Poisonous by Tommy B. Smith


Following the Quake of ’79, a terrible force came to the city of St. Charles. This was the Living Poison. In Lilac Chambers, it may have found the perfect host. As she finds herself changing, becoming increasingly dangerous to everyone around her, it becomes apparent that her state of being is no accident of nature. She is becoming a prime vehicle for the Living Poison’s destructive swath through the streets of St. Charles. Detective Brandt M...

Details Poisonous

Release DateAug 1st, 2012
PublisherRainstorm Press

Reviews Poisonous

  • Jonathan Pongratz
    5/5Five gritty, blood-stained stars for this book!I had the pleasure of meeting the author at a local convention, so of course I had to buy a book and see what this story was all about. Man was I blown away! Explaining the gist of this story is a little tough without spoilers, but I'll try. Poisonous is a story of set in the St. Charles area spanning several decades. Throughout the years, a vast number of murders have occurred in this area. Local...
  • Amanda
    nice little quick read
  • James Watts
    The idea for this story is awesome, and the character Lilac devious, yet conflicted. Considering her origins, it is not hard to see why. My only issues with the story were the pacing and POV hopping. While the author did a wonderful job, it felt rushed and there was no time to really understand the full nature of the pain and other issues weighing on the characters. Smith is a very talented writer, you can see his gift in his prose, but this book...
  • Nicole
    One fateful day in 1980, the town of St. Charles was forever changed. Harold Chambers awoke to find a man with a clown face opening him up and inserting an a horrid and wretched creature. Fast forward several years and Lilac Chambers is born. Her yellow eyes are the only outward sign that she is not human. But as mysterious deaths and unsolved murders begin to stack up wherever Lilac goes, the town begins to fear the worse. Detective Brandt McCul...
  • Kitty Honeycutt
    Book Title: "Poisonous”Author: Tommy B. SmithPublished By: Rainstorm PressAge Recommended: 16+ Reviewed By: Kitty BullardRaven Rating: 5Review: I absolutely loved this book. It’s the perfect length for a quick read and one you cannot put down! I read it in one sitting and my only disappointment was… I wanted more! I hope Tommy decides to do a sequel. This book features great writing, edge of your seat drama and the kind of gothic horror you...
  • Max III
    POISONOUS is a very short, very fast read. It's full of suspense and horror. The characters, I thought, fell a bit flat at times, but picked up more toward the end. I thought the pacing, especially in the beginning, moved perhaps a bit too quickly, and could possibly turn some readers off. I urge them to continue. This reads like a novel significantly cut down--not for the better, either.While still a suspenseful story--and an enjoyable story--I ...
  • Margaret
    I won the goodreads ARC... first reads. I'm so excited to get this book. So i got it in the mail today! I couldn't put it down once i started it. This book was absolutely captivating from beginning to end. It has a great premise and although its only a little over 100 pages was surprisingly descriptive, plus the ending has a clever twist. In short i loved it.
  • Johnny Worthen
    A fast paced horror, just the thing for an afternoon chill.I think the book could have been improved by lengthening it. Characters are introduced and dispatched with hurried efficiency. A little more time to get to know everyone wouldn't have been misspent for my lingering tastes, but that's me. As is, the book's pace is effective and non-stop, a real page-turner.
  • Deedra
    UGH!This book sounds like it was recorded in a can.It is VERY hard to listen to.Besides that,the story just didn't catch my attention,though Greg Brostrom has a nice voice.This audiobook was provided to me at no cost for a fair and honest review