Y (Y: The Last Man, #6) by Brian K. Vaughan

Y (Y: The Last Man, #6)

More than two years after the unexplained plague killed every other male mammal on the planet, the two exceptions - aspiring escape artist Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand - have traveled across the remains of the U.S. with biochemist Dr. Allison Mann and goverment operative Agent 355 to Dr. Mann's lab in San Francisco, where she managed to finally isolate the source of their immunity.Unfortunately, that source is within Ampersand's body...

Details Y (Y: The Last Man, #6)

TitleY (Y: The Last Man, #6)
Release DateNov 1st, 2005
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Science Fiction, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Comic Book, Dystopia, Fantasy, Adult

Reviews Y (Y: The Last Man, #6)

  • Bradley
    Magical boat ride. :)This volume isn't so much edifying as it was adventuresome. Stowing away, getting involved in boat intrigue, drug smuggling, Australian navy, blood, death, and destruction. But what really is interesting about this one is the characters. There's something really fascinating about that captain. What an odd duck. :)And the last bit? The one about Beth still in Australia? What is she ON? Crazy! :) :)
  • John Wiswell
    From the title to the swordplay to the sophomoric dialogue, this volume plunges Y: The Last Man into cloyingly amateurish territory. Characterization suffers at the behest of sexual antics and cartoonish plots (pirates? Really?). This is the first volume where I found myself skimming the dialogue and panels to just get through scenes. This doesn’t match up with any of the tones from previous volumes, and it makes every unbelievable aspect of th...
  • Brandon
    So, a lot happens in this volume. Unfortunately, it's the first collection that probably deserved a little less than 4 stars. If not for the incredible ending, I would probably give it a 3-3.5.Vaughan explores a little of what Yorick's girlfriend is up to in Australia and how she's coping with the plague. We're treated to an excellent dream sequence where Beth (view spoiler)[gets a sign that Yorick is still alive (hide spoiler)].The only thing I ...
  • Tyler Hill
    Technically, this volume wasn't probably any worse than the previous volumes in this series, but for whatever reason, I just wasn't as into it as I have been. I think that one of the things that's sort of been bothering me about this series is perfectly explained by one of the characters in this volume:"It figures. An entire planet of women, and the one guy gets to be the lead."In that way, this title isn't really any different from, say, Dances ...
  • Telaina
    A frequent complaint about this series is that even though there is only one guy left, he is still the center of everything. It is to some extent, every man's fantasy--you're all that's left and all the women are throwing themselves at you because they are horny and/or want to get pregnant. That being said, as a reader and as a woman, I find this series absolutely fascinating, well-done, with excellent and witty dialogue, awesome literary referen...
  • Samantha
    this thing is getting soap operatic. now that yorick had sex once, he keeps on hooking up with people. every woman who learns he was engaged (which he wasn't) rather than just having a girlfriend is all like, oh, I never would have hooked up with you, last man on earth, if I had known you were *engaged* instead of just in a relationship. also, agent 355 once said she loved yorick and has tried to walk that back ever since. now she hooks up with t...
  • Sarah
    Cruise ship pirates? An attacking submarine? Flashy excursions into lesbianism? Espionage that Agent 355 doesn't know about? C'mon, that's worth savoring!True, Girl on Girl is by far the most ridiculous volume in the Y the Last Man series, but does that mean it has no value? I wouldn't jump to that conclusion, or merely write off this sea adventure as one note or immature for its sexuality. The story is simpler here, but I'm fine with taking a br...
  • Lena
    Yeah, that opium smuggeling wasn't really my thing, but apart from that great!
  • Tim
    This volume of Y: The Last Man just seemed "too easy." It seems in this volume that Vaughn was running out of story ideas and took the simple way out by using sex between two of the main characters. This series has been a bit of a disappointment for me; while reading this volume, I found myself rolling my eyes. I had joked with a friend while discussing this that either Dr. Mann and Agent 355 were both going to fall for Yorick or that they would ...
  • Licha
    This volume got back in the game for me. Yorick, 355, and Dr. Mann have managed to board a ship headed out to Japan so they can search for Ampersand. Unfortunately, it looks like some horny, teenage boy got a hold of this volume sometime before I did and ripped out several sections of this book, pages I assume contained naked women. I can only infer that Yorick, for the second time in the volume, had sex, this time with the captain of the ship an...
  • Nick
    Yorick's odyssey continues, but it's not clear what this stop in his journey contributes. Another beautiful woman loved and lost? This series seems not to know whether it wants to be an intellectually honest thought experiment or simply an engaging comic book tale. Or maybe it is simply the latter, and I want more of the former.Vaughan merely flirts with topics that merit serious attention. In a world with no men, what becomes of the line between...
  • Jedi JC Daquis
    The title of this volume tells much about what the story is about: Girl on Girl. Well, there's the most obvious meaning to it, and I'll just leave it to your interpretation. It can also be girl versus girl, girl faction versus another girl faction, or girls above the sea and girls under the sea.The sixth volume has a more straightforward and easier story than the previous five. It can pass as a filler episode. You can now see Vaughan recycling el...
  • Bhanuj
    Well, this volume was a bit mellowed down from the previous ones, but when you have invested so much in a series, a small dull moment must never bring you down. A lot does not happen in this novel, as Yorrick and company hitchhike a ride to Japan on a ship.
  • Vishakha Motwani
    Okay.. too many stories, now that they know why Yorick is the last one alive, it's sorta hard to really believe that they are heading to Japan just for &. But adventures are interesting nonetheless.
  • Ashish Iyer
    Review in Volume 10.
  • Nadine
    So. Damn. Good! Can't wait for the next volume!!
  • Melody
    Just read this series. Love it. It's just so crazy good.
  • Nuno Ferreira
    A série de Brian K. Vaughan tem vindo a melhorar significativamente, e não posso dizer que desgostei deste sexto álbum. Os diálogos são bons, as referências cinematográficas e musicais sucedem-se, sempre a mostrar o lado mais irreverente do protagonista, e finalmente deu-se a tão aguardada cena lésbica entre duas das co-protagonistas. A arte de Pia Guerra tem vindo a melhorar e Sudzuka conseguiu manter-se fiel à ilustradora.Ainda assim,...
  • Shannon Appelcline
    Girl on Girl (#32-35). We've reached the west coast, but the road trip continues right on into the Pacific! This is a good story. It gives us a look at the larger world and how it might have changed due to the loss of men and it gives us a glimpse of all-female militaries, which turn out to be just as scary as when men were around. Like the whole Y series, it's also got strong new characters and heart-breaking results. [7/10].Boy Loses Girl (#36)...
  • Maggie
    Enjoying the focus on more than just Yorick & his team of survivors. Also loving all the mirrors all the other characters hold up to Yorick. The last man on earth is by no means given a free pass on everything.
  • Callum McAllister
    Don't particularly dig this cover but the story is really coming into its own now. Keep 'em coming!
  • AleJandra
    Pop Sugar Reading Challenge 2018Un libro ambientado en el mar
  • Liz B
    Embarrassing graphic novel to carry around.It was fine, I was engaged, but now all I can think about as I read is how all of these chicks are hot and wearing revealing clothing.
  • Cristina
    https://osrascunhos.com/2018/04/22/y-...Sei que já o disse anteriormente, mas não me canso de o repetir – a qualidade da edição portuguesa dá outra força à história desta série. É que a edição original da Vertigo é feita em papel fraco que quase parece de jornal, ficando com cores esbatidas. Neste caso, não é só a capa que é bastante superior, mas também o conteúdo com folhas mais grossas permitindo ao desenho brilhar e ser m...
  • Mateen Mahboubi
    Not only does this volume continue the terrible depiction of women (I guess that everyone without a "perfect" body didn't survive the event either) but it doesn't provide anything to move the story forward. The last issue with some of Beth's story is well done but the rest is just pointless meandering where nothing happens except us trying to figure out where everyone is on the Kinsey Scale.
  • Jeff
    First of all, i can’t believe i have 5 more books to litanize. This is taking me a lot more time than it should. A real, good reviewer could bang this out in an hour. Or maybe it would just seem like it only took them an hour because their prose is so breezy and in a nice tone of non-judgmentalism. I feel like i’m just spending time beating on a dead horse. But maybe this will dissuade at least one like-minded person from spending a few days ...
  • RoRo
    Well, I made it through 6 volumes which proves that the series has some really good qualities. The art is convincing and interesting, the plot is strange but has enough continuity to keep the reader on board. The basic premise of most of the characters is compelling. The representation of identity politics is disappointingly really straight-white-cis-dude oriented. I'm not upset about Yorick, the main character, being the center of the plot. He's...
  • Trin
    So, Dr. Mann and 355 finally getting it on was very hot, if unfortunately not surprising, considering this volume's title. Still, certain things are starting to annoy me. First, the repetition of the "Yorick meets girl, Yorick and girl spark, girl dies" formula is getting really old; Vaughan "hangs on lantern on it" by having Yorick make much the same complaint, but that does not excuse you, mister! Also, I'm peeved that the Dr. Mann/355 relation...
  • Renny Abraham
    This volume is hard to review as it doesn't move the story too much further. The sexual tension between the two main characters was unnecessary and not sure what Vaughn was trying to achieve.Good:Pirates vs Das Boot - fun sea adventureBeth's situation in Australia is exploredOld villains returnBad:Unnecessary sexual situationsBoy meets girl and then girl dies is getting old.I'm starting to hate Dr. Mann - she's been getting too smarty-mouth in th...
  • Jesse Lehrer
    The title alone says it all - more garbage, more Yorick having sex with random women, more him saving the day despite all logic to the contrary, and of course two women having sex for no apparent reason hence the condescending and homophobic title. You also gotta love a white male author using a black female character to express his own issues with anti-racist ideas. What an asshole. I really can't read this crap any more, I'm just gonna read wik...