The Thirteenth Apostle by Michel Benoît

The Thirteenth Apostle

When his friend, Father Andrei is killed on a train en route to the Vatican, Father Nil, a Benedictine who teaches the Gospel of St. John to novices, decides to conduct his own investigation."

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TitleThe Thirteenth Apostle
Release DateOct 1st, 2007
PublisherAlma Books
GenreFiction, Thriller, Historical, Historical Fiction, Religion, Mystery, Suspense, Adventure, Cultural, France, Roman

Reviews The Thirteenth Apostle

  • Briana
    "The Thirteenth Apostle" tells the story of a Catholic monk, Father Nil, who is dangerously close to discovering a secret that lies at the heart of the world's three Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The author weaves in historical truths with his own fictional imaginings in the style of "The Da Vinci Code," and I suspect fans of that book will greatly enjoy this one.I found some of the writing to be a bit clunky, with odd tur...
  • Martin Allen
    A book of two halves. The first half I found extremely turgid and difficult to read. The French to English translation has a stumbling clunkiness to it and whilst I understood the effect the author was trying to achieve in fluctuating the chapters between modern day and Jesus' time, I felt it had an adverse affect on the flow. I almost gave up on it after about a third. However, I'm glad that I stuck with it as the book does take more of a plot-r...
  • Ellie
    The basic concept of this book - challenging the very basis of the three main religions - is one that greatly appeals to me as an atheist. The idea that somewhere there may be proof that Jesus was just a charismatic guy, whose body was removed and buried, and not some God who 'rose from the dead' is more than plausible; from that perspective, then, I enjoyed reading this book.However, the book overall does disappoint. The writing can be clunky in...
  • Filipe Pereira
    There were more things wrong than right with this book, and that's why I give it my lowest rating yet on goodreads: 2 stars.The book didn't start that bad, offering a decent hook early on, with the assassination of a monk on a train. But, right after the focal point of the story was unveiled, it became clear that the point of controversy and which sets the events of the book in motion is somewhat ridiculous. That monk was killed because he was on...
  • Toast
    I must confess - I have never read Dan Brown ok. So I can't critique what I have never read but I have read this. And it is very readable, it wasn't over scholarly or over complicated but it wasn't the best thriller I'd read either. It was what I expected a thriller sent in and around the secret sects of the Catholic Church to be like, but add the working together of Mossad and Hamas and the Catholic Church that was a new one on me. The Christian...
  • Stuart
    'If' stories are always interesting. This time what if Jesus was not resurrected as portrayed by the Roman Catholic Church but was buried in the desert instead. Jumped between the present investigators and the 13th Apostle in the years after the crucifixion but clear demarcation. However, I was sometimes caught out when the character 'thought' something rather than spoke. Not sure what happened in the final few pages though!
  • John Stotesbury
    Curious, very readable, thriller based on Benoît's apparently deep theological research. Intriguing within its own frame(s) of reference, but -- unfortunately -- it ain't gonna change the world, whatever he may wish.
  • David Hunter
    A cracking readI thoroughly enjoyed this book even though I may disagree with the theology. Fast moving, well researched, certainly A book up there with the best of Dan Brown
  • Bill Barker
    Gave up reading this about half-way through. A far from convincing story line; even allowing for its "da Vinci Code" credentials it was too ridiculous!
  • Nick
    The author has an irritating style which renders the book almost unreadable. A silly story badly told.
  • EP
    Nothing like a good mystery page turner on a slow day, but this is not quite close. The writer is an ex-Benedictine monk who has spent more than two decades of his life researching the life of Jesus. Much of his research has been somehow weaved into or worked in the plot of this mystery about the so-called mysterious thirteenth apostle who was also present at the Last Supper with Jesus and the Twelve. Central to this mystery is the Dan-Brown like...
  • Matthew Christmas
    Very thoughtful and enjoyable; a great advance on books like the De Vinci Code etc. One character - the Rector - was overdone in terms of perverse behaviour!
  • Marc
    A really good story. A mixture of a religious study and a detective thriller, involving the secret forces of three religions and their politics. The murder of a monk recently called to Rome to justify his research which is passed off as a suicide sets the ball rolling. His friend and fellow monk, Father Nil, carries on his work and investigates both his death and his ongoing studies. When Nel in his turn is called to Rome he is spied on by agents...
  • Kathy
    The Thirteenth Apostle - Michel BenoitFather Nil seeks on a path of truth and also to redeemed his friends life. Evidently his friend, Father Andrei had stumbled upon an ancient text that could change the Catholic Church as the followers know it. The Vatican officials do not want this text to resurface to the public. They will at all costs try to quiet those that get to close to this scroll. Father Nil travels to Rome not only to find out how his...
  • Yassemin
    Paperback version,370 pages,Genre: Historical fiction/AdventureRating: 2 starsJust couldn't get into this one at all. Made it all the way to 100 and something pages but couldn't bring myself to read any further when I have other hopefully better library books waiting to be read.It started off good with a good opening chapter but then it went downhill. None of this was to do with the plot, the plot seemed to be a good idea. The present interested ...
  • Dang Thien
    Made it three stars as my readable benchmark. A good start for those still holding conspiracy theories on the betrayal of Judas and three denials of Peter the Fisherman. Though it stands out of the similar conspiracy novels of Dan Brown (that to be honest I fancy the acting of Tom Hanks rather than the own scenes), some of French, Italian and Vatican culture are depicted, leading readers through bare woods of suburbs of Paris to the Holiness in V...
  • Aria Tatiana
    Not just another Da Vinci Code wannabe. The author is a former monk, and you know there is insight when he talks about the Vatican. Besides, there is historical truth at the basis of this thriller, as the postface explains.The story is interesting. It has some suspense, although it's not really surprising. The characters are basic, the writing decent... But its interest is in something else: it's in its vision of the Church and of Jesus (and also...
  • Hazeanni
    Love this. This book managed to differentiate itself from other titles from the same theme and have it's own identity. The way Benoit using the different types of gospels as premises to relate, develop and redevelop the plot is admirable to me that non christian could enjoy it. Like a lecturer teaching and giving comparison; so the student could think critically. I believed when Benoit doing his research; which probably in taken place during his ...
  • Donna torrance
    i found this book interesting in parts, it raised some questions of faith which i had just taken as real, but i found it hard to follow the characters, all foreign names, at some points i felt like just abandoning it and starting something new, other times i couldnt put it down, not a book i would recommend to anyone really, although i am passing it on to someone who loves such books, maybe its just me, i didnt really enjoy it,bit like a film tha...
  • Daniel
    To be true i had a little bit of a hard time reading must of the chapters of this book. I dont know if it was because of the kind of writting of the author , the translation or because i had the edition of four hundred pages but this novel had a very good theme but it didnt get my attention. The only ideas i liked where the ones that gave arguments of how the Vatican and the church worked to handle information and mantain the status quo. I think ...
  • Ann
    Better than The Da Vinci Code. Read it if you've nothing better.BTW, a search for this book showed many books with the same titles. Speculation in these books about who the 13th Apostle was range from Mary Magdalene to an unknown favorite- your choice. Still Benoit apparently has an ax to grind with the Catholic Church and does he ever grind it. The best parts were instruction by a hermit on how to encounter the real Jesus. Rather good, that.
  • Jennifer
    I liked this book - some things were a little hard to keep track of and I would have liked a little more background info on Opus Dei and the Templars.It was interesting and gives religion some reality.
  • Cellmcpherson
    Fantastic read. It's a book I would read again. Suspense and thought provoking into the fictional world behind the Vatican scenes or maybe even the real world! Wonder from where the author got IHis inspiration to write this book?
  • Kelly Proulx
    Not a page turner but full of interesting ideas. It was a bit hard to follow at points which keeps me from giving it a five. I love a story with the Dan Brown flair that makes me feel a bit smarter.
  • Doc
    The writing is *quite* awkward. In fact, the style is sufficiently ham-fisted that it wrenches the reader out of what might otherwise be a passable and engaging bit of Vatican-intrigue flavored fluff.
  • Andrew Murphy
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Michel offers a very intriguing hypothesis as the catalyst for conflict between two priests, certain Vatican officials and two other religious group. The author used short chapters to set a fast pace to this story.
  • Bahman Naraghi
    OK, yes, this was very much like a French DaVinci Code, or any of a number of other Catholic church conspiracy/thriller novels that came out around the same time, but it did provide some interesting twists.
  • Cherei
    What a fascinating tale! It is one.. that I was very happy to have picked up at the store on a lark! There were a few things the author incorporated into the story.. that were SO original! In today's world of books.. that's HARD to do! Kudo's!
  • Oscar
    Meh... Slow and what not