14歳の恋 2 [14-sai no Koi 2] (Love at Fourteen, #2) by Fuka Mizutani

14歳の恋 2 [14-sai no Koi 2] (Love at Fourteen, #2)

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Details 14歳の恋 2 [14-sai no Koi 2] (Love at Fourteen, #2)

Title14歳の恋 2 [14-sai no Koi 2] (Love at Fourteen, #2)
Release DateJun 30th, 2012
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Young Adult, Manga Romance, Graphic Novels Manga, Graphic Novels, Realistic Fiction, Slice Of Life, Comics, Josei, Shojo

Reviews 14歳の恋 2 [14-sai no Koi 2] (Love at Fourteen, #2)

  • Sarah
    I'm starting to like the two main leads more, and I enjoy the representation and insight of a character that is attracted to our female lead despite knowing it's unrequited. However, there's one plot point I could do without/wish didn't exist, and that's the teacher sexually harassing a student. While I am, as I said, liking the main leads more, I find all the side characters to be a bit mentally unstable in some way, but don't let that stop you ...
  • Yue
    Awwww I finished the last volume! Why are there no more volumes! This manga is so adorable.. I was smiling the whole time I was reading this. Kanata and Kazuki are so innocent and so much in love with each other, and at the same time, they feel so comfortable with each other. A new girl appeared, Aoi, who is a book-worm and likes Kazuki, and finds out the secret relationship between the two of them. Thankfully, she is not a thread nor a possible ...
  • Selena
    All of the warm fuzzy feels inside.Fluff, pure and simple. But well done fluff. Too cute.
  • Kiersten Kellogg
    3.5 stars. I liked this volume much more than the first. The romance between the two main characters is very cute but I still don’t get why they can’t just be together. I’m assuming because they don’t want to stand out amongst the other students and want to be as normal as possible but to me this isn’t explained very well. I did enjoy the LGBT+ rep in this, even though it was very little. I hope this is explored more in future volumes. ...
  • Emma
    This series is so good! It's a realistic portrayal of a young relationship, and Kazuki and Kanata's feelings about each other, themselves, and those around them really resonate.Aoi, a fellow female student, seems to have a crush on Kanata. I'm interested to see where it goes, because so far it seems a bit unhealthy. One of their female teachers also seems to be flirting with class bad boy, Nagai. I really hope this gets addressed as inappropriate...
  • Chloé
    Actual Rating: 4 Stars I am enjoying this series so far. I think it's super cute and has a unique concept. My only qualms about this series are that I'm getting some weird vibes between a teacher and a student that I don't like, but nothing is definite in this plot line yet, so we shall see.
  • Eressea
  • Nehmat
    Just got more exciting. Want vol 3 now.
  • Miquel Rodriguez
    The second tier characters are evolving better and more interestingly that the protagonist couple. And I'm writing this with the complete series read. This will continue until the end.
  • Kim
    While the main couple's story is cute, there was the introduction of another student that has a strange relationship with a teacher that seems to cross a lot of lines. Not great.
  • Cixllera
    I thought it would get better. It didn't. Id rather not spend my time on this, its such a boring story. Maybe manga just isn't for me.
  • Chris
    Also cute. A little repetitive.
  • mahima
  • Becca
    I loved this one a fair bit more than the first volume! There were a lot more cute/awkward moments between Kanata and Kazuki (which are always fun to read!) and I am really starting to like the developing subplots as well. (They're a little atypical, but I'm learning that's just what this manga is like! ;P) This manga is just soooo cute and anime-like, and very muchly middle school and first love-esque!Nagai and Shiki are both rather interesting ...
  • Judyth (Geeky Reading)
    ~4.5/5(Contains spoilers, with a warning!)“Some of us are mature… Some of us are childish… But we’re all fourteen.”I rather enjoyed the first volume of this series, and yet this one was even better. I’m in love with this series at this point, and am definitely signed on for the rest of it.It’s stated a lot that the two main characters are mature. And maybe they are more mature for their age, or at least more reserved. But they’re ...
  • Ashleigh
    This series is so perfect. It continues to nail those little moments--PE dancing!!! I thought to myself at one point, "Wow. A lot of this is just kids looking at each other." But, you know what? That's EXACTLY what Love at 14 looks like. Also, those other characters who get weaved in--their stories--equally great. I'm really impressed!
  • Simbahenom
    haha...ini sih lebih tepat disebut kumpulan cerpen. romantisme ala anak usia 14 tahun, yg di depan temen-temennya berlagak sok dewasa, ga kekanak-kanakan.asli ceritanya simpel bgt, ekspresi yg keluar....hah gitu doang? kayak gitu. tapi asyiknya, sesuatu yg simpel itu malah sangat enak dinikmati, membuat senyum-senyum sendiri. menghibur sekali!! :D
  • April
    I liked this more than volume 1 as I felt like I was starting to 'get' it and I notice the goodreads star count of others is greater for this volume, too. But I can't say enough good things about these books. I love them!
  • Sean O'Hara
    The whole subplot with the teacher trying to get with her student is really dragging the story down. It'd be one thing if he were crushing on her, but when he repeatedly tells her to quit and she keeps pressing him ... no.
  • Avery
    4/5 stars Judge me all you want but these books are adorable it teaches you about first love and crushes and it's really adorable I see new relationships are blooming and I'm already ready for the next one
  • Doremili
    Genial, hermoso, lleno de momentos hermosos y situaciones muy inesperadas. Los adoro!
  • Annabelle
    It's just so cute how can I not fall I love with this series?
  • Meaghan Steeves
    Getting interesting, NO idea when the next volume will be available in the English translation though :S
  • Liza
    Knocked off a star because I'm not a fan of the teacherXstudent relationship presented in this book.
  • Jessica
    ❤ ❤️
  • Janice
    3.5 stars
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Another cute volume. Liking the series so far. The art is pretty good.
  • Angel
    Ohhhhhhhkay, that one subplot is all kinds of awful. No. Nope nope nope.