievable. I know that truth is stranger than fiction, but commee ooonnnnn... really??I am just glad to be done with this. I am not sure about reading the next book. If I do, it will be in about 6 months;...
  • Gary
    The 3rd book in the Lincoln Rhyme series by Jeffery Deaver.Lincoln Rhyme is a former NYPD Homicide Detective who is now a Forensic Consultant since he became a quadriplegic. He is partnered with Amelia Sachs who acts as his eyes as she walks crime scenes.I have now all of this excellent series and remains as fresh as ever. There are also very good spin off series from this series.
  • Erin L
    It's been awhile since I read anything in this series. I really did love this book and I found it hard to put down last night. Interesting characters, Amelia and Lincoln get out of NYC and the resulting story is pretty darned good. So glad I started this series again.
  • LibraryCin
    Two teenage girls have been kidnapped just after a boy was murdered in a small town. It’s not long before they know who they are looking for. Sorry, not much of a summary. I listened to the audio, the abridged audio. Only because it was the only option for this book from the library. I often have a harder time listening to a male narrator, even if they are good. The narrator was Joe Mantegna (from Criminal Minds), but it was easy to lose focus....
  • Patrick
    "A quadriplegic since a beam crushed his spinal cord years ago, Rhyme is desperate to improve his condition and goes to the University of North Carolina Medical Center for high-risk experimental surgery. But he and Sachs have hardly settled in when the local authorities come calling. In a twenty-four-hour period, the sleepy Southern outpost of Tanner's Corner has seen a local teen murdered and two young women abducted. And Lincoln Rhyme and Ameli...
  • Kathryn
    Another great installment in the Lincoln Rhyme series! I have to admit, I was quite skeptical of The Empty Chair because the previous installment, The Coffin Dancer wasn't my favorite Deaver book. One thing I really enjoyed about the case in this novel was, Deaver brought back the forensics, Lincoln Rhyme's specialty. In the second installment,I felt like the forensics was missing, or at least not to the extent of the usual Lincoln Rhyme. Som...
  • Manugw
    IN MY OPINION HI have been reading most of Jeffery Deaver's work and "The Empty Chair" shows that he has grown as an accomplished suspense writer deserving to be among the big authorsThis amazing novel features forensic scientist Lincoln Rhyme and assistant Sachs, (a Deaver classic), in this opportunity, trying to find clues and whereabouts of victims around the swamps of North Carolina. The book also provides a reference map before the first cha...