Wandering Son, Vol. 4 by Takako Shimura

Wandering Son, Vol. 4

Wandering Son has garnered extensive praise (from the GLBT community, from manga fans, and from comics fans in general) for its uniquely funny, warm, and sensitive treatment of the travails of two Japanese tweens who find themselves coping with the knotty issue of gender identification, as they slowly realize that maybe they aren't who they were meant to be. In this latest volume, love is in the air. It's in the trees and on the streets. It's han...

Details Wandering Son, Vol. 4

TitleWandering Son, Vol. 4
Release DateJun 15th, 2013
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Lgbt, Graphic Novels, Comics, Young Adult, Fiction

Reviews Wandering Son, Vol. 4

  • Nick Jones
    I really don't understand this series. It's very much about the subjective emotional states of the characters, and as a result it doesn't feel the need to follow any sort of logical story progression. The kids are constantly blurting out or thinking things that don't make any sense and scenes have no clear beginning or ending. I suppose if you're looking for a group of characters that you can empathize in the general direction of then Wandering S...
  • Rob McMonigal
    This is really starting to lose the thread. The volume basically took a ton of time to get to a moment of admission for Shu and Maho regarding their feelings for other characters in the book. The art style also takes a step backward here, as I once again started having trouble telling people apart. The school cruelty sections don't really add anything new, either.I'll give this one more volume, but at the moment, it's looking like something I can...
  • Aleksandra
    3.5 starsThis manga is consistently good but I guess reading two volumes in one evening wasn't my smartest decision, I grew up tired of reading it.If you're interested my detailed thoughts on the manga, check my reviews on volume 1 or 2.I am definitely going back to the manga, but after a small break.
  • Bryan
    I am loving this series! So far, these characters totally feel like kindred spirits. This volume touches on sibling/family bullying/disappointment. I’ve lived this and technically still have immediate relatives who think less of me because I’m “different”. Anyway, absolutely love this series!Very excited to read the next volume!
  • David Basora
    In this volume, we're thankfully given a reprieve from the creepy older couple of volume three, while our middle schoolers start to deal with feelings about each other. I still believe that this series has the characters dealings with things well above their age level, this volume felt more appropriate with the juvenile gossip, crushes, and grudges among friends that occur in middle school. I was, however, disappointed by the blatant manipulation...
  • David Schaafsma
    Transgender kid story with a boy who wants to be a girl and a girl who wants to be a boy as friends. In middle school now. In the last issue we saw some complications emerging, as others become aware they are different, some bullying, an older person showing inappropriate affection, and in this volume we begin the complicated middle school love/attraction stuff, with love triangles.. but with the additional complications of feeling messed up abou...
  • Stewart Tame
    As always, the tone of this series fascinates me. Hearing the capsule description, "A junior high school cross dresser struggles with his sexual identity," one pictures either angst-ridden drama or madcap farce. But Wandering Son takes neither approach, framing everything in a matter-of-fact approach that's almost mundane. Yes, there are tears, and, yes, there is laughter. But Shimura Takako somehow makes it all seem perfectly ordinary and straig...
  • Courtney
    Very cute. At times I had to roll my eyes at the little stories he made up or the love triangle-y stuff, but then I stopped myself and reflected back onto my time in elementary school...similar things happened. I very much look forward to the next volume, and hopefully the return of Yuki-san :)
  • Greg
    A quick side note: is it just me or does the back cover copy have almost nothing to do with the contents of the book? Oops.
  • Austin Gullett
    This volume is all about navigating personal relationships and choosing whether to act on or express feelings. Love, of course, but also jealousy and anger and excitement. The earnestness of the characters is still the biggest strength of the series. I hate to see them all fighting. There's also a little consideration of sexuality in this volume: the characters consider who they are attracted to and how and why.
  • Tracey
    teen/adult manga (translated from Japanese - 6th grade trans girl's friendships jeopardized by unrequited crushes, jealosy, etc.)
  • John Wiswell
    One of my favorite things about Wandering Son is that it allows its supporting characters to be good influences. Any manga of this length is going to have a supporting cast, and usually they'll accentuate the antagonism over time. In this series the kids are balls of confusion, often acting on impulses they don't understand yet, but they also have opportunities to slap the main characters upside the head and insist they go talk it out. There are ...
  • taz
    People are complaining about the characters being "overdramatic." Have you all forgotten what you were like in elementary and middle school?
  • Chris
    I like it still, but I'm sad that the characters are having problems with each other.
  • Robyn
    No Yuki! Maybe the author got criticism and is rethinking the character. Guess I'll keep reading; cute and relatable series.Blurb on the back seems to be for a future volume, weirdly.
  • Sarah Schanze
    This volume started getting into the "who likes who" drama which is my bread and butter because I have no shame. Looking forward to the rest!
  • Alexei
    Come check out my book blog! Teenage BookaholicSYNOPSIS: *Note: This is a review for the first six volumes of the series*The period of adolescence is full of confusion, growth, and discovery. Shuichi Nitori and Yoshino Takatsuki are entering this time in their lives, along with their classmates of course. But both students share a secret that adds to the confusion of adolescence, and could damage their social life: Shuichi is a boy who wants to b...
  • Sarah Sammis
    Whatever trouble I was having telling characters apart in Volume 3, didn't happen here. Maybe I was less distracted. Maybe it was my glasses (I wasn't wearing them with volume 3). Maybe there's a maturity in the artwork?http://pussreboots.com/blog/2018/comm...
  • Jerome Cristoffer
    I think by now Takako should have improved the background art of each panel. My expectation has not been met and the backgrounds are mostly plain. Whether this is used to create an affect in order for the reader to focus on the story and characters is not a plausible enough excuse since they can hold their own. Enough with the nit picking. The story and characters are progressing more and more. In this volume we discover inner feelings that the m...
  • Alex
    Whilst enjoyable, this one feels a lot more like a standard kids problems, love triangle scenario. Firstly, Shuichi is jealous of his sister having her friends around and later in the volume asks out takatsuki and gets rejected. Meanwhile Chiba confesses that she's in love with Shuichi and her feelings of hatred for Takatsuki bubble to the surface.I liked the confrontation between Chiba and Takatsuki which made for some good tension.On its own I'...
  • Kirsten
    I utterly loved this volume. The experiences of crushes and pre-teen angst rang SO completely true to me -- I completely loved the whole sequences of all the kids basically going spare because their hormones are out of control and they are angry or crying or full of confusing conflicting feelings all the time. I also really liked the artwork in this volume; for the first time I had zero problems telling one character from another or remembering a...
  • Lara
    So, this is the love--I don't even know what shape--volume of the series. Everybody likes somebody who doesn't like them that way back. I kept picturing that diagram from School Rumble in my head--ha! Anyway, there are definitely things I really liked in this volume, mainly having to do with Chiba as she struggles with her feelings for Nitori and with Nitori's feelins for Takatskuki. There are some things that don't really go anywhere and that I ...
  • Jennifer Lavoie
    Another great volume to a fantastic series. This one has quite a bit less of the antics of Shu and friends with crossing genders, however there is a lot more drama. Saori, for example, emerges as a completely jealous character when Shu confesses to Takatsuki, when she loves him herself. More drama unfolds when Shu's sister becomes a model and has friends over, who seem to always say things to Shu to make him cry. And when Seya's around, he can't ...
  • Carly Smith
    The back cover copy is actually for volume 6 and not for volume 4. Anna's last name is misspelled multiple times (from volume 3 to this one, it's written as Seuhiro, Suehiro, and Hirosue). Some of my pages were cut incorrectly, and there were grammatical errors. Pretty bummed about the production quality on this volume.
  • Cheri
    This was basically my 5th grade experience...so much friend drama! It's handled really well and I like seeing how the characters all change as they head toward adolescence. I also appreciate the questioning that all of the queer characters do about the things that they are dealing with. I'm so surprised at how casually the parents are all taking the queer issues, and it's great to watch!
  • Jordan Michaels
    I really don't like how the hatred and harassment is slowly getting stronger. Why do we need to perpetuate this kind of thinking or the thinking that it is ok to behave this way? We should all be free to be whomever we are. The only way to stop hate is to stop showing it as acceptable. I just wish I knew how to show the world what I mean.
  • Katherine
    This installment is good, but it's a bit mired in teenage drama to really stand out like the other volumes. As always, though, Shimura's spare and elegant artwork portrays her characters in the best possible light, even when they're making fools of themselves or dealing with tough situations. I'm really eager to read the next volume!
  • Jason
    I would give this six stars if I could! Several times I had to stop and hug the book to my chest because I love these characters so much! They are so well-developed and real I wish they actually *were* real! I just want to hug them all and tell them it's going to be all right.
  • rabbit-heart
    3.5 I definitely recommend the series, but this volume just didn't compare to the first 3. It focuses more on relationships than individuals. I still love the characters, but not really as excited about this volume. Next volume starts junior high!
  • Robin
    It was nice to pal around with these characters again, but this volume was much lighter on character development and plot than the earlier books. Looking forward to reading the next volume nonetheless.