Five Days of Fear by David Kovach

Five Days of Fear

"plot twists ripped from today's headlines" –Lavish BookshelfDuring a family picnic, Jessica Britton’s well-ordered world is slammed against a brutal reality and her faith is tested when her mom is kidnapped, her dad is shot, and authorities can find no clues to begin their investigation. Jessica’s own anxiety and fear for her mother’s life compels her to help FBI Agent Dan Hamilton look for motives and clues that would lead to rescuing h...

Details Five Days of Fear

TitleFive Days of Fear
Release DateNov 9th, 2012
PublisherLight Messages Publishing
GenreThriller, Fiction, Suspense, Mystery, Crime, Christian

Reviews Five Days of Fear

  • Pamela (Lavish Bookshelf)
    A family outing to the park is destroyed when Grandma is kidnapped and Grandpa is shot. As the FBI search for clues, it becomes apparent that thousands of lives are at stake. Can the FBI solve the crime in time?Five Days of Fear opens with a huge cliffhanger as Grandma Angie is kidnapped from a public parking lot after she overhears a very incriminating conversation. What follows is Five Days of Fear as the FBI uncovers a bombing plot, evidence o...
  • Holly (2 Kids and Tired)
    I'm not normally a thriller person. But when this one came up for review, I was curious. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and I love it. I love when someone who knows the Bay Area, uses it in a book. I love recognizing landmarks and streets and neighborhoods. David Kovach lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and his setting is authentic.The story is thrilling almost from the first page. A family outing suddenly turns violent when Angie Brit...
  • Maureen Timerman
    I could just picture this family on their outing. Grandpa playing baseball with his Grandson, Grandma coloring with her Granddaughter. Then their world collapses in seconds.You wanted to be a member of this loving family. First they see Grandma being pulled into a van, and when Grandpa is running to help her...he is shot. What do you do? Grandpa is taken to surgery, and the FBI is called to help. Grandma Angie is in trouble...she has heard someth...
  • Carol
    This is David Kovach's first book, but don't let that dissuade you from reading it. It's a little predictable and not quite believable. Would the FBI really let a victim's family member become so involved in the case? That aside, it was well written and kept the reader engaged until the very end. Kovach proves that you can write suspense, action, and romance without having to be sexually explicit and gory! It was a quick read and I look forward t...
  • Charlotte Lynn
    While at a family picnic, Angie Britton over hears a conversation about a bombing. This leads to her being kidnapped and her husband being shot. The FBI gets involved but really had no leads or clues to know where to start. Jessica Britton, Angie’s daughter, becomes the contact person for FBI Agent Dan Hamilton and eventually become friends. As clues start to come to light Jessie and Dan, along with other FBI agents, rush to stop the bombing, f...
  • Betty
    An innocent picnic in the park, a child and his grandfather playing catch, a grandmother going to retrieve the ball that was tossed too high, and a gunshot; thus begins "Five Days of Fear." Is five days long enough to know someone well enough to fall in love? It probably is, if those five days are like a lifetime, five days going at lightning speed and painfully slow simultaneously.In this, his debut novel, David Kovach has hit it out of the park...
  • Elizabeth Turnbull
    David Kovach's FIVE DAYS OF FEAR takes readers on a thrilling ride with first-grade teacher, Jessica Britton and FBI agent Dan Hamilton. While structured in 5 chapters, one for each day, David keeps the pace of the story moving, weaving in good detective work with just enough serendipity to keep readers hooked.I thoroughly enjoyed Jessica's character and loved watching Dan soften and become more interesting as the novel played out. I also appreci...
  • Wendy
    Didn’t finish
  • kim
    This is the author’s first novel, and a good attempt, so I am going to be gentle with my review. I won a book club set for my book club, and we chose to read this as our June 2013 selection. The book takes place over 5 days, and there is a chapter for each day. The story starts when the Britton family is picnicking on a beautiful day in San Francisco, when the Grandma retrieves a ball from the parking lot and overhears something she shouldn’t...
  • Leslie
    Sorry to say this, but my third graders can write better than this. I really wanted to enjoy this book! I NEVER put one down without reading the whole thing. I made it 75% of the way through this one and gave up. :-/
  • Liz
    2013-03-20 Predictable. Good story idea, but writing was weak. I was disappointed, but I paid a whopping $1.99 so I had to finish! My parents trained me well...
  • Elizabeth
    What could have been a fun suspense novel took a dull turn with a stupid romance. Ridiculous love story that read like a twelve year old wrote it.