Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 01 (Hunter x Hunter, #1) by Yoshihiro Togashi

Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 01 (Hunter x Hunter, #1)

Hunter × Hunter is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. Hunter × Hunter has been a huge critical and financial success and has become one of Shueisha's best-selling manga series, having sold 66 million copies (26th best selling manga of all times).Hunter x Hunter is set in a world where Hunters exist to perform all manner of dangerous tasks like capturing criminals and bravely searching for lost treasures in unc...

Details Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 01 (Hunter x Hunter, #1)

TitleHunter x Hunter, Vol. 01 (Hunter x Hunter, #1)
Release DateApr 5th, 2005
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Comics, Graphic Novels, Adventure

Reviews Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 01 (Hunter x Hunter, #1)

  • Nicole
    Number of volumes: 33Number of chapters: 360Status: on-going/currently on damn hiatus.Rating of the whole manga: all the stars in the world. ∞The anime is actually my favorite. After watching it about 3 times (twice 1999 and once 2011, however, I watched some episodes of the latter multiple times), I decided to read the manga. Hunter x Hunter is my favorite thing in the world. Hunter x Hunter tells the adventures of four young friends: Gon, Kil...
  • Tariq Alferis
    .قَد لَمَعَت عَيناه ،بالعَزمِ انتفَضَت يُمنَاه ،فِي هُدُوءِ اللَيْل ..مَن هُو الصَّامِدُ المُغامِر ،فِي وجهِ السَّيل ..يُبعِدُ عَن عينَيهِ الرَّاحة ،يَتَحَدَّى خَصمًا في السَّاحة ..يَرمِي و يُصِيبُ الأهْدَاف ،يَسعى دَومًا لتحقيقِ الإنصافْ هكذا ت...
  • Bilal Taibzada
    I said I'm gonna write a long review no matter what and even though nobody writes long reviews for manga (except for some people who only read manga)I've already watched the first anime and am currently on episode 128 of the 2011 animebut the book had this cool effect in it and the art style was out of this world(I don't know how you guys write long reviews but this sure is boring)Gon a 12 year old(i guess)meets kite who saves him from that bear ...
  • Artemy
    Hunter x Hunter is yet another popular shonen manga, generally similar to stuff like Dragon Ball, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, My Hero Academia, etc. This one is about a fictional fantasy world where hunter is one of the most prestigious and well-paid jobs, so everybody wants to be one but very few people are actually qualified, since you have to go through a series of very tough and rigorous tests to get certified. It’s also worth mentioning t...
  • Osvaldo
    Este manga lo encontré por primera vez como una serie de anime que capte por pura casualidad en la tele un fin de semana que no tenía nada que hacer y bueno, quede enamorado al instante es para mí uno de los mejores mangas que existen a la fecha.Muy recomendado.
  • Yomna Suwaïdan
    As a Japanese manga and by Yoshihiro Togashi I can say without any doubt : " It is magnificent " ...It is all about deciding to go towards an aim .. just challenging ourselves and who are against us .. Our positive energy , thinking and the strong stamina is the most vital of them to take us there ... where we dream to be .. The world is full of troubles and the hunter is the one who aims at overcoming them .. To know the real fact about someone ...
  • Ilias
    Listen to my warning and listen well! If you so choose to read this manga, read it well past the first couple of volumes and don't give up. Because the first volumes make the entire series as a whole seem bland and childish, but as the manga progresses you will be richly rewarded.Besides the slow start. Hunter x Hunter is simply amazing. And may I add when you are at chapter 62 that you SHOULD watch episode 36 of the 2011 Hunter x Hunter anime. T...
  • pinkgal
    I would say, even better than Yu Yu Hakusho, though I love that one to pieces. All the characters, all the trademark jokes, all the personalities. One thing this mangaka should be famous for is the creation of multi-faceted characters who are just hilarious both when they're killing you and when they're digging a hole to sleep in for three days. The cast of characters alone will have you fits of laughter. My favorite characters are, oddly, Leorio...
  • Maria
    How is it possible for characters to grow on me this much after just one volume? (Leorio!!! best boy) Such interesting, unique personalities, great character design, especially Hisoka. Speaking of which, now I kinda understand why everyone’s so obsessed with him. So far, he’s my favorite. ♥🃏♠The plot kinda reminds me of My Hero Academia but with far less noble intentions on the characters’ part, which makes it all the more real. Dial...
  • Jordan Stephens
    This manga does everything a shounen manga should do. When I think of the perfect manga, I think of Hunter X Hunter. This review is about the series as a whole.The fights are amazing. Each hunter has their own ability and fighting style. The main characters use their wits and their own unique style to win. I liked Dragon Ball Z as much as the next kid growing up, but each characters strength is determined by their power level, and that's about it...
  • jerica
    Rating:Art: 5/5 Story: 5/5My rating scale for this--and all subsequent volumes--will be based on story and art. I caught an episode of the 2011 anime on Animax and I realized, hey, I never knew what happened after the Zoaldyck arc (back when it was on GMA). I was also in the mood to read something gory, so I decided to read the manga. Gon Freecss, 11 going on 12, is off to take the prestigious Hunter exam above the objections of his adoptive moth...
  • (Jean) Owen Kerr
    Hunters are specially trained workers who's fields range from gourmet hunters to assassins. All Hunters must take the deadly and excruciating Hunter Exam, planned out by determined task makers, to receive their Hunters license. Gon is a nature loving boy who wants to become a Hunter to gain access to all restricted areas to search for his missing father. The story is narrated to make Gon’s test the main story storyline. When Gon leaves to final...
  • VGA
    Actual rating: 4.5 starsYES. I finally started to read the manga. I'm a HUGE fan of the anime, and this is amazing!!!!!! Why 4.5 stars, you might ask. Why not 5? Well, the art. Because of how BEAUTIFUL the anime was,I guess I was just expecting. But if nothing I say will make you read this, just do it for Killua. Just. For. Killua.You will not regret it.*melts into a puddle*(I can't post pictures of my lovely on the Kindle version, so just search...
  • Monse
    Pueden haber comics mejores en historia, personajes, dibujos pero Hunter x Hunter es de los primeros que me hicieron querer tanto el anime/manga y todo lo que refiere a Japón. Por eso le doy 4 estrellas. El arco de los exámenes de cazador es considerado uno de los más infatiles pero a mi me divierte mucho y me pone nostálgica. Por eso es que se merece la nota que le pongo, me hizo muy feliz leerlo. Gon es el típico personaje de shounen, pero...
  • Koichi Mashita
    I know this manga, but I have never read in manga because I only watch anime on tv. However my friend recommended me that you must read this manga. I began to read manga. I have already known the content of this manga. I found it interesting for me to read this manga. This story is about hunters. In this world, it is situated high position of job. This main character is also tried to be a hunter. I am looking forward to reading next volume as soo...
  • Nguyên Nguyên
    Phân trươc thi ok ma kê tư phân đi vao tân thê giơi dai dong qua uhu :"(( đoc buôn ngu muôn xiu. con ko co Gon vơi Killua nưa :(( Phần trước thì ok mà kể từ phần đi vào tân thế giới dài dòng quá uhu :"(( đọc buồn ngủ muốn xỉu. còn ko có Gon với Killua nữa :((
  • Elrond
    Un manga fantasy passionnant qui donne vraiment envie de voir Gon devenir un Hunter ! 😍
  • Kentaro
    This is a first book of hunter x hunter. There are unique characters even first volume. My best character is Hisoka. Actually, he is an antagonist but, this author make the character very cool even he is villain.
  • Yuya
    I have already read this manga as a Japanese version. When I read this manga at first time, I thought this is complicated and dislike the picture.However, This story is great! At the beginning of this manga, main character, Gon will be Hunter in spite of difficulties. Gon is very funny and he is bright person. Kurapika is cool and genius. Reorio is stupid. Like this everyone has different personalities. So I like seeing this three person. I'll co...
  • Yasiru (reviews will soon be removed and linked to blog)
    To be perfectly honest, I should take off a star for the fluctuating quality of the artwork, but this is such an imaginative and well-balanced series that I can't bring myself to. Though this was a Yoshishiro Togashi series, for whatever reason I dared to be sceptical and stayed away for the longest time, but was glad to be proven wrong with strong characterisation across the board from the protagonists to the villains, an intriguing and flexible...
  • Riam Alameri
    قد لمعت عيناه بالعزم انتفضت يُمناه في هدوء الليل الانمي الأفضل الذي تابعتهُ في سنة ٢٠٠٤ ومازلتُ أتابعه لأسباب كثيرة أولها ابتكار في رسوم الشخصيات ابتكار القصة ابتكار لغة خاصة بها يُدخلك توغاشي الى عالم Hunter x Hunter الذي لا رجعة منه المانغا افضل بكثير ...
  • Tyler
    Probably the best manga of all time. Don't believe me? Read it for yourself.
  • Yuka Kaku
    This manga was exciting for me. Because reading this manga, I can understand and feel it that to get hunter license is too difficult for characters and us. But Gon, Killua, Curapika and Leorio overcome difficulties to get hunter license.I was excited by this part.
  • Gavin Abdollahi
    So, let's talk about Hunter X Hunter.Wait, do you mean the one that's all kiddy and has a twelve year old hunting monsters?Umm... I'm talking about the one that's one of the greatest, and most violent, anime/manga I've read/seen so far.What is Hunter X Hunter, you ask?It's a Japanese manga that was adapted into two anime series. (If I were you, I'd watched the latest one)HxH follows Gon, a young boy who so far hasn't even reached 13, on his quest...
  • Fahri Rasihan
    Mulai membaca ulang kembali komik Hunter x Hunter karena mulai beli lagi komiknya. Selalu suka dengan kisah awal perjuangan Gon, Killua, Kurapika, dan Leorio untuk menjadi seoarang Hunter.
  • Selena
    Over-the-top. That's what makes it fun.A friend recommended this to me, saying it was a "deconstruction." Now, I've encountered deconstructions in the past *looks at Madoka and sighs* so I was a little hesitant to pick this one up. My friend swore it was really, really good, and so I decided to give it a try.For those unaware of what deconstructed means, it's basically "take the most basic tropes, cliches, and conventions of a genre and play them...
  • Elisabeth
    Let me just say that this is my absolute favorite series of all entertainment. The first volume is fantastic on its own - the Hunter Exam arc is exciting - but like many people say, the best story arcs are York New City and Chimera Ant. Togashi has a history of random hiatuses and that makes for some very awkward pacing at times, but Hunter x Hunter is a work that you just can't help forgiving things like that. From Gon and Killua's relationship ...
  • Hannah
    Wow, wasn't this a surprising delight! I have heard many good things about Hunter x Hunter, but I never thought I would enjoy it quite as much as this. I generally find shounen manga lacking because not every mangaka is skilled at drawing action scenes to their full effect and most shounen manga is 80% action, but Togashi Yoshihiro manages to combine just the right amount of great plot with action and interesting characters, so that it doesn't re...
  • Tilly
    4.5 of 5 starsI am removing a half star because the beginning was a little bit rushed in my opinion. I would have liked to get to know Gon a bit more before the whole adventure started. But nevertheless the world and its characters are great so far and the whole idea with the hunters is very interesting. I am also already intrigued by Hisoka, I have to admit that I am often a fan of psychopathic fictional characters, especially in the Manga/Anime...