Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch

Conversations With God

...this paradigm shift will take great wisdom, great courage, and massive determination. For fear will strike at the heart of these concepts, and call them false. Fear will eat at the core of these magnificent truths, and render them hollow.... Yet you will not have, cannot produce, the society of which you have always dreamed unless and until you see with wisdom and clarity the ultimate truth: that what you do to others, you do to yourself; what...

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TitleConversations With God
Release DateDec 3rd, 2005
PublisherHampton Roads Publishing Company
GenreSpirituality, Nonfiction, Religion, Philosophy, Self Help

Reviews Conversations With God

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 2) (1997), Neale Donald WalschConversations with God (CwG) is a sequence of books written by Neale Donald Walsch. It was written as a dialogue in which Walsch asks questions and God answers. The first book of the Conversations with God series, Conversations with God, Book 1: An Uncommon Dialogue, was published in 1995 and became a publishing phenomenon, staying on the New York Times Best-Sellers ...
  • Fatima
    اولین کتابی بود که یه انرژی سبکی رو از کلماتش حس میکردم یکجور آرامش و حس خوب که شاید از هر کتابی به دستش نیارم . شاید از نظر خیلی ها گفت و گوی نیل دونالد والش با خدا عجیب به نظر برسه و یا حتی غیرممکن و دروغ باشه اما وقتی متن رو میخوندم واقعا حس میکردم یک ...
  • Maria Clara
    No se puede negar que estos libros te hacen pensar y reflexionar sobre el mundo. Deseando empezar el tercero y último libro.
  • Gil
    It doesn't matter whether you truly think the author conversed with God or whether he made the whole thing up (who's to say?), the spiritual insights into the everyday and commentary of what we have turned religion into are worth the read.
  • Suzy Atkin
    I can see how devoted Christians could find this book offensive as there are a few times quoted that 'following religion makes you good at obeying, not any closer to God', people might find this hard to swallow considering you have 'rules/commandments' to follow as Christians and also that there are no bad apples, just people who have different views of the world. After studying sociology the messages in this match a lot of what I learned at univ...
  • Tonkica
    Kad bi svi ljudi na svijetu... odlučili da.. E, kako bi to bilo divno mjesto, ta Zemlja naša.. Tko god da ćakula u knjizi, sviđaju mi se ideje! Neke ću prihvatiti kao svoje! ;-)
  • Steve
    Whether you believe what happened to Neale Donald Walsche or not, it is a fascinating read and puts a new, refreshing view on spirituality.
  • Farhadian Sara
    آخی این کتابه!!!!!! خیلی وقته پیش خووندمش،به نظرم هنوز جذابه!
  • Araya Pichitkul
    เปนการตอบปัญหาในระดับทีกวางกวาเลมแรก ชอบแนวคิดจิตสำนึกรวมหมู ชอบทีสอนใหหัดตังคำถามเกียวกับหลักศาสนา ทัศนะพระเจาตอการเมืองออกแนวขายฝันและปฏิบัติไดยากสักห...
  • Mεδ Rεδħα
    Humanity has finally reached the point where it will have to make choices. It can either move forward by building a future focused on peace and harmony, or remain in a world of conflict. This book gives us the tools we need to move forward, pull us out of despair and, most importantly, give us the opportunity to rise to the grandest expression of who we are.Your soul does not care what you do to make a living - and when your life is over, you wil...
  • Iona Stewart
    Like the other volumes, this is a great book.I’ll just cite or comment on a few interesting or controversial things God says.God tells us that we “have always been, are now, and always will be”. He created everything and all of us “ALL AT ONCE, and All of It exists right now”. The concept of old souls has nothing to do with these actually being “older” than others. It has to do with the level of awareness of a particular soul.We are...
  • Sharon
    The conversation continues in book two only this time God has moved on to matters on a more global scale. He details his observations on how we as a planet could unify and make the world a much better place to live with the haves and the have-nots being brought closer together.Whilst there are many themes explored that will make a lot of people scream NO in the loudest voice possible when you sit back and think on the ideas and observations made ...
  • Heidi The Hippie Reader
    Book 1 was more enjoyable than Book 2. The first one dealt with individual consciousness while this one jumped into world issues. It's much easier to shift your own world view than it is to encourage other people to do the same. At least, I think so.What I took from Conversations with God, either book really, is to find your truth and live it. Understand that there are ways to talk to yourself and others that serve you and ways that do not. But, ...
  • R.B. Aiken
    This trilogy of books was pivotal for understanding that the universe really is non-judgemental. Meaning that you truly can "Ask And You Shall Receive".i dont know weather Neale Donald Walsch was actually conversing with God, or just talking to himself. To me it doesn't matter because the insights he reveals are truly amazing! One of the best books ive read!
  • Toby
    1 “Go ahead and do what you really love to do! Do nothing else! You have so little time. How can you think of wasting a moment doing something for a living you don’t like to do? What kind of a living is that? That is not a living, that is a dying!”2 “You are making a mockery of Me. You are saying that I, God, made inherently imperfect beings, then have demanded of them to be perfect, or face damnation. You are saying then that, somewhere ...
  • Bogdan Corduneanu
    Crappy, communist, overly simplistic and a shi!!y experience to read kind of book.
  • Sonia189
    Interesting ideas, concepts.It's been around 16 years since I've read the first volume, which did mean something to me at the time.However, I feel this one was repetitive and had several contradictions, for instance (view spoiler)[at some point "God" says the 10 Commandments were not His idea but several pages later He eventually says «But remember My Commandment: don't judge.» So, what to think after all? (hide spoiler)]...It was also too focu...
  • Betty
    Book 2 picks up from book 1. This series of book (1,2,&3)will definitely shift your perspective on God...unless it don't :-)
  • Culda Daniel
    "Totul - totul - care a fost vreodata, care este acum si care va fi vreodata exista chiar acum. Si astfel, tot ceea ce este... ESTE. Dar tot ceea ce ESTE se schimba in mod constant, deoarece viata este un proces continuu de creatie."
  • Jonathan Ferrara
    ***Spolier Alert***This book was excellent. It teaches you to embrace everything good in the world. The first book in the series focused on individual consciousness, the second global consciousness. The book brings up very good points. Neale and God go back and forth discussing all of our global crisis. which really makes for an interesting read. I promise you, you won't be bored. A New World order is mentioned, as well as the poor, the hungry, a...
  • Casey
    After all these thousands years of human history, the fact is, we have barely evolved at all. We still operate in a primitive "every man for himself" mentality-/ we plunder the earth, rape her resources, exploit her people, disenfranchise those who disagree with us for doing all of this. We have developed a lifestyle that is so selfish we cannot maintain it any other way--we must cut down millions of acres of trees, we must destroy miles of our p...
  • Shikha rawal
    I hope this book chooses everyone. I hope everyone can atleast resonate with the words in this book- for they contain innate wisdom in themselves - wisdom of love and life, of God and time, of space and everything beyond, of man and woman and the relationship with all the multitude of beings on earth, of past and future, of everything being in the now- of consciousness and paradigm shift, of there nothing in the universe existing which has not ex...
  • Edith Gonzalez
    There's something about this book that really resonates with me. It's quantum physics, new age spirituality, philosophical jabber all in one. You have ti have a certain level of understanding, a feeling I would say to appreciate the genius that is this book. Walsch himself is a skeptic, he questions himself and God throughout the book. This book talks about religion, sexuality, spirituality, politics, world hunger, war, heaven. hell, theology, Hi...
  • Ann444
    If the author really believed he was talking to God why would he haggle over every little thing? This author has been caught in lies, do a search. I was really turned off when, in his second book, he told us that George H Bush was a great humanitarian. How can one converse with all that is and not be in awe?
  • Devon Pelto
    This book offers amazing perspectives and questions on life and humanity. It's just as good as book 1, but on global matter instead of personal. The examples of enlightened societies makes me want to start building community now! Who's in?!
  • Fusun Dulger charles
    We all talk with God, but Mr. Walsh, talks and gets a response. Deep but at the same time entertaining, it is a page turner.It also makes you aware of the mistakes we make about God.Different form of prayer, more direct, more humane and more realistic.Great book, that I strongly recommend.
  • Kylie Cantwell
    This book provides a different view of Christianity and God's relationship with us. It suggests the Bible and key religious texts of other faiths as guides which have been human interpretations of how to live, but takes concepts further by showing how close we can be to God.
  • Jaclynz
    This book opened my life to new possibilities and the fact that we are love. Highly recommend. In fact, i try to use a lot of this in my daily life and really feel that this book could change the world.