Destiny by Alisa Kwitney


Everything that has happened -- or ever will happen -- can be found in the Book of Destiny, brother to the Sandman. The information contained on even a single page would be priceless, if mortals ever and the chance to see it. Now, at the beginning of the third millennium, an enigmatic stranger offers salvation to a lonely young woman in a plague-ravaged community when he announces that he has a page form the Book of Destiny which holds the secret...

Details Destiny

Release DateMar 1st, 2000
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Fiction

Reviews Destiny

  • PurplyCookie
    "I see the end in every beginning. I hear the last word echo in the first. I do not desire, or dream, or destroy. I do not despair, or delight. I know."There are people who create wonders with Gaiman's world and his creations in the Sandman universe (Bill Willingham and Caitlin Kiernan come quickly to mind). Alisa Kwitney, a former editor at Vertigo attempts to tell the story of our near-future where the bubonic plague has struck and killed off m...
  • 47Time
    The story is too complex for my taste, but I supposed others can find the mystery and interconnected nature of the stories enjoyable. The artwork isn't very consistent, give that several artists were involved, but I can't say it was bad. All in all, a good book, but without a definite conclusion.The world is plunged in a plague. The remaining people are reticent when it comes to strangers and live isolated lives. So when a stranger who calls hims...
  • Maggie Gordon
    Ohh... a graphic novel featuring Destiny of the Endless! How exciting given how little attention he tends to receive. In this companion work, pages of Destiny's book have been stolen, the thief becomes pestilence, and stuff happens? Readers are told stories about different eras of the plague which is neat, but the narrative is a mite unclear. There is the potential for a great story in this book, but I feel like it needed stronger editing and mor...
  • Luciana Darce
    Destino: Crônica de Mortes Anunciadas (e não é coincidência que o título leve a obra de Gabriel Garcia Márquez...) destoa um pouco dos títulos que já li da coleção Sandman Apresenta, porque não tem uma conexão imediata com Sonho ou o Sonhar. Em vez disso, o protagonista – se é que assim podemos dizer – é seu irmão mais velho, Destino.No mundo de Sandman nós temos sete irmãos que são representações antropomórficas de deter...
  • Hannah Givens
    I liked it, and it was a great creepy choice for Halloween with a lot of striking moments, but in the end it didn't really go anywhere.
  • Janet Jay
    3 stars for sandman, 4 for everything probably. It was an interesting story but felt a little too much like In Hell, & destiny could have been fleshed out better as a character
  • Aimee
    So, I need to read more graphic novels. This was an interesting and random selection; I now need another lifetime to explore the richness here as well. . .
  • Matt Sautman
    An Endless story of plague, apocalypse, and determinism- Destiny: A Chronicle of Deaths Foretold is part historical fiction and part speculative fiction. The apocalyptical date given for the 4th great plague has come and gone, and thankfully we are all still here, but that does not take away from Alisa Kwitney's narrative. It may not hold up as strongly as the core members of the Sandman Series by Gaiman, yet held against itself, the work certain...
  • Amber Ditullio
    I love almost anything written in the Sandman world as created by Neil Gaiman. And this is no exception. While it isn't quite as good as the actual Sandman series or Jill Thompson's Little Endless, it is an enjoyable read. The artwork is a bit more surreal than I generally enjoy, but considering the story takes place, in the main, in a post-apocalyptic plague world, it does fit the story very well. I enjoyed watching John Ryder travel through the...
  • Kivilcim
    The plot line is one of those which could have been improved to create a great work of art,like Sanman.But the authors obsession with plagues makes it kind of boring.If you have nothing else to do,you could read it as a pass time activity but,No I don't believe it requires more of this.
  • Steven
    Scary, hypochondriac inducing, blend of fact, fiction, predestination and plague. Ebola must be really freaking Alisa out.
  • Mark Kenneth
    A Marvelous literary feat with splendid visual rendering only true blooded artists can do.
  • Justin
    Beautiful and haunting.
  • Kathryn
    I loved the art, would give it 4 or 5 stars. Very beautiful. And some of the stories were interesting (2 out of 3 at least), but the ending was awful and confusing.
  • Bridgett
    Unusual format of a story and I'm not sure I quite understood the ending, but I very much liked it.
  • WM13
    2 and 1/2
  • Brian
    Felt like a sandman book to me.
  • Amanda
    The structure of the book was lovely and the art lovelier. A perfect off-shoot from the Sandman series.
  • Sara Forsberg
    Sandman spin-off. I liked this story, but I've always been fascinated by the plagues of the old world... It's haunting and tragic but also has a lot of heart.
  • Cassidy Queerface
    Meh. It was terribly interesting for many portions of it, but they didn't really explain things that were very necessary to the story.
  • Paul Cloud
    Not quite up to par with The Sandman but I'm glad to have another piece of the epic. And it was good for what it was. A bit distressing but a great ending.
  • Michelle Morrell
    A page stolen from Destiny's book is the catalyst for these four tales of plague. Interesting story of the eldest of The Endless, the ultimate observer.