Take The Fall by Emily Hainsworth

Take The Fall

WHO KILLED GRETCHEN MEYER?Fear grips the residents of Hidden Falls the night Sonia Feldman and her best friend, Gretchen Meyer, are attacked in the woods. Sonia was lucky to escape with her life, but Gretchen’s body is discovered at the bottom of a waterfall. Beautiful, popular, and seemingly untouchable, Gretchen can’t be gone. Even as Sonia struggles with guilt and confusion over having survived, the whole town is looking to her for informa...

Details Take The Fall

TitleTake The Fall
Release DateFeb 16th, 2016
PublisherBalzer + Bray
GenreMystery, Young Adult, Contemporary, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Take The Fall

  • Sarah
    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.) “Gretchen’s dead.” This was an okay mystery story, but it took a while to get good.Sonia seemed quite intent on finding out who killed her friend, although it seemed a bit of an odd idea to team up with the person who was the most likely suspect!The storyline in this started out really slow, and the book didn’t rea...
  • Laura
    3.5 starsMy first young adult murder mystery book of the year! Suspenseful and dark, but so fun to read. It had a great dose of twists and surprises. I was convinced I knew whodunnit up to the end, but then WAM.. Emily Hainsworth got me. That’s the kind of thing you want from a good murder mystery. Red herrings are always a plus. There were shades of Twin Peaks throughout making for a unique tone and setting. It seems everyone has their secrets...
  • Olivia (The Candid Cover)
    4.5 StarsTake the Fall is one of the most suspenseful books of the year. The reader will be turning the pages like mad, eager to learn the truth. This crime novel is action-packed as the characters try and catch a killer, and the focus is on the mystery, not the romance, which is enjoyable. However, the ending may be disappointing for some in this whirlwind of a story.Take the Fall has all the components of a good mystery: characters searching fo...
  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    Who doesn't love a good heart pounding, pulse racing thriller? We are immediately thrown right into the very heart of the story as the novel opens with Sonia frantically fleeing the woods for her life after being attacked and nearly killed.Right off you know this will be a mystery that is gong to mess with your head and while I did have most of it figured out way early on in the story, the author managed to put twists and new turns into the story...
  • Stacee
    I really enjoyed Emily's other book, so was beyond thrilled to get my greedy hands on this one.I really liked Sonia. She's smart and being in her head had me captivated right from the beginning. There are a lot of secondary characters {*cough* suspects *cough*} and Emily did a fantastic job at getting me to believe that everyone was involved and no one could be trusted.There are some excellent plot twists that I didn't see coming. Every time I th...
  • Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin*
    This was an enjoyable YA murder mystery... and much of my enjoyment came from the fact that the author is clearly a Twin Peaks fan. Randomly coming across references to the show is always a treat for this fan.The book opens with a murdered girl in a small town.She was murdered near a waterfall.The sheriff as well as the girl's best friend investigate her murder, and secrets gradually come to light.There's a Deputy Brennan.AND the sheriff has a mu...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    Take the Fall, similar to Mister Death's Blue-Eyed Girls and The Pact, was much better than I expected. What if one of the people you knew was a murderer? This book was well-written and haunting and a great YA novel.
  • AH
    Hmmm...I liked Take the Fall by Emily Hainsworth. Didn't love it, but I did enjoy the mystery aspect of the story. The book begins with an account of an attack on the main character Sonia. She survives the attack, but her best friend Gretchen is found dead. The rest of the story unfolds as Sonia and the police try to piece together the clues.About halfway through the book, I was a little frustrated by Sonia's Nancy Drew imitation. I mean, if you ...
  • Katherine
    ”None of them knew just how she fell,Down, down through the air-And now she’ll never tell.” Out of all the relationships between people in this world, I think the most fascinating, complex, and toxic relationships out there are the ones between teenage girls. Its almost mercurial in nature. One minute they can be the best of friends; one misstep later they’re immortal enemies. They can’t live with each other, but they can’t live witho...
  • Tee loves Kyle Jacobson
    Good Lord this book was amazing so amazing! I can't explain to you how much I loved this book so much! If you like suspense you will love this book. It is for you because from page one to the end you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.In this story we meet Sonia and her best friend Gretchen. They do everything together. So when they are invited to a party they decide to go. What happens after the party is where ...
  • Kirsty-Marie Jones
    More 3.5. Also, had that theory at 12%. Just saying.
  • rin
    I've expected it to be intriguing and mystic. No such luck :/The book is boring. The ending is the only good thing about it BUT I've predicted everything that happened (I guess I watch too many detective TV shows lol). The book is full of cliches, and at some point you become seriously annoyed by them.Did I like the book? No. Did I hate it? No. Would I recommend it? No.
  • Dahlia
    Really liked this. It started off a little slow for me only because I read a lot of murder mysteries and it felt very familiar, but I mention that strictly to say that if you're having the same feeling about it, don't DNF; it gets increasingly more compelling as it goes on, and is worth your read.
  • Trisha
    "The initial list of suspects I came up with looked more like a roster of our entire study body"I am so disappointed. There are not a ton of YA mystery books - especially murder mystery. So when I find one, I'm always excited. But I read a lot of mystery, YA or not - so I know when I've been tricked.and this book is tricky. I don't mind a good surprise. I don't even mind when I don't figure out who done it before the last page - or that there wer...
  • Amber
    3.5 starsTake the Fall boasts a solid mystery with a diverse catch. Although it had my attention, I found it missing a certain oomph.Plot: Take the Fall opens with Sonia running into her family's diner at a questionable hour. She looks like she's been in a scuffle and her best friend Gretchen can't be found. The prologue sets the tone for the rest of the novel - fast. This is a fun paced and expected for a murder-mystery. While it was well-writte...
  • Doris
    You know a book will be good when the first sentence is "don't think, just run." Take The Fall reminded me of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Remember when everyone is accusing Freddie Prinze Jr of killing the fisherman and we all are like "did he or didn't he." Well that's the essence of Take The Fall but with one hell of a twist. Al the signs point to Marcus Perez as the killer and I'm left MIND BLOWN with how the killer is revealed. Did Marcu...
  • Jason McKinney
    If you're like me, and are tired of YA because you feel like it can be pretty repetitive, this could be one for you. I tore through it in two days and I was super surprised how exciting it was. Hainsworth really ratchets up the suspense and the finale is well thought out, surprising and completely authentic. It's not always perfect, but this is a bunch of fun to read.
  • Dark Faerie Tales
    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Decent mystery story about friendships, family, and love.Opening Sentence: Don’t think, just run.The Review:Whenever it starts to become fall, I liked to read more murder mysteries. This year, I started off with Take the Fall. This one is a young adult murder mystery book that I think you’ll either love or be ambivalent toward. I wasn’t really able to connect with either the characters or t...
  • Alana Llama
    The plot twist though 😱
  • bookborrower
    This was a throughly thrilling novel, but I hated the ending. Had the ending been different, I would have enjoyed the story as a whole better.
  • Roxanne
    Started strong but kind of lost me at the end.
  • Madison
    This is an edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting, check-over-your-shoulder, add-your-own-cliche-here kind of book. This is ultimately an epic murder mystery, with a huge list of suspects, a twist that came out of nowhere and a surprise ending. It's dark and kind of disturbing but so easy to read. The night Sonia was attacked in the forest, her best friend Gretchen was also attacked. Sonia survived, but Gretchen is found dead at the base of the falls. It...
  • Abby Wheaton
    Personal Response: When I started reading this book I tried several times to try and predict what would happen. I found myself predicting wrong, because there was so much plot twist throughout the book. I also found it very hard to keep track of who did what. Overall, I thought the book was great, and the ending was very unpredictable. Plot: Sonia was a normal senior girl who loved life and loved hanging out with her best friend Gretchen. Life wa...
  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    Take the Fall kept me thoroughly entertained from beginning to end, though it never ventured into the feelsy arena. I debated between a 3 and a 3.5, but the ending decided me on the lower rating. Thriller readers may enjoy this one more, but for the dabbler in the genre, this wouldn’t be my first choice.Hainsworth does a nice job establishing pace and tension, keeping me curious who the murderer was and what would happen next. It’s a fun read...