Jesus Under Fire by Michael J. Wilkins

Jesus Under Fire

Who is Jesus? What did he do? What did he say? -Are the traditional answer to these questions still to be trusted? - Did the early church and tradition "Christianize" Jesus? - Was Christianity built on clever conceptions of the church, or on the character and actions of an actual person? These and similar questions have come under scrutiny by a forum of biblical scholars called the Jesus Seminar. Their conclusions have been widely publicized in m...

Details Jesus Under Fire

TitleJesus Under Fire
Release DateJul 5th, 1996
PublisherZondervan Academic
GenreHistory, Religion, Theology, Christian, Christianity

Reviews Jesus Under Fire

  • Glory
    A great, great, great book on the questions raised by the Jesus Seminar and others on whether the traditional view of Jesus coincides with the historical evidence. The chapters cover the common questions and are answered by known scholars in the field. The style is easy to read for the layman, yet comprehensive enough (by its pages of footnotes) for someone who wishes to search further.
  • Resposito
    Faith shall not be proven in argument. Well...this book puts that idea to rest!
  • Jenna Leigh
    Very good book. Well thought out and systematic. Each chapter is written by a different expert, and it covers many topics, including the flaws in the Jesus Seminar's claims and methods, and their attempt to mesh Gnosticism and true Christianity into a pseudo Christianity that there is no evidence for having existed. 5 out of 5 stars!
  • Amy
    book I read in "life of Jesus" class in college.
  • Jeffrey Backlin
    A brief overview of historical questions about Jesus studies. Helpful but brief.
  • Rae
    After reading a few books by Jesus Seminar authors, it was refreshing to find a challenge to their material.