Cold Cold Heart by Karin Slaughter

Cold Cold Heart

A BMW Audiobook.In the short story Cold Cold Heart audio book, Pam did her role as a loyal, honest wife for twenty years. She and John enjoyed their friends, careers, and a special son. Just like the vows state, for richer for poorer, for better for worse, they lived their lives. All the way up to the day tragedy struck their family. John betrayed his wife in the most public of ways, leaving to a lucrative new life. For the next three years, John...

Details Cold Cold Heart

TitleCold Cold Heart
Release DateMar 23rd, 2006
PublisherRandom House
GenreShort Stories, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Audiobook, Crime, Suspense, Mystery Thriller, Novella, Psychological Thriller

Reviews Cold Cold Heart

  • Debra
    Pam was a loyal and dedicated housewife for twenty years. She was dedicated to her family and then one-day tragedy struck and it changed her and her marriage forever. Now years later, she has received a phone call from her ex-husband, a man who betrayed and humiliated her in a very public way. Now, he wants to see her again, and Pam finally agrees to go. What happens next......Karin Slaughter is the queen of chilling and thrilling books and this ...
  • Julie
    Cold, Cold Heart by Karin Slaughter is a 2016 Witness Impulse publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Wow, this is one wicked little tale for such a short story. If you have ever been treated poorly by an ex-husband, got the short end of the stick in the divorce, and lived with the humiliations he bestowed on you, then you will love this story. This story only has forty page...
  • Zoeytron
    A word to the wise - if you feel like you want to smirk at someone, it might be best to stifle it.  It could really set a person off.  You could end up losing something you hold near and dear.
  • Chelsea Humphrey
    Clever little short story from the master of crime fiction!
  • Selene
    3.5 starsThe reader meets fifty-two year-old Pam as shes en route to California. She thinks about her deceased ex-husband and how they were married for twenty-nine years, before he became a successful author and millionaire. Pam cant help but think about how John was was financially controlling, unfaithful, and argumentative. How negatively he painted her in one of his bestselling books while negating to paint himself with the same broad stroke. ...
  • Carol
    HA! What an absolutely perfect end for a dirt-bag of a man! "Revenge is a desert best served COLD!" Hehehe...... COLD, COLD, COLD HEARTED super short story!
  • Karla
    Dam, What a despicable an arrogant character even in a few pages he got what he deserved. I knew I would have my revenge someday. -Mike Murphy- Dam, What a despicable an arrogant character even in a few pages he got what he deserved. ”I knew I would have my revenge someday.” -Mike Murphy-
  • Jennifer
    Cold Cold Heart is a fairly dark short-story written by the amazing Karin Slaughter. Ms. Slaughter included a surprising amount of story/character building for the brief 30 page ebook/50 minute audiobook. This piece is perfect for any disgruntled women who want to live vicariously through a vengeful first wife. Enjoy!
  • Mo
    Bit disappointed with this one. Didn't really like either character. He was a wanker. She was a bit of a pushover ... should have stood her ground and showed him what he was missing. Very short read. I probably expect more from KS.Hopefully, my KS fan friends will read it and find more to it than I did. I think it was originally published as part of a Crime anthology.... if they are originally published in that format, why, oh, why, go and releas...
  • Stacey
    Pam has a cold, cold heart indeed. In a few pages the slow unraveling of Pam and Jon's marriage is detailed. The death of a son and a controlling husband that has degraded Pam for years has left Pam bitter over Jon's financial success. She doesn't want any part of it, but as he is on his death bed he asks her to visit him one last time. She has reservations, but decides to go. He gives her a journal to read that makes one last hurtful stab at her...
  • Marnie (Enchanted Bibliophile)
    This is the second short story of Slaughter that have disappoint me.The writing was brilliant as always, it's the content of the stories that I don't like. As with Thorn in My Side the subject of this story is just plain weird, okay maybe Thorn in My Side was a lot more weird, but still. Cold Cold Heart gave me that WTF feeling. I'm still not sure if I liked either of the characters.
  • Elle
    This quick short story is exactly the kind of vindictive pettiness I needed right now. Karin Slaughter excels in creating characters with an axe to grind, and I never tire of reading about them. Theres no familiar faces, like some of the Will Trent novellas, or anything that references other novels of hersjust the same, brilliant writer who lets women wear scorn like a fashionable accessory. This quick short story is exactly the kind of vindict...
  • Judy Collins
    COLD COLD HEART, is yet another deliciously evil, witty, and satisfying short story by Karin Slaughter, as fans anxiously await her upcoming THE KEPT WOMAN (5 Stars). Both are Must Reads! If you havent already read 2015 Pretty Girls , please do so. No one quite like the "queen" of crime thrillers. John had been dead for almost two years. They had been married for many years and had met at a young adult Sunday school class some twenty-four yea...
  • Sherry Fundin
    YAY! I was so happy to get my hands on Cold, Cold Heart, A Short Story, by Karin Slaughter. I love her novels and I am curious to see if she can draw me in and leave me wanting more with this short story.They couldnt get past the tragedy, so after twenty years of marriage, she was on her own.I wonder, is she out for revenge?I love that she is her own person, doing the things she had denied herself to stay in shape. Dont we all do that, wanting to...
  • Diane S ☔
    Extremely short but very good. My goodness but I hated her ex husband and thought the ending fit the crime.
  • Erin
    An ex-wife bent on revenge comes face to face with the dying husband that caused her so much misery. A short story that delights in pure evil!
  • Wendy
    I can easily see why Karin Slaughter is one of my favorite authors. Cold Cold Heart is a 24 page short story that grabbed me from the first page and I couldn't stop until I was finished.This is the story of Pam and John and how their relationship of many years fell apart. Slaughter chronicles the circumstances leading to the demise and then takes us, many years later, to a surprise ending which results in revenge being oh so sweet.As in her many ...
  • Becky ♡The Bookworm♡
    I had my review all planned out until the last few paragraphs. Then the whole thing went right out the window! (view spoiler)[I just couldn't resist the Bobbitt pun. Sorry. (hide spoiler)]
  • Lori
    This short story is a tale of revenge. John and Pam were former husband and wife. He calls her to his death bed. Although Pam was the more highly educated, John was the more successful of the two. When married, he tried to control her life and was unfaithful to their relationship. Their troubled son Zachary died in an automobile accident. I'll let you read how this short story plays out. While I didn't love this very dark story, I didn't hate it.
  • Gmaharriet
    Oh, this was wonderful. Revenge is a dish best served cold, right? Ice cold. What a delightful ending!
  • Amanda McGill
    I didn't really see the point of the novel. It wasn't mysterious, there was no murder. Just a ex wife having her revenge on the husband that humiliated her.
  • Freda Mans-Labianca
    Brilliant!!Twisted too, but in a good way. Oh my goodness, this is an intense 69 pages lemme tell ya!I did not think it would play out the way it did either, which is also a good thing. I'm pleasantly surprised!I love this author's writing. She puts you there, in that intense moment, and sometimes has you scared. She sure does paint a vivid picture, but in thrillers, it's what I look for. If you haven't read anything by Karin Slaughter, this litt...
  • Elvan
    Entertaining novella. Sometimes you just have to read fiction to appreciate the person you are with. No matter their faults, there are far worse folks out there you could have married. A quick eye roller.
  • Belles
    Not only can Slaughter write exceptional novels, she's clearly also a master of short stories. It's incredible how much plot and character development she packed into something so short.
  • Sarah Prendergast (lifeandbookswithme)
    I am a #slaughtersquad member for sure. I love pretty much everything Karin writes! This short story is only available by audiobook and I snatched it up when I saw it was available through my library online. Pam was a loyal wife for years. She supported John and her son the best she possibly could. But all of a sudden her son passed away unexpectedly and she and John split up. John remarries and strikes rich but falls terminally ill. John calls P...
  • Heather
    Loved this twisted and satisfying tale of revenge!
  • Gary
    Listened to this from Hoopla. I found it refreshingly trashy! I've seen Slaughter's name everywhere and decided to jump right in for an easily digestible short story.It did not disappoint! You have the asshole husband and the jaded ex-wife getting her final revenge, full of the dirty laundry and expletives you'd expect in a story. Like a modern pulp. The narrator also had a perfect deadpan tone that complimented the story perfectly. I think Slaug...
  • Lyn (Readinghearts)
    Cold Cold Heart is a 24 page short story was a bit different than what I am used to from Karin Slaughter. It is the story of Pam and John, a couple whose marriage has ended. In the ensuing years, their lives go in very different directions. There were several things that set this story apart from the other books that I have read by Slaughter. First of all, both the Will Trent and Grant County series would be classed as mystery/thrillers, and as s...
  • Chris
    This was a great little short story. I wasnt sure what I was getting into when I started this, but I am a big fan of Karin Slaughters and I had to read it. Like most of her short stories there is a little bit of humor, sadness, and anger. I found that I couldnt stop reading this once I started. Partially because, I kept thinking where is this going? Learning more and more about her life as the story progresses, I felt for the character. She had l...