Override (Glitch, #2) by Heather Anastasiu

Override (Glitch, #2)

Zoe is free. She has escaped the enslavement of the Community, disconnected from the hardware that had controlled her every thought and emotion, and evaded capture by the Chancellor intent on killing her. She is finally free, but she is far from safe.Zoe and Adrien hide themselves from detection at the Foundation, an academy that trains teen glitchers to fight in the Resistance movement. Together, Zoe and her new team of superhuman fighters must ...

Details Override (Glitch, #2)

TitleOverride (Glitch, #2)
Release DateFeb 12th, 2013
PublisherSt. Martin's Griffin
GenreScience Fiction, Dystopia, Young Adult

Reviews Override (Glitch, #2)

  • Janus the Erudite Artist
    On my review of Glitch last year, I have probably done a lot of belittling over that book, to a point that I wasnt really expecting myself to read the rest of the series. But seeing an advance copy of book two made me think otherwise. Right now, after reading Override, I think Im just about to eat my words. I even imagine Heather Anastasiu going: Ha! In your face, bitch! She didnt really say that of course, but Id take it if she did. Haha!Anyway,...
  • Giselle
    Zoe has escaped from the Community, and has turned her attention to the Rez who will stop at nothing to take them down. With the help of Adrien, and all the rest of her Rez team members, she finds her growing powers truly unpredictable, but will stop at nothing until they take the Chancellor and her corrupt leadership down.There was so much action in this one, I couldn't even stop reading it! I loved how Heather interlaced the plot within all the...
  • Julie Cross
    I had the pleasure and luck of being able to read this one early (no I can't reveal my source). What I always want from a sequel in a trilogy like this one is for the author to find a way to make the characters grow more, surprise me more and for the stakes to go up. Not just a Hangover 2 type thing where you basically tell the same story again and I think OVERRIDE is perfect example of a sequel that lives up to it's hype. I don't really want to ...
  • Sydney
    The book was pretty good overall. It kept me interested. The problem was: the plot was pretty much the same as the second book of the Hunger Games, Catching Fire. I can kind of see where the series is going now. The author is just telling the story of the Hunger Games in a new way.Zoe : KatnissAdrian : PeataMax : GaleGeneral : President CoinChancellor : President SnowMarkan : PrimCity : JohannaRand : FinnickThose are just a few examples. Otherwis...
  • Crystal
    Holy mother of all that is holy! What in the hale just happened! Let me tell you this book is crazy good and then ending is just..it's just...OMG it is INSANE!! Override is a quiet sequel with a lot of information thrown at you, but don't think you can skip this book. The ending is something that you need to read and I am still in shock!Override takes off pretty much where Glitch ended with Zoe joining the Rez with Adrian. We get to see how she i...
  • Miss Literati
    Starting right where GLITCH left off, Heather Anastasius OVERRIDE grabs you and doesnt let go until the very last word. With each page packed with thrilling action and stunning romance, youll love this book just as much as the first!Zoe and Adrien are back and better than ever, with a few new friends, ready to take down the Community and defeat the Chancellor once and for all.Zoe should be happy. After all, she escaped the Chancellor and now esca...
  • Abbie
    I liked Override about the same as Glitch.Zoe was an okay character, but she annoyed me a bit more than she did in the first one. The other characters were alright, but i can't say i loved any of them. The pacing was slow in this one again, and there was a few parts where i was bored. Thankfully, it never stayed like that all the time, so i still liked it. Overall, an okay read.
  • Mandiann
    3.5 stars
  • Sakina (Y.L.) Angel
    Since The Hunger Games, no other book in the scifi/dystopian genre has been able to hook me as much as this one so I genuinely couldn't wait for this to come out.Whilst a lot of trilogies suffer from having a weak follow-up, this one was just as strong, and I felt like I got to know the characters, and the world, much better. Quick summary (SPOILERS):In Override, Zoe is now with the Resistance, on the run from the Community. To complicate matters...
  • Carey Shook
    I read Glitch about a week ago or so. As I stated in the first review, I was recommended by Anastasiu's college peer Elizabeth Welch (in case Anastasiu reads this review like she did the last one), and boy am I happy that she did. I've read a lot of books in my time, a lot of them being part of a series or trilogy. The Glitch trilogy is easily my second favorite, right behind Hunger Games. Congrats, Heather! You did it!The action started on page ...
  • Sarah
    This was an interesting story, but it did find that it dragged a bit in places.I felt sorry for Zoe in this book. Even though she was supposed to have these wonderful powers, and was supposed to end up leading the resistance, she was so hindered by her allergies and her inability to control her power that she really wasnt all that much use to anybody.The storyline in this was okay, although I did find the pace quite slow. I did start to lose inte...
  • Paula Stokes
    I was lucky enough to beta-read this. Wow! Endless action sequences and plenty of twists. I loved how Anastasiu realistically portrayed Zoe as she struggled to control her powers. The climax is both shocking and fitting, and I cannot wait to find out how it all ends.
  • Michelle
    Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Theres something about Heather Anastasius writing that calls to me. Override is the follow up book to Glitch, a futuristic story based futuristic societies and controlled thoughts. Once again Anastasiu brought me to the world that I was amazed by, managing to surprise me with her own twists and turns. What I loved about Glitch was renewed in Override, and I cant wait to tell you why.In Override, there is chaos, breakin...
  • Pahel
    I really have mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed how much action got packed into this book! It was more eventful than Glitch and that definitely made it really fun to read. There was something happening almost every chapter, if it wasn't a mission to get something or save someone, it was something just as interesting, like snooping in the leaders office, or Zoe losing control of her powers causing something huge to happen. This book never ...
  • Starr
    Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this digital galley, free, in exchange for my honest opinion. Did anyone read my review of Glitch? Well, this is not going to be the same. I liked this Override. Did I love it? Almost, but not quite. I have learned a valuable lesson in keeping an open mind when continuing a series, and to finish all review books. Yep, itll be hard and irritating, but you never know what will surprise. Where I didnt feel Glitch wa...
  • The Library Mouse's Words on a Page
    Override is the much anticipated sequel to Glitch. I was introduced to Glitch when I signed up for the blog tour back in August 2012, and it revealed itself to be one of those books that was far far better than I had ever expected. So when I picked up Override there were some serious expectations that needed to be met. I will also confess that I was a bit apprehensive when starting it. As always when following a strong and engaging debut, there i...
  • Chrystal Grcevich
    I don't see the direct comparison to The Hunger Games as some other reviewers stated. Yes, the genre is the same, but the concepts are immensely different. In The Hunger Games, the characters are subject to a digitally manipulated environment, but in the Glitch series, the digital manipulation happens in their own bodies. I loved this book! I hadn't had the privilege of reading the first in the series, unfortunately, but there wasn't any need. Mo...
  • Yousra Bushehri
    Okay. WOW! This second installment is seriously out of this world. The characters ALL grow up. They mature. They're getting used to being in their own skin. Zoe starts to accept herself and not fear her powers - acknowledging that it's a part of her. And Adrien is just Adrien - AWESOME. LOVING. ROMANTIC. PERFECT (even in his imperfections).I love that we get to meet more glitchers and see some awesome powers (gifts). I really don't know what more...
  • Katelynd Taylor
    This book just crushed my heart!
  • Rachel Naddeo
    I didn't enjoy reading Glitch so much as I thought I would but with Override, the complete opposite happened! I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised that upon finishing it, I was eager to have the third book on my hands. Override takes us on a more action-filled ride that pleased me a lot more than its prequel.Zoe is outside now, training to be the so-called-leader that she is expected to become. But can she control her powers? Th...
  • Step Into Fiction
    If you have NOT read the previous book, GLITCH please read with caution. There are some spoilers that were unavoidable. Proceed with caution . . .So, I want to say this would be rated around 4.5 but we aren't doing half stars (yet) so I guess I'm going with a 5. While I really enjoyed Glitch, I found that I found this book to be more. More of everything. In most cases, including this one, more is better.In the beginning of the book, Zoe has to we...
  • Jilly
    Compared to the first book, there were a few more original ideas in this book, so I added a star. I am still not very impressed with the main character, Zoe, and the conversation she had with the general about going on a mission to extract her brother exemplifies why I dislike her, and characters like her. Zoe runs in to the general's office to tell her that she needs to send a team out to rescue her brother, even though there is no evidence to s...
  • Wendy
    I have just finished the second book in the Glitch series by Heather Anastasiu and can't want to see what happens to Zoe and Adrien in her third installment coming out in July. At first I thought the story was a little dry as Zoe fought to control her telek power and Adrien his anger and inability to sort out the undercurrents and unpredictability of his visions. But the story line soon heats up when Adrien is snatched by the Chancellor and a spy...
  • Haley Reed
    *SPOILERS*So, first of all, i fell in love with the series in the begining of Glitch so i got the other two books at the library. override was a great read and i felt like i was a part of the world. Zoe was a wonderful protagonist and her relationship with Adrien made me love the book even more. I would give this book five stars but once I got toward the end and found out that Max had been adrien for over a MONTH! I just couldnt take it. I was so...
  • Ambur
    Wow...I'm just speechless right now! I didn't want to put Override down at all! I loved it, yet I'm completely torn up about it at the same time. Shutdown seriously can't come out fast enough now! :p Full review to come!
  • Aydrea
    Loved it, the last 1/4 of the book killed me & that ending! The twist in this book was definitely not what I was expecting, so crazy! Can't wait for Shutdown, so glad I only have to wait a few months :)I love getting to see everyone's powers in action, so sweet!
  • Jordan
  • Faith
    And the series continues to shock me! I love it when I don't see things coming and that is exactly how this series has been for me! The story draws you in and encapsulates you and just when you think you know what's going to happen boom a twist! What a great book!
  • Kathy Martin
    This is the middle book of the Glitch trilogy. It is a dystopia about a future Earth where the majority of people are controlled by chips in their brains which make them obedient and unable to feel emotions. For some reason and for some people, the chip instead causes young people to develop psychic gifts. The resistance is gathering these young glitchers to try to build them into an army that can defeat those in power. But a the Chancellor is al...
  • Tasha
    I want to Scream. I want to cry. I want to break something. Friends my ass. I am sitting here dumbfounded not understanding how everything could change so quickly. How could it all go from good to bad to worse but it can. I have been reading a lot more lately because I get to get away from my sad and depressing reality and honestly I prefer the bad that goes on in a book vs what is really going on in my real life. Some things are just not meant t...