Table for Two by Sheryl C.S. Johnson

Table for Two

Being a legal secretary is not exactly Jana Barrowman’s dream job, so when recently widowed Alex Steadman contacts her about the résumé she sent in more than a year ago with a job offer for a creative consultant position, she puts some serious thought into accepting it.The problem is, if she takes the new job, she will have to move to another state and leave her mom and dad behind. But when Jana determines that the move can help her get away ...

Details Table for Two

TitleTable for Two
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
PublisherCovenant Communications, Inc.
GenreRomance, Lds, Lds Fiction, Fiction, Christianity, Adult, Religion

Reviews Table for Two

  • Patricia
    I need to disclose up front that I do not usually read romances that are just romances. So perhaps this wasn't the book for me right from the get go. I did not particularly like Jana. She was so frustrating that I wanted to shake her and I nearly stood up and shouted when Alex finally dealt his ultimatum. I also felt like the one-year engagement was tidy but unrealistic given the state of their feelings and proximity. I so disliked the Jana-pre-e...
  • Kristyn
    I liked this book right from the start because instead of beating around the bush, the main characters (mostly the guy) said exactly what they meant. They had a fun spark and chemistry to their romance.He's the perfect man, except for one thing. He's not LDS. By the end of the book, it seemed as if the main girl was just constantly looking for more and more excuses and getting whiny, rude and annoying about it. She had legitimate concerns, but to...
  • Valerie
    I really really really liked this book. It was such a cute read and perfectly in line with the content. I loved every page and stayed up way too late when I was reading this book. Sheryl Johnson is a new author and did a fantastic job on her first book. This is an LDS based romance and worth every minute of it. Often times the best things in life we have to wait for, and they end up being well worth the wait. Great job Mrs. Johnson!!!
  • Lisa
    Loved this book! Reminded me a lot of Josie Kilpacks " To have and to Hold" which I thoroughly enjoyed! I loved the character of Alex and his ability to love the crazy of Jana. Good for those who are learning more about second marriages when the first spouse has died.
  • Darla
    (Genre:LDS fiction/romance) A mostly enjoyable story about a young "Utah Mormon" girl (Jana--age 24) who is hired by a man (Alex) who is trying to complete his deceased wife's dream to build and operate a boutique in Washington State. While working on the boutique, Jana begins to be attracted to her widower boss and she really struggles with this. He is not a member of her faith and she still sees him as being married to his first wife. The story...
  • Lauren
    This LDS romance is incredible with good morals and lovable characters. I must admit, if the author wasn't my mom, I wouldn't have randomly picked it up off the shelf at the library if I came across it because I like fantasy/adventures most of the time. This kind of stuff (modern romances) is generally not my type. If someone had recommended it to me after reading it, yeah, I would read it then love it. When I give this good of a rating, I am NOT...
  • Jessica
    I give this book a 2.5 rate. There is very little that I liked about the book. The things I liked were: 1) the witty conversations and bantering that took place between the 2 main characters & 2) the outline of the story. That's it.There was a ton of things that bothered me.1) Jana couldn't stop saying "there's no way we will get married because you're not LDS/Mormon". I appreciate her determination to reach her goals, but when she kept on leadin...
  • Crystal Memmott
    I loved this LDS values based romance! LDS member, Jana Barrowman accepts a job offer from non-LDS, celebrity chef, Alex Steadman. The creative consultant job transplants Jana from Salt Lake City, UT to Seattle, WA. Jana works to renovate an old house and transform it into the dream boutique of Alex's deceased wife, Vanessa. Jana begins to love Alex and his young daughter, Elise. Jana is steadfast to her goals and is set on finding an LDS man to ...
  • Lori
    I had such a hard time putting this one down. I just wanted to see how it ended so badly. In the end, I was so frustrated with Jana and her stubbornness and misunderstanding of an important gospel principle. I loved Alex. The author was spot on with how many members misunderstand their own faith at times. For goodness sake, the guy changed and became what she needed, but she still held off for the sake of 'forever', even after all the good advice...
  • Lucinda
    I remember seeing the cover for this book a few months ago and I'm so glad it's finally out on Kindle. I read a lot and I can honestly say this is one of the best novels I have read this year. It's beautifully written, the character development is fantastic and the story is inspiring and simply appealing. I loved reading about Alex and Jana and the way their relationship develops, with its bumps and frustrations along with the sweet moments as we...
  • Kenya Jackson
    WOW!! That's all I can really say!! I want to cry, and scream every time I talk about, read or even see this book!! This book is a religious romance, and being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, it proves so many things that I want others to know about! This brings tears of joy, love and happiness each time I turn a page! I have borrowed it from a friend, countlessly, and am seeking a copy for myself! This young woman is...
  • Dorry Lou
    I would recommend this book to anyone that has lost a spouse or is thinking about marrying someone that has... The main part of the story is about a man that has lost his wife and is left with a young daughter. He engages a woman, Jana to finish up a project his wife had started. He is very much taken with her but she is a member of the LDS church and he is not. When he finds out about eternal marriages he becomes very interested. He has great me...
  • Diana
    I loved this book from start to finish. I couldn't put it down! All of the characters were so real and it was beautifully written. I fell in love with the characters and I felt what they were going through. Jana and Alex could have been real people, I was so caught up in what was going on with them and their budding romance. I loved their friendship and how it blossomed into more. It was simply amazing. I totally recommend this book. I can't seem...
  • Nellie
    Loved this book. I would read a lot more from this author. Clean, fun, thought provoking, and romantic. I loved the gospel principles focused on. It really made me think. Great for a teen. Jana gets a job in another state, away from Utah and her family. She takes it to avoid the boy who won't leave her alone. Alex, her employer keeps telling her she can't live without him, He is breaking down her defenses but he is not LDS and she won't date or m...
  • mary Ethington
    I am actually very surprised this book doesn't have a higher rating. I thought it was darling! I stayed up until 4:30am to finish it and I sure don't do that very often. I loved the interaction between the characters. I thought it was fun to read and there were parts I reread just to delight in it all over again. I would recommend this book.It is based on the LDS religion and that might be hard for some people to understand or like. It is my life...
  • Dennilynne
    I would say this is a low 3. I liked the book but found it very predictable and I didn't like how the author made the main female character so simple minded (not in her feelings towards the deceased wife but in her feelings towards people that do not believe the way she does, including someone that she loved). If you're hunting for a book to read then it may be a good grab but definitely not a first choice.
  • Tracy
    A few typos but the story captured my attention. A girl who falls for a boy whose wife died and who is not a member of the LDS church. As he investigates the church, she realizes that he will want to be sealed to his wife and daughter and deals with the thought of having to share him. They have a cute relationship with a lot of friendship preceding anything else. The book deals with many different issues including post-partem depression, family h...
  • Camille Thomas
    I would say more like 3.75. When I first started reading this, I thought it was going to be prudish and stupid, and then it got a lot better and then at the end it got prudish again. Jana made me really mad. It was a kind of fun and easy read. There are a few tender moments and I did see the inner turmoil that Jana puts herself through. I can see how people would like this book, for me it was just okay.
  • Apzmarshl
    3.5 maybe....just because Jana could be a real stick in the mud. I loved Alex and I really enjoyed that the characters were honest about their feelings and good conversationalists. I like that this was a sweet story with a fun romance. It also brought up common lds problems, but didn't try to fix them in an overly creepy, gooey, sickening way.
  • Winona
    I really enjoyed this book! At 260 pages it wouldn't usually take this long to read it but I stretched my reading moments over a week. I'm glad I did as the story would have gone too quickly and it turned out to be a perfect pace for me and the book. Jana & Alex kept my attention throughout their challenged encounter and were true to the situation. Worth a read!
  • Carrie
    I liked the idea of each character, but I just feel like they didn't go anywhere. I kept waiting for this girl to grow a back bone, but she didn't stand up to anybody. She didn't stand up to the stalker, she kept getting dozered by her family, she didn't even break it off with the Jeff guy. It was a long book that was fine, but I was almost relieved to turn the last page.
  • Jennie
    Really slow. Protagonist isn't appealing and both the boyfriend she dumps and the one she falls for are too much alike. They're both controlling, don't listen to her,don't respect her privacy, can't take no for an answer, and make all of her choices for her. Her parents are unrealistic. There is some great dialog in a few scenes.
  • Christine Jensen
    This book is more of a 3.5 star read, so I really wish we could add a half star option here in Goodreads. I did enjoy reading it. The storyline works alright.It is a cute romance, but a little unrealistic in parts (in my opinion). If you are looking for a fun, sweet LDS romance, this is a good choice. Definitely enjoyable and worth picking up!
  • Becky Zabriskie
    At first I really didn't like the main character, she seemed to self-righteous. I also thought it was odd that an LDS family would encourage their daughter/sister to date a non-LDS man when she had such convictions against it. I did keep reading (even though it took me 2x's as long to read) and it wasn't too bad but I wouldn't encourage anyone to read it or buy the book myself.
  • Barbara Larsen
    The first book for this author and I thought she did a great job. Sheryl is a friend of my daughter and based part of the main character on her. It is an LDS themed book about love, decisions and having morals. Very clean and enjoyable.
  • Laura
    So cute a read. I love that it ended well, but not everything went the way it was expected. There got to be a point in the book that I wanted to reach into the book and smack the main character and say "stop fighting it so hard" but otherwise it was a great read!
  • Danielle
    Awesome. Loved this book. I had a terrible time putting it down. Even though I guessed the ending shortly after I started reading, I was pulled in by the wonderful characterization and plot. I can't wait to find another book by this author.
  • Terrie
    A good, clean LDS romance--who doesn't love one of those. I couldn't put this book down, although by the end I was getting rather tired of the girl's reluctance to marry a widower because she would be the "second wife" for all eternity.
  • Kylie
    The only thing that really kept me going was the relationship between Jana and Alex and their dialogue (weird,right?). There were a few things that annoyed me, but it was entertaining enough to keep me reading.
  • Shellie
    Great story! I was rather impressed with the author's take on some of the more confusing gospel principles. It would indeed be hard to fall in love with a man who wanted to be sealed to his first wife, as well as his new love. Hard indeed. Loved it!