The Winter Long (October Daye, #8) by Seanan McGuire

The Winter Long (October Daye, #8)

For once, it seems like the Kingdom of the Mists has reached a point of, if not perfection, at least relative peace. Queen Arden Windermere is getting settled on her family's throne; no one's going to war with anyone else; it's almost like everything is going to be okay. Even October "Toby" Daye is starting to relax her constant vigilance, allowing herself to think about the future, and what it might entail.And then Simon Torquill comes back, and...

Details The Winter Long (October Daye, #8)

TitleThe Winter Long (October Daye, #8)
Release DateSep 2nd, 2014
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Fairies, Fae, Paranormal, Magic, Fiction

Reviews The Winter Long (October Daye, #8)

  • Bradley
    This book, along with the rest of the series, will either lands you in the camp of "I love all you guys," or "Oh god this just isn't for me." Of course, if you've made it to book eight, then you're already pretty damn familiar with all the peeps, and if you are, then you're going to LOVE this one.Why? Because practically everyone gets a walk-on and a few early villains come back to wreak havoc. :)Death? Oh yeah, lots of death and surprises in sto...
  • Kristin (MyBookishWays Reviews)
    2014-08-26 Winter Long is so chock full of revelations, and more than a few answered questions, that revealing any of them, would pretty thoroughly spoil the book for you. So, I’ll keep it short and sweet, and deliberately, and probably annoyingly, vague. Sorry about that… I mean, seriously, when you see back cover copy like this:Toby thought she understood her own past; she thought she knew the score.She was ...
  • Denisa
    4.8 I can't seem to get bored with this series!I've been curious about this Simon guy from the beginning and I'm really happy to say that he didn't disappoint!What's to say about this book? If you're read the other ones, you know the story, you know the characters and you know the world. If you don't know these things, you really should go find out.I loved the plot twist and unfortunately (or luckily?) all it did was get me even more curious. And...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    Read with the UF lovers of Buddies Books and BaublesJust when I’m pretty sure that Toby can’t become more interesting….she does. Her blood magic becomes bigger and better all the time and well it seems like she is gathering quite a few Thank Yous from some pretty powerful fae, I wonder what she will get when she starts cashing them all in.I’ve been wondering about Simon and what his real role in Toby’s life is for some time now. I even ...
  • Kira
    So many surprising developments occurred. This was the game changer. There were some things that I thought would happen but almost everything went in a totally different direction than I thought it would. This is my second favorite book in the series after Ashes of Honor. Simon Torquill returns to cause trouble in Toby's life. There is more to him than Toby ever thought there was. Finally clues that have been dropped since the first book have bee...
  • Choko
    *** 4.57 ***A weekly buddy read with the TnT maniacs at BB&B!!! I am blown away!!! This series has been planned so meticulously, that all the small clues dropped by the author from the beginning of the first book through the rest of the books, finally begin to cluster together and unravel answers to many of the questions we have been beating our heads over ... And just when you explode with excitement over an answer you might have had some good s...
  • Susana
    Toby's life is finally looking good.She has her friends. A job that she likes. And a guy who can turn himself into one of her favourite pets: A Cat. ;)Then there's her actual two cats, and her rose-goblin Spike.Unfortunately, the quiet has not come to stay...because where would be the fun in it?An old nemesis of the past has returned, and he seems determined in finishing her of... or is he?Of course Toby's has had enough of living in ponds, thank...
  • Bea Charmed
    WHY AREN'T YOU READING THIS SERIES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?If you enjoy smart stories, tight plots, top notch characterization, humor, action, and romance, you NEED this series. If you like urban fantasy, if you like fairy tales that are set in the modern world, you NEED this series. If you want to feel and think and lose yourself in another world, you NEED this series.Okay, enough about the series, now the book. I love Seanan...
  • Carolyn F.
    I'm a little confused at what Sylvester didn't say to October. Besides that, the book was really good. I liked the evolution of October's romance with Tybalt. I really love the sea witch (I can't remember how to spell her name). I just wish the next book wouldn't have so much blood everywhere.
  • Ina
    "You want me to be a villain: things are always easier when there's a clear villain, and I can fill the role admirably. I have before, and I probably will again. Please don't mistake villainy for evil. The two can exist side by side while remaining quite distinct." Re-read: January 2019 If you want to hear my full thoughts on this book, proceed to read my original review of this book. This time, I'm just writing down a few stray observations tha...
  • Veronica
    I always love getting a new October Daye book. I love everything about them, from the beautiful covers (Chris McGrath, yay!) to the lovely, Shakespearean titles to the richly plotted stories. The author has created a wonderful, fae populated world here complete with Kings, Queens, Knights, and Squires and every new book just continues to build upon the rich foundation that has been laid in previous books. This book certainly continued that fine t...
  • Pia
    Maybe it's me, and the fact that it's been awhile since I read the other books in the series, so I had to go back and look up a lot of things I had forgotten about. Maybe it's the fact that I had huge expectations, based on the information provided by the author and the reviews that said that this book held some life changing revelations for Toby. Whatever the reason, the book didn't deliver for me.The "life altering" surprises weren't all that m...
  • Beth
    Blood drench, Toby's known and unknown past comes back to haunt her, torture her, threaten her and maybe even destroy her.I love the October Daye series! This book is just AWESOME!I loved Toby and her character's growth, was riveted to Tybalt and his devotion, and absolutely adored the depth of every character is outstanding read.So many things are revealed, shocking revelations that are quite mind blowing. I can't even begin to describe this sto...
  • Sarah
    The Ambitious Ocean is a short story from Patrick's point of view that can be purchased from Seanan McGuire's Patreon Page. She posts a short story there every month, some standalone but a lot linked to her October Daye series, and you can receive them for as little as $1 each (there are other perks available for higher amounts but $1 is the minimum). We've had quite a few October Daye world stories now from Patrick, Dianda and Tybalt's points of...
  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    Just when I thought the October Daye series couldn’t get any better, along comes THE WINTER LONG. Gathering so many hints and threads and portents, this book is one delicious secret after another coming undone.From the circumstances leading up to Toby’s fish years, to the true line between friend or for, so much becomes clear. Perhaps most emotional were the family moments. Most Changelings are used to be surrounded by lies, but now Toby hers...
  • Sophie
    I don't know how this book can give so many answers and still leave me with a billion burning questions.This was definitely the Book Where Things Are ~REVEALED~. It answers a LOT of questions that have gone unanswered since the first book, and some things you didn't even know you needed answers to. Also, there's lots of blood magic. I love when Toby shifts someone's blood, so this was like magic porn to me. DO ALL THE BLOOD MAGIC. ALL OF IT. Ther...
  • Emma
    4.5 stars rounded up. Ooh, that was good! I never really took to Sylvester..interesting return of a couple of characters. Interesting developments in Toby's powers and life. I'm sure this series is getting better and better!
  • Theresa
    5 Stars... My mind is still reeling from all the revelations in this book... October comes face to face with an old enemy and an old friend, but which is which??... This story twists and turns unveiling more secrets to October’s past as well as her identity leaving the reader wondering what the next confrontation will bring... After all is said and done, I am still left with questions that I know are going to be tackled in future reads as this ...
  • Dark Faerie Tales
    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Everything has been leading to this, what was started in Rosemary and Rue comes to a head in this book.Opening Sentence: “The woods were dark, filled with strange shadows.”The Review:Toby is back and six months have passed since the events of Chimes at Midnight. Arden is the Queen in the Mists and Toby is happy to be alive and out of the limelight, mostly. Until her past literally rings her d...
  • Jen Davis
    Holy cow. This book rocked my socks off. It takes the series full circle in a way I never expected, but satisfies completely. Obviously, the journey itself is supposed to be a mystery. The blurb couldn’t be more cryptic:Toby thought she understood her own past; she thought she knew the score. She was wrong. It’s time to learn the truth.But the thing is: the book is better for it. I’ll talk about what I can without spoiling the big reveals.O...
  • Lauren
    The Winter Long4 StarsOctober Daye's life is finally back on track and she is enjoying a peaceful life in the slow lane when an adversary from her past literally appears on her doorstep to stir up old secrets and awaken dangerous foes. Toby and Tybalt are particularly adorable together and their relationship is sweet and satisfying. It would be even better if their were a sexy scene or two…The plot is fast-paced and action packed as always with...
  • Monica
    I love this series!!! This book was amazing! I won this in a Goodreads Giveaway. Simon Torquill is back. He is the twin of Sylvester Torquill, October's liege lord. Simon is also the one who turned October (Toby) into a fish and kidnapped Sylvester's wife and daughter. During this book Toby finds out that she has a connection to Simon. Simon may not be the total bad guy she thought he was. Turns out there is someone else who was pulling his strin...
  • Mona
    Loved the ending!!
  • Jen
    I really loved this book, especially once I gave up my expectations for the secrets to be revealed about Toby's past. We did learn some things, but we didn't learn all. I hadn't necessarily expected to learn all, but I'd been expecting to learn more, or at least different, things. I hope it won't be spoiling it for anyone if I say this without a spoiler tag, but what I expected was for Amandine to have role in this story. But apart from a few (ve...
  • Trisha
    4 1/2 StarsThe Winter Long was fantastic! The right amount of action, drama, suspense, AND humor! There were some very interesting revelations about Toby's past. I kinda saw the Sylvester/Luna ending coming, probably like many others. I'm still waiting for Toby's mom (and dad?) to show up in a book and give some more insight! Score another win for Toby and The Gang!
  • Tabitha (Lovely Books Blog)
    Read more reviews like this at!I can’t believe I’ve been following this series for over two years now and this series is still just as amazing as it was when I read the first one. Instead of declining over time this series is still going strong and I’m so excited to get my hands on the next book in the series, especially after what happened at the very end. McGuire is truly a genius at creating engaging p...
  • Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆
    Wow. What a huge letdown. I know I'm going to be in the tiny minority here but WTF happened to Toby? I've never been so repulsed by a character I used to love in a series since Anita Blake (different reasons, same disgust.)Plot wise, it was standard and fast paced. My two stars comes from the fact that all the supporting cast were cardboard and Toby was incredibly OOC. Like, she thinks her man is dead and instead of looking for him, she just crie...
  • Kristen
    The Winter Long is entertaining, but I didn't think it was as good as most other books in this series. The big revelations in it were not as major as those in Late Eclipses, and potential obstacles are overcome much too easily (although I do keep wondering if I'm being lulled into feeling a false sense of security before everything bad in the universe happens in a later book). It was enjoyable and fun to read, but I didn't find it as memorable as...
  • Renay
    HOLY FLAMING BALL JUGGLING KITTENS THIS BOOK!!!!! If they ever make this a TV series most of the budget is going to be in fake blood. There's going to be vats on set. VAT AFTER VAT AFTER VAT into the horizon.JFC