TrumpNation by Timothy L. O'Brien


With unprecedented access, one of the nation's leading business journalists reveals the good, the bad, and the ridiculous behind the public image of The Donald.

Details TrumpNation

Release DateJul 1st, 2009
PublisherBusiness Plus
GenreBiography, Politics, Nonfiction, Business, History, Psychology

Reviews TrumpNation

  • Trish
    Tim O'Brien restored my sense of humor. O'Brien was sued by the Donald over the reporting in this book, twice, but if anything, O'Brien makes the Donald look bombastic rather than purposely evil. At first I was disconcerted by the breezy style, but by the middle I understood that the style matched the subject matter. I was laughing by the time O’Brien tells us about the fight headlined daily in the New York papers between developer Trump and Ma...
  • Shaun
    I thought this was a very honest portrayal of Donald Trump, a man whose real talent is not his building expertise or his business acumen but instead his ability to sell to himself.Like Trump or hate him, it is impossible to deny his celebrity status. And it is this celebrity status that has ensured he remain a household name for decades. After reading this book, I do feel as if I have a greater appreciation for Trump's appeal to so many Americans...
  • Jean
    I was interested in reading this book that was first published in 2005 because it was the book that Trump filed the 5 billion dollar libel lawsuit over. In July 2009 the Judge dismissed the case saying Trump had not proven his case. The author interviewed Trump and his family and associates as well as researching documents and archives. O’Brien reveals Trump as a very complex man. At the time of the book Trump was 1.8 billion in debt. At times ...
  • Diana Long
    Published in 2005 and re-published in 2015 with an updated introduction. The author is a journalist and spent years following Donald Trump and his exploits and captures the essence of the poster boy for the American Dream in this work. So what is it about Trump that people tend to gravitate toward him? By watching videos, reading one of his books and especially this book, I finally got it. There is only one Donald Trump, he's a one man show and n...
  • Bryan Craig
    This is great background on Donald Trump's rise in the business world. It stops at 2005, but the author peels back the various masks Trump creates in marketing himself, and the author successfully unveils some consistent traits and methods we see as president. It's more warts, however, after reading this book, today's chaos makes a more sense.
  • Mary
    Trump as he isExcellent book. It's not mean, just an honest look at Donald Trump. Not a biography. Sort of a running interview, interspersed with factual context. That's important because Trump isn't big on facts. Enjoyed it and got a better idea of the man. He's not a cartoon character, just someone enjoying the limelight and perks of wealth, whether or not he has them. In this election year, he is great for forcing issues into the forefront, no...
  • Theresa Gilman
    TrumpyWell, what can one say? That I'm sad to find that there appears to be no discernible growth in the man over 40+ years?The book is fine. I'm just depressed that this boob may soon be running our country as badly as he's run his businesses.
  • Dana
    The best part is when the author compares a Trump to PT Barnum ( their biographies really are similar!) I agree with other reviewers that this is more of a long interview than a biography, but there some great details in it.2.5/5 stars
  • Scott Hunter
    good account of who Trump is.
  • Everydayreader1
    Donald Trump. Who is he, and what is he all about? Timothy L. O'Brien attempts, in so far as is possible, tries to answer those questions for the reader. The footnotes and sources referenced attest to the author's meticulous research. And Mr. Trump gave him access and approval for the writing of this book.I decided to read this book because I wanted to have a better understanding of Mr. Trump as a person and as a presidential candidate. When I re...
  • Spencer Jakab
    Not only did I laugh out loud several times while reading this book but I was duly impressed with the author's snarky insights in Trump's character. This was written a decade before be began his presidential run that spawned thousands of articles about the man yet it is consistent with them in terms of his character. O'Brien had unprecedented access to Trump and was fairly kind to him (I think) but was sued for $5 billion. The Trumpster's gripe: ...
  • Rajiv Bais
    This was better than David Cay Johnston’s book.O’Brien’s chats with Trump show you why Trump is full of shit for having sued him.You let an author into your life and say you enjoy his company. Yet, you sue him when he was able to use your words and others’ stories and truths about your actual image against you?What this book also reveals is how Trump clearly isn’t a billionaire and never was one. What kind of billionaire borrows money f...
  • James
    Those who don't like Donald Trump will read this and it will confirm what they already know about how "The Donald" has skirted bankruptcies, spun bad press, and boasted about false claims to the point where they almost become reality.Those who do like Donald Trump will likely not read this, though they should.Filled with many quotes directly from Trump himself, this book shows just how much of a blowhard he really is. It shows how he borrowed mon...
  • David
    Great and funny bio of "The Donald" up to ~2005. But now that he's been president of the US for about 1 1/2's not that funny anymore. But the book does show that the Trump we have now in the oval office is the same as he's always been.There's a brief section which mentions P.T. Barnum, the showman, charlatan, and self-promoter. Trump was built from the exact same mold. O'Brien points out that Barnum didn't actually say "there's a sucke...
  • Drew
    A quick and easy read which gives a glimpse at the man who would become the 45th POTUS. The book feels very "surface level," but that treatment ultimately seems appropriate given the apparent lack of depth to Donald Trump's guiding philosophies.The revised introduction which includes references to the 2016 presidential campaign is a welcomed addition. It sets the tone for the rest of the book, and keeps the story from feeling trivial or dated. As...
  • Kevin Larsen
    An interesting read. Written about 2005, there is a 2016 edition with a new introduction. The book is written as a journalist being a friend of Trump, but, of course, not taking him seriously or taking him at his word. A note about how honest the book is is that the author got sued by Trump for alleged wrong estimates of Trump's wealth. Fortunately for us, the publisher fought it in court and the book is uncensored and not redacted. Most importan...
  • Gary
    TrumpNation is a shorter version (or the Coles Notes version) of Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power. TrumpNation gives you a quick overview of how Trump business started by leverage his father's fortune but with his big bold ideas give him a quick start but how he crashes hard with a string of bankruptcies and narrowly escapes personal ruin. Then finds the simpler world of licensing his name which plays to his ...
  • Patrick Porras
    Growing up, I didn't really know anything about DJT other than he was rich and he killed it in his cameo in Little Rascals.O'Brien helped me understand the 2016 Presidential Election cycle by showing me who our POTUS has always been. He is a compelling showman. He has been a tabloid favorite since the 80s. His sentences can often simply be fact-less braggadocio, but it has never stopped news outlets and entertainment heads from eating it up, only...
  • Connie Burchfield
    A thorough view of the development of business holdings of Donald Trump including price paid for each and every property and what it was later bought for if sold ( a rarity) personalities of those he bought from and most importantly who he borrowed from. The author was successful in portraying a man who always came out on top no matter how large the financial failure. When told about the collapse of his casinos, he reported it to represent only o...
  • Terrell
    Trump is a Conman!!!The book should be required reading before you are allowed to vote if Trump or any fool who supports him is on the ballot. Trump, as President, is raping, pillaging and fleecing America just as he has done his entire crooked life in everything he touches. A must read for every concerned citizens who gives a damn about America's existence.
  • Tracy Dougherty
    The write obviously doesn't like DJT. He spends a lot of time chronicling the Apprentice show but doesn't give any behind the scenes info. He writes a lot about who DJT knows or has been associated with but there are no stories. It's redundant and light on substance. I could have googled the majority of this info and pieced the same story together.
  • William Clark
    The book actually fore shadows Donald Trump 's behavior over the past two years. He is quite a character and con artist. Those with low intellectual stability were destined to become his prey. This book gives you a real good view of a real carnival barker in action. The writer is to be commended for this enlightening inside look at a true scam artist.
  • Budd Margolis
    The more I read the less I believe how someone so utterly incompetent and at takes criminal could possibly be the leader of the USA. But the state of Politics has permitted an accidental President and having additional insight helps in understanding why the man simply can not utter a truthful statement.
  • George L. Reading
    Good ReadThis book is well written and has great readability. So very interesting insights into the huckster that is Donald Trump.The author gives Trump credit where credit is due and tells it like it is elucidating Trumps many flows and shortcomings..He does, infact, expose Trump for the truly flowed individual that he truly is.
  • Kaloyan Tzvetkov
    I found it interesting that this book seems fresh and up to date even-though it was written more than a decade ago. It's funny and entertaining, and it is ridiculous how much insight it has about Trump that early. All of the takeaways are being confirmed and re-confirmed nowadays before the world's eyes.
  • Arleen
    I was hoping to find one redeeming quality about the president from reading this book, but I was wrong. The book emphasized his failed business deals and how he exaggerates everything to make himself look good.
  • Khris Sellin
    I thought this was (disappointingly for me ;-) ) a very fair assessment of who Trump is.
  • Terri Vlasak
    A bit of historical background of the huckster compiled by NYTimes journalist.
  • lynn
    An insightful analysis of what drives Donald Trump, written by someone who has spent a lot of time with him. Not the first book he has written about the Donald.