Rembrandt's Ghost (Finn Ryan, #3) by Paul Christopher

Rembrandt's Ghost (Finn Ryan, #3)

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Lucifer Gospel There is truth in art. But the truth can kill. Young archaeologist Finn Ryan is laboring for a London auction house when she gets some unlikely luck. Along with the handsome young nobleman Billy Pilgrim, she's inherited a house in Amsterdam, a cargo ship off Borneo South Pacific, and what appears to be a fake Rembrandt. But the fake hides a real Rembrandt portrait, which in turn hides...

Details Rembrandt's Ghost (Finn Ryan, #3)

TitleRembrandt's Ghost (Finn Ryan, #3)
Release DateJul 3rd, 2007
PublisherA Signet Book
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Adventure, Suspense, Historical, Historical Fiction, Mystery Thriller, Womens, Crime

Reviews Rembrandt's Ghost (Finn Ryan, #3)

  • Cathy DuPont
    Read years ago...just ran across a reference and remembered it but not in a good way. Not to bother reading unless it's free and then only if there's nothing else to read and then only if you're young and have your life ahead of you. And then...well, why not write your own book instead? That would be time better spent.
  • Adi
    The book just doesn't live up to the bold title. The story was lazy and far too unrealistic. I had a feeling that Paul Christopher doesn't care much about his characters, so naturally, as a reader, I didn't care much about them either. Moreover, the main characters always seemed to escape even the most dangerous situations unharmed, while some of the secondary characters died in a very silly ways.Overall, it's a simple and leisurely read, especia...
  • Ésa
    At the moment about 88% finished on the kindle and once more, it feels as though it's only 50%. But I know the book will finish very soon and cannot help but feel disappointed once more already.The writing style of the author is fantastic, in my opinion. He describes everything with detail, never too much and always on the spot leaving enough room for the readers' imaginations. But unfortunately, he never goes into the right details as far as the...
  • Martin
    The author of this book seems to think that for any written work of fantasy you need: stunning people, as many pop-culture references as possible, descriptions of as many exotic locations as you can find on wikipedia and most of all every stereotype in existence. Your readers will then fill in the important blanks and buy your next novel. Paul Christopher gets as many details right as he gets them wrong. His research into Dutch culture is as accu...
  • Véronique
    Een literaire avonturenroman, beter kan ik dit boek niet omschrijven. Paul Christopher is één van die auteurs die het voor wat mij betreft helemaal heeft. Het probleem met avonturenromans is dat ze vaak - meestal - goedkoop geschreven zijn. Het boek kan dan wel inhoudelijk niet tippen aan dergelijke meesterwerken, maar Christopher's manier van schrijven deed mij soms erg denken aan Elizabeth Gilbert's "Het hart van alle dingen" of zelfs "Het Pu...
  • Robert
    This was an alright read about a young lady coming into an inheritance that sends her and a young man on a wild chase across Europe and through the smaller Asian islands. Where the mysterious Rembrandt painting comes into play is a minor bit part that gets the whole enchilada cooking, and a minor play at the end. This is more of what I call a "fluff" read than anything really serious. There is not that much to get really excited about but I did n...
  • Christina
    Oy vey this was mindless tripe. Potentially ticked all my favorite boxes: murder mystery, set in London, with a historical twist. In reality, though, it was just piffle that romped through half the globe with little character development and few plausible twists. Also, what's the point of having such attractive main characters if you're not going to have something spark between them?
  • Andrea
    The third of the Finn Ryan series is alright. As in not bad, not fabulous. The first two of the series had much more in ties to art and artists, and that is what I missed in this one. Especially since the particular artist is Rembrandt. The novel is still a captivating, action-packed page-turner. Just didn’t measure up, in my humble opinion. Still worth the read!
  • Tory Wagner
    Another fun adventure featuring Finn Ryan, an artist and sometimes archeologist. Finn receives a painting that leads to a mysterious island filled with fierce natives and unbelievable treasure. Set aside reality and enjoy a wild adventure.
  • John Wilkes
    I gave four stars because in order to get to the good historical, investigative, adventure thriller stuff, you have to get through the slagging off of London and the British in general. I know neither is perfect, but neither is anywhere else in the world, really. Not 100%.
  • Ronn
    Not exactly my type of adventure/action/mystery novel. But I cant say it didnt keep me turning pages.
  • Amy Cohen
    Unfortunately, I read several Goodreads reviews before I started, so that might have slightly tainted by view of the book before I read a word of it. That being said, I did not recall seeing much in the book that was the subject of some of the more harsh reviews. Overall, I enjoyed the characters, but felt that too much time was spent on developing the back story of some secondary characters (who ended up not figuring into things at the end), and...
  • Patrick Gannon
    Uneven but entertaining and wildly imaginative.
  • Rick Bavera
    Okay, I will admit I was entertained yet again by a Paul Christopher book.But the situations that Finn Ryan and the other characters get into, and manage to get out of....are just kind of hard to believe, if you know what I mean.The old "Murder, She Wrote" TV series comes to mind, where crimes seem to follow the main character, Jessica Fletcher around.....You almost wonder if the character is jinxed, attracts bad luck (guess that is like jinxed, ...
  • Sarah
    A rather bland read. The characters were tossed in and removed without much thought or care. The plot was implausible and it felt like the characters were moved to different locations just for the sake of movement. It took me forever to finish this book because I never got invested in any of the characters and it felt like it changed scenes so quickly that I never really got settled into the story. I stopped and started reading this a million tim...
  • Matt
    While the book started off quite well, once we got into the jungle, it went flat. Finn is yet again tossed topgether with some new manly co-star, but it does not match the Michael Valentine heat in Book 1. I felt the author spent too much time trying to toss around history (unrelated to Rembrandt) about South Asia and introduces too many languages and dialects, that kept me trying to skim through it. I was highly annoyed with it and the language ...
  • Janet Librarian
    The heroine of this story goes from London to Amsterdam to the South Pacific in search of the answer to a clue given in a Rembrandt painting she inherited, along with an aging cargo freighter and house in Holland. The action seems to be reminiscent of Indiana Jones meeting current-day pirates during a typhoon. There's a little too much continent hopping and being chased by bad guys. But it holds interest, and the description of the ruthless pirat...
  • Rick Toews
    I was probably looking for something along the line of the Da Vinci code, in terms of adventure, interesting clues, and so forth. Also, while I don't tend to notice a thin plot, I do appreciate a rich use of language. This book disappointed me in this regard, and I was also bugged by what seemed to me an excess of gratuitous violence.This was my first sampling of Paul Christopher's offerings, and I think I'll not need another taste.
  • Ex Libris
    plane bookThis is a good beach read or plane book. Some of it could have been cut out but if it was, the book wouldn't be considered a novel. This is the second book I have read by this author and can't say he is a bad writer, but this is not up to DaVinci levels where a thriller is concerned. Again, good and just short of fast paced. Good enough to read and leave on a park bench for someone else to find.
  • Diane
    While I have enjoyed Paul Christopher's books in the past I found this one to have a lot of unnecessary descriptions in it. There were several scenes of violence that had nothing really to do with the overall plot. And I got the feeling they were overly described for shock value and not in adding to the storyline. As for the basic story, it was well crafted, and came together well in the end. Though not very believable, it was a good book for me ...
  • Kathleen Messmer
    This series with Finn Ryan is really exceptional. It's an "I can't put it down" kind of series. My only complaint is that I can't find the next one so I may have to buy it. I read the entire thing on my flight from San Francisco to Chicago and it was worth the headache and dry eyes that followed. Read this series!
  • Tina
    i thought that the book's characters were people i would love to meet. i loved how in the end everything linked together made sense. i also liked the fact that the author near the end got us to realize how everything was not as it had seemed and Khan was not actually the bad guy and the locals were the ones needing protecting.
  • Dark Chocolate
    When i saw it has 3 stars i thought that it won't be very interesting and full of shhh but i was actually surprised. It's not Indiana Jones but i don't find my time spend reading it a waste of time :) Could have a good movie based on it too.
  • Stephen
    I really liked the section on the island. It reminded me of the 18th century adventure novels like H. Rider Haggard. This is one of Christopher's better novels. Fans of the series will enjoy this one.
  • Gunther
    The plot was like a Hardy Boy's treasure hunt on King Kong's lost island... except less believable. The writing was flat, the characters dopey, and I'm not compelled to read anything else by this guy. Why read this when you can spend the time disinfecting your toothbrushes?
  • Mick
    I liked it for the most part. It was a little choppy in spots, especially when he added all the islands, people, and boat names - I was having trouble keeping track of it all.I should try another book by this author.
  • Rita McDowell
    Excellent and Intriguing!Excellent and Intriguing!This book was impossible to put down from the beginning to the very end! Definitely worth reading! Enjoy this interesting read that ranks among the best of the best!
  • Paula Howard
    This time Finn is teamed up with Billy or Lord Billy. They are given a Rembrandt, a house and a cargo ship with conditions. Following these clues, and trying to avoid the ones trying to kill them, the following in the footsteps of Finn and Billy's ancestor.
  • Wilma
    I felt there was a lot of work involved in making the plot work. The beginning was interesting but by the end it just felt outlandish to me. I didn't dislike it exactly but I thought Lucifer's Gospel by this author was more least to me.