Queen of the Dead (The Undertakers, #2) by Ty Drago

Queen of the Dead (The Undertakers, #2)

Twelve -year old Will Ritter and his rag-tag army of teenage resistance fighters may have triumphed over the Zombies last time, but that's the thing about the dead: they keep coming back. A new Corpse leader has crossed the rift and taken command of the invasion: The Queen of the Dead is even more brilliant and ruthless than her predecessor, and her ambitions are even deadlier. Will and the crew must somehow rescue his mother, prevent an assassin...

Details Queen of the Dead (The Undertakers, #2)

TitleQueen of the Dead (The Undertakers, #2)
Release DateOct 1st, 2012
PublisherSourcebooks Jabberwocky
GenreHorror, Zombies, Fantasy, Young Adult, Action, Childrens, Middle Grade

Reviews Queen of the Dead (The Undertakers, #2)

  • Lucas Darathy
    This was also okay. While a fun and quick read, I can't say it's GOOD. It's nice. I like the idea behind it, but it's a bit too juvenile. I dislike how everything works out so well for them all the time. I'll keep reading the series, but I don't feel invested and I wouldn't recommend it.
  • Lesangdeslivres
    http://lesangdeslivres.blogspot.fr/20...La couverture est simple et la couleur dominante, le rouge, la rend sanguinaire.Dès le début, nous apercevons qui est ce nouveau personnage qui va donner du fil à retordre aux personnages que nous affectionnons tout particulièrement, les Fossoyeurs.Quand nous retournons auprès de ces derniers, nous savons de suite que l’histoire va partir à cent à l’heure et que nous n’allons pas nous ennuyer u...
  • TheBookSmugglers
    Originally reviewed on The Book SmugglersQueen of the Dead begins a few months after the dramatic conclusion to Rise of the Corpses - namely, after Will figured out by freak accident how to kill Corpses once and for all. With Kenny Booth's highly public death, there's a power vacuum in Philadelphia and a new boss steps on the scene in the form of Lilith Cavanaugh, who is every bit as charming and personable as Booth, but even more vicious. Lilith...
  • Amy Fournier
    This is a sequel and though you could read it without reading the first one, you will be missing a lot of information from the first. This was a very fun, action packed book. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline. Will is a tough kid, and The Queen of the Dead is one awesome villain. This book had me completely sucked in. With more danger and higher stakes, this was one heck of a ride!Will is still getting used to things as an Undertaker. He...
  • Allison's World
    Cela m'a fait plaisir de retrouver la plume de Ty Drago qui est toujours aussi stupéfiante et pleine de surprises. Nous allons retrouver Will qui fait toujours partie des Fossoyeurs, nous allons faire la connaissance de La Reine des Macchabs, qui est redoutable et cruelle, elle veut à tout prix retrouver Will pour le tuer. Maisce qu'elle ne sait pas c'est que ce jeune garçon est très courageux et déterminé à éliminer ces Macchabs.Nous all...
  • Dorine White
    I have a fun middle grade to review today that is creepy and filled with zombies, but with a twist. Let's look at The Undertakers-Queen of the Dead by Ty Drago.The Story-Will Ritter believed there was no such thing as monsters, until one killed his father. Now Will is surround by an invasion of the living dead. They aren't your typical zombies either, they are actually dead bodies that have been possessed by other worldly creatures. Will and his ...
  • Sensitivemuse
    It’s recommended you read the first book (Rise of the Corpses) before you jump into this one. You’ll understand things more and there are a lot of references from the previous book in this one as well. (Besides, it was a great book to read! why not try it?)This book was just as good as the first one, there’s a lot of action and moments of close calls. It’s very fast paced and one can easily fly through this novel in a matter of days (or d...
  • Melissapalmer404
    Book #68 Read in 2012The Undertakers 2: Queen of the Dead by Ty Drago (YA)This book picks up right where the first in the series left off--and the action is non stop! Will Ritter is still fighting the Corpses and is feeling a bit smug about killing Kenny Booth. But now the Queen of the Dead has come to stop the Undertakers and Will--and she means business. She will use Will's mother and sister to try to get to him. But the Undertakers hang tough ...
  • Bill P.
    Given the reported popularity of The Waking Dead series on TV, Ty Drago's series about an army of teen zombie killers should be a natural among the junior high set. These are engaging novels with a reluctant set of heroes that master all adversity using ingeniuty and courage beyond their years. There's an underplayed element of romance along with all the action, but the action definitely dominates in these fast paced novels. I should probably rep...
  • Galleane
    Cette suite est un poil en dessous pour moi, même si dans l'ensemble les deux tomes se valent en terme de contenu. Il y a toute une partie de l'intrigue, celle en rapport avec l'agent qui n'a pas été à mon goût, mais dans sa globalité, l'histoire offre ce qui se faisait dans le tome 1. De l'action, du rythme, des personnages débrouillards, une facilité de lecture.. bref on est en terrain connu. Ma chronique complète : http://bloggalleane...
  • Mycoton32
    18/20En bref, un second tome avec un super rythme, on rencontre une nouvelle méchante macchabs, leur reine et on voit évoluer les fossoyeurs, Will en tête. Toujours aussi intrépide, peu conscient des dangers qui l'entourent et prêt à tout pour aider ses amis, il se met assez régulièrement dans de fâcheuses situations... pour notre plus grand plaisir ! Mais la guerre n'est pas finie !http://www.leslecturesdemylene.com/20...
  • Mz. Diana Gagliardi
    Ok, I admit it, I'm a sap.Yeah, they've had chars killed, but this one allowed all kinds of worry and grief without [SPOILERS] people ACTUALLY dying! And mom and sis are back!! And there! Two adults who now believe and are part of the fight...! Ok, where's #3...
  • Sam
    Yes! Fantastic!
  • Ron
    A solid sequel to the first Undertakers book. I'll definitely read the next one. Readers who like Darren Shan, Kirsty McKay, and Pittacus Lore should like this.
  • Meghan
    Brilliant book! I highly recomend this series, I finished this book in 3 days and can't wait for the next.