Firefly Lane (Firefly Lane, #1) by Kristin Hannah

Firefly Lane (Firefly Lane, #1)

From the New York Times bestselling author of On Mystic Lake comes a powerful novel of love, loss, and the magic of friendship. . . .In the turbulent summer of 1974, Kate Mularkey has accepted her place at the bottom of the eighth-grade social food chain. Then, to her amazement, the “coolest girl in the world” moves in across the street and wants to be her friend. Tully Hart seems to have it all---beauty, brains, ambition. On the surface the...

Details Firefly Lane (Firefly Lane, #1)

TitleFirefly Lane (Firefly Lane, #1)
Release DateFeb 5th, 2008
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Firefly Lane (Firefly Lane, #1)

  • Cleo Maranski
    This book was such a disappointment. The characters were completely one dimensional and not at all interesting. The storyline was filled with cliches from every bad Lifetime movie. About three quarters of the way through, I somehow knew how it would end (because it was the one cliche that hadn't been hit yet). The book itself is primarily dialouge and not good one at that. Avoid.
  • Crumb
    Oh.My.God. This book deserves more than five stars, in fact, it deserves every single star in the sky. This book was phenomenal. It tugged at my heart strings in the best of ways. I laughed and I cried.. Oh, how I cried. (view spoiler)[ You will need a box of tissues, handy! (hide spoiler)]This book is about friendship. Although, in my opinion, the word friendship doesnt seem like a big enough word to encapsulate their relationship. They were sim...
  • Andrea
    Hmm... well, I've never read "Beaches" (the book many reviewers compared this to) and I'm pretty sure I won't now. Firefly Lane was... meh. Two girls stay "best friends" through four decades and widely divergent paths. Only thing is, emotionally, they stay girls. They never really become women, never break their stupid patterns (and they really are stupid), never evolve. The characters are 2-dimensional at best: Kate is spineless and weak, Tully ...
  • Always Pouting
    This was the first Kristen Hannah book I read and it's about two girls who become friends in middle school in the 70's and it follows them through their lives. I really enjoyed the writing, I think Hannah is really good at telling stories because I kept wanting to read on. The characters were all complex and made the book feel real. The ending was not that great though and I can agree that some of the plot was derivative but I don't think there's...
  • Heather
    4.75/5I think I'm going to have to limit myself to 2 Kristin Hannah books a year because her books EMOTIONALLY WRECK ME.This is the 3rd book I've read by her and the 3rd book to make me sob.
  • Elyse Walters
    Read years ago when the book was released!Read Stephanie's's beautiful!!!I was deeply moved - surprised I liked it so much ---mailed it to my sister. She loved it just as much.I immediately read one more book, by Kristen Hannah...but when it didn't 'wow' me..I didn't continuing reading more of Hannah's books - but FIREFLY...has a very authentic feeling to it - not pushed - not overly schmaltzy.Sincerely touching!Read Stephanie's great...
  • Theresa Alan
    I enjoyed this novel about two girlfriends spanning from the 70s to the early 2000s. It alternates points of view between Kate who, when the novel opens, is 14 years old and closely watched by her mother. Tully, on the other hand, has been abandoned by her drug-addict mother and moves in across the street with her grandmother. Tully is rebellious and ambitious, and Kate longs to be cool like her. Kate is stunned when Tully becomes her best friend...
  • bookswithpaulette
    Another beauty from Kristin Hannah. This is the 4th book I have read from her and I am loving my Kristin Hannah journey. This story, the heart of it is a beautiful friendship between Kate and Tully beginning in the late 70s. I absolutely loved their journey, two coming of age teenagers from completely different backgrounds and upbringings, when they met there is immediate connection they bring out the best in one another. We follow their journeys...
  • Holli
    I really and truly thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Thank you very much Lisa for letting me borrow this! What a great book. It began the year I was born and ended in present day and followed the lives of two best friends named Tully and Kate. I loved reliving the 70's and 80's and 90's with them, all of the pop culture references made this a fun journey. The book is much more than just pop culture though as it follows two young girls who grow into ...
  • Brina
    Chick lit is not my thing. If I feel the need to clear my head after reading a deeper book, I'll pick up a mystery, or maybe a middle grades kids book. Yet I had seen two friends, Elyse and Stephanie, write poignant reviews about Firefly Lane, so I let my curiosity get the better of me, and picked it up. Firefly Lane is about the 30 year friendship of Kate Mularkey Ryan and Tully Hart. These two girls were brought together at age 14 when they wer...
  • Tom Lewis
    This was my third Kristin Hannah book after The Nightingale and The Great Alone, and once again she knocked it out of the ballpark. Its one of the best stories about friendship Ive ever read. While its not at the level of Nightingale (few books are), its a solid five star read. Now excuse me while I go reconnect with every friend I havent talked to in a while. This was my third Kristin Hannah book after The Nightingale and The Great Alone, and ...
  • Carolyn
    (audiobook version) I read this at the insistence of a friend. I had a feeling I wouldnt like it very much; even though shes a friend we have some very different taste in books. She went on and on and on about how good it was, but it was only so-so for me, as expected. Firefly Lane tells the story of two girls who become best friends at age 14. It follows them for over 30 years, from the 1970s into the 2000s. The book doesnt break any new ground,...
  • Megs ♥
    Wow. Another emotional sucker punch book by Kristin Hannah. If you are in the mood for a tear jerker she truly never disappoints. I wanted to read this one for a while, but only actually read it in anticipation of the next part, "Fly Away" being released soon. Also, I follow Kristin on Facebook, and this seems to be the book that all of her fans adore the most. I can see why. I love books that tell a story through multiple decades. If the author ...
  • Jan
    I cried so much throughout the last 20 or so pages of this book that my husband became genuinely concerned for my well-being. The conversation went pretty much like this:Me: /trying not to sound like I'm cryingHim: "Are you ok?"Me: "Yes, I'm fine."Him: "Are you sure?"Me: "Yes, it's just sad."5 minutes later...Him: "Are you sure you're ok?"Me: "Yes! Leave me alone!"Him: "It's just that you're crying really hard."Me: "I know. I'm just a big sap."5 ...
  • Nilufer Ozmekik
    Oh please, what have I done to my face? Those red rimmed eyes looks like bleeding blood emphasizing my ugly vampirella image! My swollen, blotchy cheeks, my running nose ( so many people alarmed and already threw hand sanitizers to my face which gave me opportunity to sell each of them from 3-5K on Amazon!) make you think I wrestled with a hedgehog over a muddy ground and lost the fight! Yes, these are after effects you have to endure when you re...
  • Rita
    I finished this book in the beginning of January and I'm finally writing the review now. First, I was sick but even when I felt better I kept putting it off. Time to write the review of a book that I didn't expect to even like that much, but ended up loving.Firefly Lane is the first book that I've read by Kristin Hannah. You may well ask what rock I've been living under? I do not read "chick-lit" she said in a condescending manner and this book s...
  • Karen
    We are reading this book in my book club. I listened to it on audio book. It is the story of Kate and Tully who meet as teenagers and then remain friends for 30 years. They are bff's and it is the story of friendship between two women and a betrayal that almost destroyed it. A few CD's into this I asked another lady in the club "Where is this going? How will she fill 15 CD's with this story?" I kept waiting for the big betrayal / twist at the end...
  • Ashley Thompson
    I felt like this book wasn't really about anything. I kept waiting for a plot but three-fourths of the way through I realized there wasn't one. It was very cliche in the sense that it read like a Lifetime Original movie. I predicted that the least-hated girl would die right around the time I realized there was no plot. The so-called friendship that this book was about was so unrealistic that I found myself wanting to tell the sheepish, pathetic, ...
  • Melinda
    A long, tiresome read. The 400-plus-paged novel relies on the characters' relationships to sustain the plot and reader interest, but those relationships, like the characters, are clichéd and two-dimesional and somewhat hard to believe. Also hard to believe are the personal stories of the characters such as Tallulah Hart, who rises to success as a TV journalist, covering everything from individuals' crises to international affairs... only to hos...
  • Terra
    Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah is a breathtaking trip down memory lane. From 70's teens to 80's young women these two girls have more than a life time worth of memories both good and bad. The 90's usher in permanent choices and the new millineum tumbles in with, "What did I do with my life". The harsh realities of growing up aren't always kind.Tully Hart is a product of the hippie era or as they say, "Sex, drugs and Rock & Roll". Being torn betwe...
  • Audrey
    This book was hard for me. I lost my sister to breast cancer 6 years ago. She was only 38 years old. Much like the girls in the story, she was my best friend forever. We grew up in the same decades that were in the stories. I remember dancing to the Jackson 5, singing to Diana Ross, fighting over who liked which Debarg, and who could do the best moon walk. Being siblings we had memories for a lifetime. It was so hard losing the one person who kno...
  • Lisa
    I read this dreadful book so that you don't have to. Imagine that you are in a beginning fiction-writing class. Imagine that the instructor teaches you that good writing is in the details - that there is a difference between a character that "has a cup of coffee" and one who "sips hours-old diner coffee from a chipped mug that once, long ago, was white." Imagine that, after this lecture, your first clumsy effort at writing a story causes you to a...
  • Virginia Hill
    Nothing I read about Firefly Lane could have prepared me for the moving story of Tully and Kate. Sure, I've read other books that were emotionally charged and brought me to tears. Several of them were also written by Kristin Hannah. She's a genius at writing human stories that make it impossible not to feel the emotions right along with her characters. This one though...this is an immeasurably touching depiction of family love & strife, career ch...
  • Kathleen
    Highly recommend the audio version of this novel. Susan Erickson is an excellent narrator! She brings the story alive! In the summer of 1974, fourteen-year-old Kate Mularkey spends her time with her horse or with her nose in a book. To her amazement, the coolest girl in the world moves in across the street and wants to be her friend. Tully Hart seems to have it allbeauty, brains, ambition. On the surface they are as opposite as two people can be:...
  • Tina
    Read this with a box of tissues and lots of alone time. I went into this book thinking it was a book of friends. Their ups and downs. How friends become family, sometimes more. How strong personalities can affect a friendship in more ways than one. How jealousy can put stress on a marriage and a friendship and how wanting what is not yours can do the same. But, I didn't for one second think that I was reading a book about the ending of a friendsh...
  • Tania
    Friendships were like marriages in that way. Routines and patterns were poured early and hardened like cement.I did not like the first quarter of this book, I could not connect to the teenagers, and it felt like very similar personalities to the ones in Night road. Although I enjoyed the middle of the book more, I did not like Tully - according to me she is not best friend material, everything is her way or the highway.I am a sucker for a book th...
  • ✨Susan✨
    This was a great time period story, that took me back with all of the references to cloths, songs and sayings. An unlikely friendship is created when two girls are thrown together through geography and timing. Throughout their lives it becomes clear that one is a taker and one is a giver, yet somehow this becomes a complete recipe for a lifetime bond that is quite complicated but enduring. This story truly shows how tragedies and successes shape ...
  • Beth
    Although I feel that the plot is somewhat formulaic (and there were parts that reminded me of the movie Beaches), the story is well-written and entertaining. I found I had trouble putting the book down, and when I wasn't reading it, I found myself thinking about the story. In one sense, I feel that the plot is a little bit predictable, but I didn't find myself minding it because the story itself and the way it's written is so engaging. It just ma...
  • Laura
    This was a lovely heartfelt story of two girls who meet in sad circumstances and find the most unlikely of friend. Beginning in 1970s Washington state, the story follows them as they grow from angsty teenagers into young women and beyond, through careers and failed relationships, children and more.Tully and Kate are an unlikely duo, each perfectly imperfect, but somehow they cannot function without each other. One is callously ambitious, the othe...
  • Linda Hart
    The story is trite, unrealistic, cliched, formulaic, overdone, and one dimensional, nevertheless I did keep reading wanting to find out what happened next. It deals with the stereotypical choice of women of the 60's and 70's: career vs. family, but overall it is supposed to be a story about a wonderful and enduring friendship. Yet as one reader succinctly commented, "in reality it's a long, depressing narrative of a profoundly abusive relationshi...