Aida Mollenkamp's Keys to the Kitchen by Aida Mollenkamp

Aida Mollenkamp's Keys to the Kitchen

Food Network and Cooking Channel star Aida Mollenkamp lays an invaluable foundation for cooks in How to Be in the Kitchen. This comprehensive manual collects more than 300 innovative, contemporary recipes as well as color photographs, plenty of informative illustrations, a substantial technique primer, and helpful how-to information on subjects as wide-ranging as rust removal, throwing a cocktail party, and knife skills. For members of the tech-s...

Details Aida Mollenkamp's Keys to the Kitchen

TitleAida Mollenkamp's Keys to the Kitchen
Release DateOct 24th, 2012
PublisherChronicle Books
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews Aida Mollenkamp's Keys to the Kitchen

  • Steven
    If you have never even boiled water and you now find yourself in your first apartment on your own then this is the book for you. If you can cook somewhat but you are petrified to deviate from a recipe by even one iota then this is the book for you. The author takes you step by step form outfitting your kitchen based on what you plan to do in there to how to pick food at the grocery store, store it prep it, and cook it, even without a recipe. Exce...
  • Katelyn Jenkins
    Great for children!! ... boring for an adult. Reminded me of 7th grade home economics.
  • Faye
    The book only partly lives up to it's name. -An essential reference, yes. Lots of great beginner cooking tips/techniques, kitchen and pantry set up, general food knowledge, and some basic recipes in the Set-up and How to sections.-Becoming a more accomplished cook, yes. The final section, titled The Rift, contains go-to recipes for cooks that are confident enough in their own skill and don't really need to have their hand held through the cooking...
  • Erin Brown
    Very clear directions, with the first quarter of the book being how to set up a kitchen, how to measure, how to hold a knife, what all the terms mean, how to buy spices… basically all the things I left home not knowing and spend the next decade struggling to learn. I haven't made all the recipes, but the ones I have, worked. The quick flip through passes the "what the heck is that, and how/where do I buy it?" ingredient test. There are a few th...
  • Katie
    I'll start by saying I love cookbooks and have been collecting them for over 50 years. This is one of the best resource cookbooks I have seen. I think it would make a perfect gift for anyone starting their first home or for anyone who enjoys learning more about cooking.The advice is sensible and amazingly complete. The recipes do not require ingredients that have to be mail ordered or a professional kitchen to make. The chef teaches technique (an...
  • Robert Hudder
    A good starter cookbook. It tries to get you, as a beginner, to see how to riff (her word) on the recipes as soon as possible. My favourite part was the bit at the end where she talked about how flavours worked together. While much of this information can be gleaned by the practice of cooking, it is nice to see a starter put these indispensables in one place. The only issue that I have with this book is the mention of seasonality without respect ...
  • Emily
    I'm not even all the way through this book (although almost done w/the non recipe portion) and I adore it. It gives such useful tips for prep & cooking. I consider myself a decent cook but in the first 80 pages of this book I learned so many facts that made me stop and say, OHHH, that makes sense! The proverbial lightbulb went on. This is a fantastic reference book for anyone who is interested in cooking and also cooking more creatively than thei...
  • Ali
    this is a great reference for people who want to polish their cooking skills and want to develop more intuition so that they can move away from strictly following recipes all the time. i can also see it working for people who have very little cooking experience, because the book is organized into foundation recipes (e.g., all of the different ways to cook an egg!) and then more involved entrees and sides. each of the more involved recipes still i...
  • Yasmeen
    Contains a lot of basic information which covers what I already know, so I usually skip those. A few recipes I bookmarked and I'm willing to try:Almond Brioche Sticky Buns (Though my sticky buns are pretty unbeatable, I'm curious to try other people's approaches)Summer Vegetable Farro Salad (I'm always on the lookout for a beautiful farro salad!)Balsamic Caramel Chicken with Roasted EggplantIndian Style Braised Butter Chicken (Again, my butter ch...
  • Erin
    Keys To the Kitchen is an ideal first cookbook gift for the novice cook (think college student or newly weds), but it also is a wonderful reference for the advanced home cook. I love the design used for techniques and whatnot. If you like matte pages in cookbooks as I do (I think it looks nicer for the photographs), you will enjoy flipping through this.
  • Tracy
    This book is well organized and gives lots of tips on saving time and doing prep work, lots of information about various foods -- meats, produce, grains, etc. I haven' quite gotten to the recipes, but I'm sure I'll find some interesting ones to try.I found this book via a county wide book-read. Interesting choice for that kind of event, actually.
  • Gail
    This is better as a technique guide, especially for beginners, than for recipes. I gave it a 4 recipe audition and nothing was worth repeating or tweeking. Back to the library for this book and back to Smitten Kitchen for me.
  • Jeannette
    A good basic cookbook for a novice, maybe? The design is nice enough, but the one recipe I tried - the peanut butter banana bread didn't win me over. My husband, on the other hand, was very happy to snack on that loaf until it disappeared. Pass. Back to the library it goes.
  • Tracey
    I'll admit, I skimmed a lot of it. The recipes didn't really strike my fancy, but there is a lot of good info. If this wasn't a library book, it could be a really good reference - maybe not worth buying though.
  • Kasey
    One of the best cookbooks I've ever purchased. I've read it cover to cover I don't know how many times. Everything is clear and concise, the layout is phenomenal, the photographs are gorgeous, and excellent recipes. Everything a cookbook should be.
  • Abigail
    I love the setup in this book, I'm not sure I would make all the recipes.
  • Margaret Grabowski
    Gave me lots of cooking ideas and quick fixes for questions I never bothered to ask. I'm excited to try out a lot of the techniques and recipes!
  • Wendy
    Has a lot of useful information for beginners, and some interesting recipes. Would make a great gift for a graduate moving out on their own and cooking for the first time.
  • Ruth
    Really great cookbook, look of basic general information.Great sections on meat especially basic butchering.Would have been nice to have more photos, but can't go wrong with this one.
  • Amy Murphy
    This cookbook is beautiful cover to cover. Found a recipe that I'd been looking for since I went to Peru in 2004--Lomo Saltado--and it was EXCELLENT!
  • Josephine
    Wonderful first cookbook for the beginner cook. Lots of explanations for cooking techniques along with lots of recipes to try that are not your usual beginner recipes.
  • Vampire-lk
    Great cookbook!! Awesome advice for beginning to become profit chef!!
  • Ginger Robins mercaldo
    Very useful, but basic, information. Would like to use it for reference. Would like to try some of the recipes.
  • Nathan Smith
    this book is good its not the great but it is cool. i cooked one of the dishes but I forgot the name of the dishes it was ok. but no good
  • Chris
    Big Library Read 2014
  • Laura
    Parts 1&2 were the MOST valuable, a must read for any aspiring cook Parts 1&2 were the MOST valuable, a must read for any aspiring cook
  • Jerri
    Great bookI love the fact she has tip & tricks as well as recipes. I borrowed this from the library but would definitely like to purchase!! Great bookI love the fact she has tip & tricks as well as recipes. I borrowed this from the library but would definitely like to purchase!!
  • Kerry
    Great for a home cook looking to take things to the next level. Complex flavors. Not your everyday (and that is a good thing)