The Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhyme, #4) by Jeffery Deaver

The Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhyme, #4)

A New York Times BestsellerFamed criminologist Lincoln Rhyme and his beautiful protege e Amelia Sachs have been recruited by the FBI and the INS to help perform the nearly impossible: track down a cargo ship carrying two dozen illegal Chinese immigrants and the notorious human smuggler and killer known as the Ghost.

Details The Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhyme, #4)

TitleThe Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhyme, #4)
Release DateDec 3rd, 2005
PublisherLarge Print Press
GenreMystery, Thriller, Crime, Fiction

Reviews The Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhyme, #4)

  • RedemptionDenied
    Damn. Fred Dellray (FBI) is back. He had a brief appearance in the previous novel - towards the end, but it looks like he's back full-time, now. He's still talking in his lingo. Then again, even when he's speaking in proper English - I still don't know what he's on about. Rhyme'' and the team are trying to apprehend the Ghost (Snakehead) - who is a part of a human smuggling ring - conveying Chinese illegal immigrants to New York via a ship: the F...
  • *TANYA*
    I'm still loving this series very much, Rhymes is brilliant as always, I did however want to reprimand Sachs a time or two. Lol.
  • Jason
    I thought this said stoned. Now I'm less interested in reading it.
  • Richard
    7/10One of the weaker Lincoln Rhyme books I've read to date, but it did pull up it's socks near the end and redeemed itself. Jeffery Deaver must have visited China or received some sort of table top book of Chinese culture as over half of this book concerned itself on Chinese people and their culture. That's not a massive issue and was quite informative in its way but I wanted to read about a quadriplegic forensic expert hunting people down in hi...
  • Ramsey Hootman
    I looooooved this one! In a series where I like the main characters I often get frustrated by an author's insistence on spending a bunch of time on secondary characters or "main" characters who will appear only in a single book. However, I really like how Deaver keeps the Rhyme/Sachs personal stuff to a minimum and somehow he always gets me to care about his one-book characters.I am also continually impressed by Deaver's research skills. I love h...
  • Brian Steele
    An older gentleman I know loves both mystery and horror novels. He's quite well read in both genres, and has declared on multiple times that Jeffery Deaver is his favorite mystery author. I got my hands on this book and decided to crack it before bed around midnight. At 5am, I was cursing the man's name because I couldn't put the book down.I couldn't even tell you why. It wasn't filled with a poetic narrative or unbelievably engaging characters. ...
  • Lightreads
    Fiction, mysteries. Quadriplegic forensic scientist chases criminals. And wow how much do these books piss me off? It's not just the handling of the disability (which is rather ham-handed and painful) or the plotting (baroque to the point of near incomprehensibility and to the detriment of any consistent characterization). It's mostly the grating style, the ad nauseum use of a select few storytelling devices (show black hats planning something ne...
  • Andrea
    I went into this book not expecting to be blown away. I find that nothing that I've read from Deaver has yet compared to the first Lincoln Rhyme novel - The Bone Collector. The plot quality appears to be going slightly downhill, though far from jumping the shark. On the other hand, I was not looking forward to reading about Chinese gangsters and human trafficing. As I've mentioned before in my thriller/mystery reviews, I am not too fond of organi...
  • Camille
    This has been my favorite in the series so far. The struggle of immigration and the power of love and family and the length one will take protect their loved ones was something I appreciated being explored in a psychological thriller. I also admire the progression of the meaningful and deep relationship between the two main characters.
  • Mel
    I actually did not like this story much. For some reason, it did not interest me much and I had a hard time getting through it. Quite disappointing for a Lincoln Rhyme story.
  • Terri Lynn
    I am a Jeffery Deaver fan who started reading his books in 2010 beginning with the one he just had published and eagerly backtracking through them all while keeping current with new ones. I enjoy all of Deaver's books and this was no exception. I have gotten to know Lincoln Rhyme, Amelia Sachs and their co-workers fairly well and love getting another opportunity to visit them.In THE STONE MONKEY, Lincoln Rhyme is in his NYC townhouse following th...
  • Pratibha
    One of the best thing I like about a book is when the author does a good research about the setting and the characterization of his book. And Jeffery Deaver is one of my favorite author for the same fact. The Stone monkey is about chinese immigrants being smuggled into US borders and how one such shipment meets a different fate all thanks to Rhyme's intervention. He fails to save all the families but vows to not let the killer "Ghost" harm any of...
  • Harry
    By far, Jeffery Deaver is the one author with that uncanny ability to develop plot twists and very complex characters that leave you stunned to the end. If you've seen the movie, trust me, the books are far more ingenious and developed as compared to what we were presented with on the silver screen. The Bone Collector is a series novel starring Lincoln Rhyme, our famous forensics expert bound to his bed and mobile wheelchair.Reading this novel I ...
  • Emma Craven
    Was I the only one who pictured Sonny Li speaking in the voice of Short Round from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?! "Hey, lady! You call him Dr. Rhyme!"At first, I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did the first 3 Lincoln Rhyme books. The beginning didn't interest me and the Ghost hunting down the remaining immigrants didn't make sense. Luckily the pace sped up, the story had some twists that I didn't see coming, and the ending cleared ev...
  • Patrice Hoffman
    This book started out fast paced enough for me but eventually I really got confused with all the characters. There were so many different names it was confusing after a while. The only saving grace were the charts that were at the end of many of the chapters that helped me keep up. I still found the book enjoyable overall, but when compared to his other books this one wasn't my favorite.
  • Nancy Ellis
    Great suspense story about illegal Chinese immigrants being killed by their smuggler. Deaver really gets to you with the stories of the immigrants and what they go through to escape China for hopefully a better life in the U.S. I also really enjoy the characters in these books, especially Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs, of course. Looking forward to reading more in this series.
  • Maggie
    Really enjoyed this book, it goes in the unputdownable pile. I got chills when it was revealed who the perp was...even though it was a "should've guessed" moment. Thinking about reading it again knowing the plot to see it from a different perspective.
  • Kwang Suporn
    I found this book, by far, made the most enjoyable reading out of the first four books in the Lincoln Rhymes series I've read.
  • Jedi Sheriff
    This book was brilliant! If I hadn't had so much going on at the moment I would have finished it earlier but when I had the opportunity to read it I was hooked!
  • Thomas
    Its back to Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs again, and this time the duo is on a mission to catch the human smuggler and killer known as the Ghost. The Ghost has his own mission, to kill the two families who escaped the ship he used to smuggle them to the USA.This one gave me a good insight into Chinese culture, not something I am familiar with, but it was refreshing to read a novel that enlightened me regarding this subject. It also made me think...
  • Eriksmalls
    This book is extremely fast paced.Once again, Jeffery Deaver has proven himself. I didn’t doubt him for one minute. The characters in the story, “Stone Monkey” were well developed and believable. This fast paced, action packed, suspenseful crime fiction story sent me on an exciting mental roller coaster ride that I will never forget.I always try to solve the crime before I finish the story. I thought, “Darn, why did he tell me who the kil...
  • Neil Collins
    Jeffery Deaver has, once again, created a gripping and engrossing tale featuring his hero/heroin team of Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs. The Stone Monkey, the fourth in the series, finds the master criminalist/crime scene investigator duo diving head first into a seemingly impossible task; working with FBI and Immigration authorities to locate a Chinese freighter out on the ocean, with a cargo of undocumented immigrants, and the human trafficker ...
  • Cybercrone
    something off a bit about this one, but I can't put my finger on just what.
  • John Toffee
    An unusual venture for Jeffrey Deaver's quadriplegic criminologist Lincoln Rhyme set in the world of people smuggling. The book follows the Chang and Wu families who are among those who have paid to be smuggled from Fuzhou in south east China to the USA aboard the Dragon under the command of the sympathetic Captain Sen. Unfortunately for all those on board Sen has been commissioned by the reclusive Ghost who despite an extremely long list of crim...
  • Linda
    I always love the Lincoln Rhyme novels. There's just something about them that spurs me on, even for 500 pages.This one involves Chinese dissidents whose illegal ship is seen by the Coast Guard and chased. The ship is blown up by someone and only 2 lifeboats make it to shore. However, once ashore the dissidents discover that someone is trying to kill them.Enter the world of snakeheads or mules as the Mexicans call them. This snakehead happens to ...
  • Jerry B
    Reasonably good entry in L. Rhyme series, with good NY Chinatown info!"Stone Monkey" (named after a good luck amulet worn by the story's Chinese doctor) is Deaver's fourth in the NYPD Forensic Expert (and quadriplegic) Lincoln Rhyme series. In this one, he and "leg-man" Amelia Sachs are trying to locate a "Snakehead", a Chinese illegal immigrant smuggler, named the Ghost who has sunk the boat before the Coast Guard can get to it, and now needs to...
  • Jim
    The fourth Lincoln Rhyme novel in series from author Jeffery Deaver, "The Stone Monkey", at best was a very pedestrian read. The usual protagonists, Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs have a limited role in moving this story along. A cargo ship out of a Russian port, "Fuzhou Dragon" is travelling to the United States with a secret. The ship is smuggling people out of China to NYC's Chinatown. "piglets" as the cargo is known by are being smuggled by t...
  • Randy
    The page-turning New York Times bestseller from Jeffery Deaver’s “simply outstanding” (San Jose Mercury News) Lincoln Rhyme series! The FBI has recruited forensics expert Lincoln Rhyme and his protÉgÉe, Amelia Sachs, to capture “the Ghost,” a homicidal immigrant smuggler. But when they corner him aboard a cargo ship, the bust goes disastrously wrong and the Ghost escapes. Now the killer must eliminate two families who witnessed hi...
  • David Roberts
    I am reviewing the procedural thriller The Stone Monkey by Jeffrey Deaver which is a very good novel which I bought from a car boot sale. This novel is part of the Lincoln Rhyme series about a quadriplegic police officer and his female sidekick Amelia Sachs. She suffers from arthritis and is an ex model. He is a specialist in solving serial murders and was shot in the vertebrae that left him incapacitated. This book is the 7th in the series and c...
  • Beth
    Deaver, you smart cookie - 5*I don't regret how late/early I stayed up to read this. I may be a little tired now but I don't care because this book was intense! I think I was running on adrenaline; I needed to finish this book. I'm still astounded that I've just finished the 4th book in the series and it's still 5*. I'm used to reading series where the sequel (and so on) are nowhere near as good as the first book but this series is phenomenal. Th...