Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets (Captain Underpants, #2) by Dav Pilkey

Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets (Captain Underpants, #2)

George and Harold are up to their usual tricks. Last time they hypnotized Principal Krupp into believing he was Captain Underpants. Now, by mistake, they bring to life the most disgusting, life-threatening monster -- the terrible Turbo Toilet 2000. Can anyone save the school from the terrifying attack of the Talking Toilets? Watch out world, big briefs are back!

Details Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets (Captain Underpants, #2)

TitleCaptain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets (Captain Underpants, #2)
Release DateJun 16th, 2000
GenreChildrens, Humor, Fiction

Reviews Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets (Captain Underpants, #2)

  • Emily
    You know, I almost don’t want to admit it, but I enjoyed Captain Underpants. Not to the point that I feel like I need to read another one, but certainly more than I expected. George and Harold are two bright yet… precocious young men who write their own comic books about a character they call Captain Underpants. Due to some accident that occurs in the first Captain Underpants book, their principal is occasionally hypnotized to believe he is C...
  • [Shai] Bibliophage
    I enjoyed reading this second installment in this graphic novel series. I find it less funny than the first one but nevertheless, readers will still laugh with the 'potty' adventures of George, Harold and Captain Underpants.
  • Amy
    Decidedly less funny than the first Captain Underpants book. I'm not expecting high humor, here, but the kids didn't even really laugh at this one. Although they did engage in a lively debate about why toilets would even need to wear underwear. Who knows, maybe they're budding debate club members. Honestly, do our politicians even have debates much above this level?
  • Sooraya Evans
    My first Captain Underpants book and I loved it!Jokes and gags were well thought and effectively executed.The scene where the boys switched the letters from 'Come in and see our pretty armchairs' to 'Come in and see out hairy armpits' had me in stitches :) Oh, and the collection of flip-o-ramas during action sequences add wonders.
  • Jess Wilson
    Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets opens with a comic strip giving a premise of the book- telling the true story of how they hypnotized their principal. Two boys, Harold and George transform their principal into Captain Underpants whenever they snap their fingers. To stay out of trouble, the boys receive detention but instead find themselves in a world of trouble. They stumble on a super copier that breathes life into 2-D il...
  • Kristy K
    3.5 Stars
  • Kira Simion
    I know. I know. >.>Don't judge me.I read comics and go to the younger book section when I'm stressed. V-V
  • ⓢ✯ⓘ✯ⓔ✯ⓡ✯ⓡ✯ⓐ
    Captain Underpants is an amazing childrens' series. I wish I would've read them when I was little. I regret that I haven't. But now I am, and I'm having a good time! "Captain Underpants" is an enjoyable and funny read. I like the pictures too. I find it impressive that the author writes and draws. Usually childrens' authors hire illustrators, but not this one. I'm looking forward to reading more of Dav Pilke's books.
  • Kieran Cobb
    George and Harold see a sign on there way to school it says "second annual invention convention" then suddenly Mr.Krupp there principal jumps out of the bushes behind the sign and says they cant go but George and Harold are prepared they sneek into the gym and find melvin they make a deal with him that they wont mess up his invention if he says they were never here, he agrees then they sbotage all the other inventions and get to work then melvin ...
  • Capri’sBookIsland
    Lolo forgot about the fliporamas Brought back great memories and I laughed the whole time lol
  • William Dawes
    A hilarious, gross, entertaining, imaginative, wonderful middle-grade series that left me in stitches. this is one of the best book that Dav picky has every written in this life time I have to say!.
  • Quinn Gibby
    The book was funny flip o Rama is the best.
  • Nicola Mansfield
    With the second book in the series, Pilkey picks up steam and presents a totally hilarious story. Following the same formula as the first book, this one ups the fun factor with a couple of comic sections and two Flip-o-ramas. Funnily enough toilet humour is limited to the presence of toilets and there were laugh out loud moments even for me! Book one was just OK however with the second outing for Captain Underpants Pilkey doesn't hold back and we...
  • Yousra Serry
    The only way I would have rated this at least 2 stars if I had found out it was written by a kid, or at least by someone when they were 5. There are no evidence or indication about this tough so I'm sticking with a 1 star to simply say "I didn't like it" to which I'll add.. At all. Ps: This was lent to me by a 10 year old relative who knows I love reading so and she told me to read this book as she, apparently, "read it in just one day, at schoo...
  • Chase
    I read these stories With my siblings and dad; I especially like when my dad uses enthusiasm, voices and excitement when reading this book.I like that my dad can find books that we all can enjoy. I loves to read these books and I get to tell my dad and siblings about Ricky Ricotta's latest adventures. My dad he gives me a lot of newfound love of reading by making reading fun for me with stories that entertain him.
  • Billie
    Obviously, I am not the target audience for this, but it was the perfect bit of silliness for the commute home after a long day. And I have to give a lot of credit to whomever was responsible for the music and sound effects. They were done in such a way as to add to the cartoon-y feel, but not overdone so as to distract. So, great job there.
  • Stephanie Weatherly
    My boys and I finished this book last night. They really enjoyed it. They thought the part where the talking toliets ate the teachers was hilarious. I love that they already asked if we could read the next book!
  • Elizabeth
    Not really my cup of tea, but read with my son to encourage him to read more books and become a more confident reader (he has dyslexia). Amusing and silly story with lots of gimmicky things to keep the reluctant reader turning the pages.
  • Cailyn Hua
    I am in fourth grade and I am nine years old. This book is not my level but it is funny and fun to read. My favorite part of the book is when George and Harold were principal for the day.
  • Jenna Kallio
    Kaikki lapset lukemaan tempaava kirja. Hihityttävää vessahuumoria ja liik-kuvaa-kuvaa.
  • Troy Unger
    It's cool
  • Ekaterina Crawford
    Reading it to my boys (9 and 7) at bed time and they love it. We share a lot of laughs and giggles, as I master different voices for each character.
  • Joeysemo
    I love the boy who says for captian Underpants mommy, and mommy doesn't believe him.
  • Maximilian Lee
    I didn't like this book that much. I guess it was because my dad read it to me a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago. I honestly think the book was kind of boring because all it was about was making jokes and after about 10 jokes, they aren't that funny. The "exciting" >_< part was just like all superhero books : the hero saves the day by destroying the villain who has some sort of machine that destroys the world. This book was...
  • Jessica
    Captain Underpants is funny, and entertaining. I however, will not read anymore of these books simply because I don't think I will find it funny a second time around. Defitnitly intended for children in grammar school. This book is something a younger audience becomes engaged with because of its comic set up. Reading it I was able to understand why children are so interested in them. The pictures and the comic set up are very eye catchy. George ...
  • Colby
    I think it was a good book although I didn’t think about how much fake stuff was in those bookies which was my fault. The book had a lot of detail and action to the characters. My favorite part of the book was when the toilet got super big and started attacking the school with toilet paper. They defeated the toilet with a bunch of beef filled underwear. This was not my favorite book and not my worst book I like it for the most part.
  • Melissa
    This is a funny book about two kids who love to make up comic books. Their main character is captain underpants and his adventures in saving the world. This is a fun read with child humor involved and the perceptions of their days at school and the world. This is also an engaging book for the young reader who is learning to love literature.
  • 15HarrisonT
    Very good talking toilets they were romantic