It Takes Balls by Josh Wolf

It Takes Balls

Josh Wolf--one of the stars and writers of Chelsea Lately and After Lately--delivers a hilarious collection of essays that reminds us all what it takes to conquer fatherhood without sacrificing manhood. Struggling to make it as a stand-up comic didn't always fit with being a single parent. But Josh figured out his own set of rules--through trial and (frequent) error. Early picking up kids from school? The nearby strip club is a great place to kil...

Details It Takes Balls

TitleIt Takes Balls
Release DateMar 19th, 2013
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreHumor, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography, Comedy

Reviews It Takes Balls

  • Theresa
    I love listening to memoirs like this, especially when they're narrated by the author and especially when that author is a comedian I love. This book made me laugh out loud more than once, and it was so easy to listen to!I found Josh Wolf through Chelsea Lately, one of my favorite shows. He was frequently one of the comedians featured on the round table, and his banter on twitter is well worth the follow. He did not disappoint in this book. He ta...
  • Naomi
    Read my full review: opinion: OK, before I start this review, I have to admit something. I have been a HUGE Josh Wolf fan for years. I compare his "Vodsicle" routine to Bill Cosby's "I brought you into this world...I can take you out" routine. I had been stalking to see if Josh Wolf was going to write a book of his own instead of chapters in Chelsea Handler books. The second I saw this on Netgalley, it was requested!On that...
  • Jonathan Maas
    Quite possibly the most hilarious book ever written, Josh Wolf's It Takes Balls: Single Moms, Strip Clubs, and Other Confessions from an Unprepared Dad starts with an unbeatable premise:A recently divorced father of three with absolutely no money wants to find a way to start living again.Though the protagonist has life stacked against him from all directions, you can't stop reading. Josh writes with ADHD, but it works for the narrative. He's goin...
  • Missy Michaels
    Let me start by saying that I had never heard of Josh Wolf but the cover caught my eye. The subtitle made me go for it. I enjoyed this book and there were so many parts where I laughed so hard.Just to give fair warning because tastes can be so different, this book is super funny but it is profanity laced.I dealt with that even though I don't really relate to it since I can talk for literally an entire calendar year without swearing. But I dealt w...
  • Michael Smith
    Let me tell you I watch the Chelsea Lately show quite a bit, and I have enjoyed Chelsea Handler's books as well. But this one right her, from Josh Wolf takes the cake, in a major way. for any single dad that has gone through some of the things that he talks about in this book, or even if you are not a parent at all, but have gone through or done some of these same things, it is truly hilarious. this book made me want to stop everything I was doin...
  • Jo Ann
    This is seriously laugh out loud funny! He takes anecdotes from his life, uses great story-telling to describe these crazy events, and then makes keen observations about what happened and/or could be learned. Stories have a lot of heart for his kids, I especially liked "Your Son Is Not Derek Jeter", about coaching his son's international baseball team, hysterically funny and also moving. Great to read the male perspective on dating & parenting, s...
  • Heather Finley
    I got to see Josh Wolf perform when I bought this book and it was one of the funniest comedy nights I've been to. He is so funny plus being the last show in Portland, late night, on 4-20...things got weird. Real weird in the best possible way. The book is funny and a nice quick read. It was a lot of kid stories which considering I only have a cat, I didn't find as funny as parents probably would but I still enjoyed it.
  • Molly Carr
    I read this book a few days after I saw Josh Wolf live. If you get a chance to see him you should go, because he is hilarious! His book was entertaining and it made me laugh out loud, even on the train. However, it was a bit scattered, and I felt like it ended abruptly.
  • Yvette Aguirre
    This is hilarious! You'll definitely be LOL! His stories are relatable easy reads that you won't want to put down.
  • Lori Mills
    Hilarious. Cried from laughing so hard.
  • Mary
    Haha so funny. Just a guy telling his stories. Funny funny book. I went out to dinner by myself and laughing out loud, clearly having more fun than anyone else in the restaurant. Also passed on the book tip to two curious waiters
  • Alexandria Rose
    I really enjoyed this book. I listened to the audiobook version to hear Josh tell me the stories himself and it was well worth it! He had me laughing the whole time.
  • Elizabeth Simpson
    This book was literally laugh out loud funny! There were a couple of stories I read that had me laughing with strangers giving me odd looks.
  • Carrie Stine
    This book made me laugh out loud. Loved it.
  • Candice Trainor
    The author co-hosts one of my favorite podcasts and often promotes his book. I'm glad I listened to the audiobook. Josh Wolf's laugh and manner of speaking adds to the hilarity of his stories.
  • Sara Goldenberg
    I just adore Josh Wolf. I think I read this book before but it's worth reading a 2nd time. So funny!
  • Dan Lovato
    Easily one of the funniest books I have ever read. I know there are a ton of "Single Mom" books out there...but not too many under "Single Dad"...Very well written... and reminds me of....well... me. Except Josh Wolf is way more funny... and appears to have taken a lot of lifes downfalls with a grain of salt.
  • Rebecca
    When I read the first paragraph of this book I was wondering what I got myself into. It starts out with Wolf talking about getting laid and how single moms are basically demons in the sack. Actually, sex is a recurring theme in this memoir. It's about surviving being a single dad, not about parenting. Which is good, because I don't have any kids and I don't want parenting advice. I do want a book that will make me laugh, so this was just the tick...
  • Kurt Hansen
    It's funny, and I could sort of relate. A breezy read good for a plane trip or the beach.
  • Tracy
    I have watched Josh Wolf on Chelsea Lately for awhile. When his book came out, I put it on hold at the library and suspended it. S the time went on, I didn't think I would actually read it, but one day it came off suspension, so I had to read it because I can't check a book out and not read it. I am not a fan of the title or the cover, but the book was really funny. I think you have to be a parent to find it funny though. Sometimes I felt like it...
  • Josh
    I first saw Josh Wolf on Chelsea Lately. He was on the roundtable and I found him very funny. If you like his humor and persona, then you will enjoy this book. I could actually hear his voice as I was reading this, imagining his cadence, intonation, and emotion in the stories he tells of being a single father, raising three kids, and his life now.This isn't highbrow literature or even something I will re-read in 20 years. It is enjoyable, quick, ...
  • Jenni V.
    Find all my reviews at: were two or three chapters that made me laugh out loud repeatedly, and while the rest of the book wasn't on par with those stories, it was entertaining and a quick read.While it should come as no surprise that this book is crude, use of the "f" word is minimal and he didn't use offensive slang to refer to lady parts, so the stories weren't unnecessarily crass. I don't mind langu...
  • Marya
    Truth be told I have known of this guy since I was little. He was my sisters t ball coach and one of his older brothers was one of my day camp counselors. I've had a crush on them since I was 6 or 7. Easy. The day I turned on Chelsea Lately and saw his face and name? I almost passed out. Anyway. The book and his comedy both; not all my style but the parts that are truly about his kids, wife and family? Laugh out loud funny and endearing.
  • Michel McDonald
    That was by far the funniest book I have ever read. His writing style made it very easy to read. I literally couldn't tear myself away from it. I read half of it one day and the other half the next. I get bored easily, but I wasn't bored at all. There were certain points where I was literally laughing so hard that I had to put my Nook down and take a minute or two, it was that funny. I Highly recommend this to anyone.
  • Jathan Fink
    Josh Wolf did an interview with two of my morning show DJs when his book, It Takes Balls, first debuted. I was in the studio for the interview and laughed my butt off when he recounted some of the stories from the book, so I simply had to read it. Whether you're a parent or not, you will love this laugh-out-loud book filled with countless anecdotes that every man can relate to. Be warned, once you read this book you'll never look at parenting the...
  • Chelle
    Honestly I had no idea who Josh Wolf was until the other night I was watching Shark Week and he was the host. It clicked... Hey that is the guy from the book I just got from the library. From his first line. Single moms are good in bed, I was hooked. I found myself laughing through out the whole book. Your kid is not Derek Jeter.. LOL oh wow. Glad I read the book.
  • Jessica King
    Pretty fun read. I have no idea who Josh Wolf is (I don't watch much TV), but he's a funny guy. This isn't a deep read - there is no philosophical question being answered, nor it is a looking back type memoir as he's still young enough to be in the thick of his life. It's a collection of fun stories.
  • Amma
    I've enjoyed Josh Wolf's comedy since first seeing him on Chelsea Lately (Chelsea Handler's old show). As expected, this was a quick, funny book to listen to. I highly recommend listening to books written by entertainers as listening to their stories in their voice helps gain more insight into who they really are.
  • Kristan
    I went into this book having been a fan of Josh's from Chelsea and getting to know him even more via his podcast (which everyone should be listening to and enjoying). I've had this book since the release and finally got around to reading it. It's a quick, honest, genuine, and hilarious read that will make you like the guy even more. Easy 5 stars from me!
  • Misty
    I have loved Josh Wolf since the first time I saw him on Chelsea Lately. I downloaded, read and finished this book in under 6 hours. It's a quick, easy read and hilarious from start to finish. It was refreshing to read about parenthood from a dude. This would be a great vacation read with booze in hand.And I really hope he writes another!