The Burden by Mary Westmacott

The Burden

Agatha Christie's 6 forgotten psychological romance novels are now being published under her own name for the first time - Mary Westmacott. Laura resented the arrival of baby Shirley, but her emotions towards her sister change dramatically one night.

Details The Burden

TitleThe Burden
Release DateApr 15th, 1997
GenreFiction, Mystery, Romance, Drama

Reviews The Burden

  • Moonlight Reader
    The Burden is the first of the books written by Agatha Christie under her Mary Westmacott nom de plume that I've read, although it was the last one published. It was published in 1956, the same year she published Hickory Dickory Dock and Dead Man's Folly.This is a very strange little book centered around Laura, the least-loved child in her family. Very early in the book, she has a younger, favored, brother who dies, and Laura hopes that her situa...
  • Carol She's So Novel꧁꧂
    This has been sitting half finished on my e reader for a while, so I'm accepting that I may just not finish this (bizarrely, since I've had the e reader I've been finishing all sorts of dreck that I would have tossed aside if they had been in paperback form)This book starts of as bleak & sinister, then turns into dull & mundane. Just couldn't work up the interest to keep reading & see if it goes back into sinister.
  • Disha Acharya
    Since I was introduced to the wonderful world of Mary Westmacott by my Best Friend, I have always enjoyed reading her books, which of course made me, determined and want to read all six of her works. What is extremely delightful is the fact that a writer who wrote such intelligent and thrilling crime novels could also write such lovely books on human relationships. Everyone usually talks about how amazing a writer Agatha Christie was and that she...
  • Andy
    Agatha Christies große Menschenkenntnis erkennt man an der Gestaltung der Charaktere.Schon der Prolog hatte es in sich. Mir gefällt die kompakte, nüchterne Art, wie alle beschrieben werden. Sie ist in ihrer Art zu schreiben ehrlich, unerbittlich und recht konsequent. In "Spätes Glück" fühlt man die komprimierte Essenz dessen, was man sonst in ihren Krimis recht ausschweifend zu lesen bekommt. Trotzdem bleibt Raum für Gedanken.
  • Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws
    The Burden deals with a really dark plot revolving around the bond of sisters. The book had me engrossed from the beginning till the end. The characters were so well drawn up that I had no trouble believing in them, flaws and all! They were real to me throughout the book.
  • Vikas Singh
    In this novel Agatha Christie, writing under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott looks at the complex relationship between two sisters. In many ways it is a psychological analysis of behavior and motivation of two protagonists- A doting but over bearing elder sister and her much younger care free sister. The end is quite un orthodox and you are left wondering if finally justice is delivered. Brilliant read.
  • Paloma
    Sob o pseudônimo de Mary Westmacott, a dama do crime Agatha Christie conta a história de Laura, uma menina que está cheia de ciúmes com a chegada de sua irmã mais nova Shirley que é amada por toda a família. Laura fica tão ressentida que chega a desejar a morte da própria irmã. Fugindo um pouco das suas histórias de crimes usuais, Agatha Christie desenvolve mais o lado psicológico dos personagens e faz várias reflexões sobre a vida....
  • Ria
    A fascinating tale of how love can go wrong, how it can turn inwards on itself to the point of obsession.Laura always wanted to be the child most beloved but it was always Charles, when he sadly died Laura thought now was her chance to shine and be her parents all but it was not to be as her little sister Shirley was on the way.At first Laura hated her with a passion believing her to the usurper of her parents "new found love" for her due to Char...
  • Cassia Watakabe
    Laura since childhood thought her opinions are absolute but in reality she only has a vision of the world and life is limited. Her love for her parents demand reciprocal excluvity but love for her sister becomes consistent and also unpredictable that come astonishing. A book with hard familiar realities and a bit of romantic mysticism that pleased me.
  • Anne Truong
    My goodness.Maybe it's just my distaste for romance, but this has got to be the most boring book I've ever read. I don't know, a lot of my recent reads have been adventure novels and philosophical novels with spritzes of romance within them and I enjoyed those a lot, so I thought I'd give this one a go. Considering how much I love Agatha Christie (Hercule Poirot has been a great hero of mine in high school), I thought it would be at the least bit...
  • Sinduja Ragunathan
    The burden turned out to be significant in ways more than one. For one, after a long time, longer than I can remember, I finished a story of 200 pages in just two days. With all due respect to my reading speed, it would suffice to say that few stories have gripped my imagination and held my interest the way this one did. Secondly, it was on a theme that means something to me: the bond between sisters. Without getting into a personal rant, I would...
  • Stephanie Stennett
    I'm giving this three stars as an average over the whole book. First 56 pages FIVE STARS. Thought I might have found a new fav. Next 70, pretty good 3 stars. Interesting sister plot line, though I was much more sympathetic to laura than Shirley. Last 80? One star. All this metaphysical god-stuff. Shirley is even less interesting. Laura Doesn't reappear until very end, when .......SPOILER HERE.......she's "saved" by this god-guy. She falls for him...
  • Bruce
    This is my favorite Westmacott novel so far. The craftsmanship of the writing and plot are not as polished as Absent in Spring, which I deem her best, but it possesses certain elements which bring it close to my heart. The story dramatizes the nature of romantic love, and also offers insight about teaching as a vocation. It has some elements of a third-rate romance novel and the plotting is rather clunky, but Westmacott's (i.e., Agatha Christie's...
  • Ira Patra
    Agatha Christie has done a deep interrogation of human nature and the result is as fascinating as her crime fiction. She explores 'how much love is too much', 'how much should one interfere to steer the loved ones back to the right path' , 'and right from whose perspective?' in this beautifully written novel about 2 sisters.
  • Kusum Manjeshri
    Excellent work
  • Milena Živković
    Örülök, hogy nem ez a regény volt életem legelső Agatha Christie „élménye”, különben soha többet nem vettem volna a kezembe egy munkáját sem. A krimijei bámulatosak és megemelem a kalapomat a zsenije előtt, azonban Az élet súlya c. műve enyhén szólva lapos volt. A fülszöveg sikeresen felkeltette az érdeklődésem és mivel szeretem az írónő fejéből kipattant rejtélyeket, szerencsét próbáltam ezzel a könyvvel ...
  • Dorottya
    3.5This book started out quite strong and good for me. In a style, with themes I am really drawn to: human fates, psychology, depicting dysfunctional families, emotions, personal relationships... and I really enjoyed the novel up to 2/3 of it. I loved the parts about Laura's childhood and her trying to realize the world around her, how to handle the fact that her parents clearly love her belated brother more, how to handle the birth of a new sibl...
  • dazed-and-distracted
    This is my third Mary Westmacott novel (I've already read Absent In The Spring and Giant's Bread both of which I would recommend over this one) and sadly I have to say that if this had been my first encounter with Agatha Christie's psychological novels than I possibly wouldn't have bothered with reading any of the other five.First of all: the synopsis for this book lies. If you are interested in the story about two sisters then it's better if you...
  • Orsi
    This is the first Agatha Christie novel I have read that has nothing to do with crimes. Probably the last as well. The author's mystery novels are fantastic pieces of work and I enjoy them immensely, however she really sucked at romance. I'm glad my first experience regarding Agatha Christie had not been this book, otherwise I would have never bothered with her again. The Burden tells the story of two sisters and to be honest it was a particularl...
  • Liedzeit
    A romance by the Queen of Mystery. Only it is not so much a love story as a crime story without the crime. Or rather, with a crime, although it happens at the end and the murderess marries the good Guy.Laura Franklin is a poor second child. Parents love only the older brother. Then brother dies. Along comes new baby sister. Parents love new baby. Laura wants to kill the little one but instead saves it from death in flames. Then parents die. She b...
  • Gowri N.
    I've been re-reading Christie's Mary Westmacott books this past year and The Burden has come out as one of my least favourites. This is a book that begins amazingly well with a premise that evokes a horrified fascination - the unwanted middle child who hopes to get attention when her popular older sibling dies but is shocked when a new baby arrives instead. How things play out between the two siblings forms the rest of the story.Where it goes hay...
  • Ferne
    It was difficult to close the cover of this novel knowing that I had now finished reading the six (6) romances that Agatha Christie had published using the pseudonym of Mary Westmacott. I have always been a fan of Agatha Christie's mysteries and had only learned this winter of the romance titles. I couldn't wait to read each one! Each story was unique and yet true to the writing we anticipate with thoughtful expressions from the characters, humor...
  • Holger Haase
    Used to love the Agatha Christie mysteries but feel they often haven't aged all that well. The most fascinating thing about this particular novel was how she managed to create a series of characters that are all utterly unhappy in their own peculiar ways. Touched upon human traits that were not always that well developed in her mysteries and is surprisingly "adult" (in the traditional sense of the word). It's far from being perfect but it is fasc...
    I didn't know that our LOVE could also be a burden on others,till i read this book. Agatha you are not a fabulous thriller writer but also a great romantic author. The BURDEN is a simple but a heavy book as the name suggests. Everyone has to pay.............. Laura as the second child,hates her brother Charles who is the first born and is loved by all due to his charm and mischief. Whereas Laura is a silent and introvert type. She was happy when ...
  • Gribouille Lechat
    Je ne sais pas trop quoi en penser de cette lecture.La plume de l'auteur était très agréable, bien sûr, puisqu'il s'agit d'Agatha Christie, mais l'histoire n'était pas follement passionnante.La première partie était très prometteuse, mais ensuite, je me suis un peu ennuyée.Et puis les deux personnages principaux ne m'ont pas accrochée. Je n'ai pas éprouvée de sympathie pour elles.En fait, j'ai trouvé que seuls les personnages masculi...
  • Brian's Bookshelves
    A book of two halves. In the first half we see two sisters and the older sister struggles to cope with a new sister taking her parents affection Then an event means that the sisters are drawn together and a burden of love is placed over the oldest. Then the second half jumps character and time and place. We follow a male character with a past. This section becomes a lot more philosophical and has scenes where characters debate religion and good a...
  • Andrew Orange
    This book is a polemic with "Till We Have Faces" by C.S. Lewis. books were published in 1956.Agatha Christie defends the position of the stoics. Strong emotions are harmful, love and compassion are hypocrisy and selfishness, everyone should go his own way and not interfere in the fate of other people, etc.I don't agree with this.
  • Kanika
    I am reading Mary Westmacott for the first time. the first half of the book was exciting but some part it was difficult to connect as I gradually came to the end it made sense. The book was a nice read. Tells a lot about human nature and quite heart touching. I liked the character of the Laura. It's a good weekend read.
  • Ananth Singeetham
    I am not sure what was the point of this book. The first 2 parts were good. But the third last part was painfully dragging and uttrerly boring. Meh.