Yours in Struggle by Elly Bulkin

Yours in Struggle

Politics. Cultural Writing. New to SPD. The award-winning feminist and lesbian press Firebrand Books closed its doors last year after sixteen years in the business. The authors of YOURS IN STRUGGLE -- Elly Bulkin, Minnie Bruce Pratt, and Barbara Smith -- have now made the 1988 Firebrand edition of their collaborative work available through SPD. They write, YOURS IN STRUGGLE happened because we were able to talk to each other in the fist place, de...

Details Yours in Struggle

TitleYours in Struggle
Release DateJan 1st, 1984
PublisherFirebrand Books
GenreFeminism, Race, Nonfiction, LGBT, Religion, Judaism, Literature, Jewish

Reviews Yours in Struggle

  • Aubrey
    Anti-alien laws in the United States remained despite a 1939 attempt to admit 20,000 children from Germany, 2/3 of them Jewish; the American Legion, one of the groups opposed to the Child Refugee Bill, maintained that "it was traditional American policy that home life should be preserved and that the American Legion therefore strongly opposed the breaking up of families."To acknowledge the complexity of another's existence is not to deny my own. ...
  • Nadav David
    Such powerful and enlightening reflections from these three rad women. It's quite telling how relatable, relevant and timely their arguments and perspectives are in this moment, 30+ years after it was published. They set such a great example of how to approach the work of fighting racism (and dismantling white supremacy) as people with completely different backgrounds while also combatting anti-Jewish oppression within our society and our movemen...
  • l.
    Three very different essays - I'd really recommend pratt's as activism 101 - and each of them worth reading.
  • Omni
    elly bulkin sure has a lot to say (roughly half the book), but it was informative. I liked that she included a chapter on anti-semitism and anti-Arab racism.
  • Eva
    still letting it sink it, has a lot to teach about an issue i've been thinking about recently. a work by 3 anti-racist feminists (one white christian, one african american, one jewish)
  • Heather
    The first essay was one of the greatest things I've ever read.