Man Up! by Ross Mathews

Man Up!

In this hilarious and inspirational memoir, Ross Mathews-best known as "Ross the Intern" from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno-chronicles his life growing up as an atypical kid in a small Northwestern farm town to living as an atypical adult in Los Angeles, to eventually being his loud, proud, apologetically genuine self on national television.As a young kid growing up in a farm town, Ross Mathews might as well have wished for a pet unicorn or a ca...

Details Man Up!

TitleMan Up!
Release DateMay 7th, 2013
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreHumor, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography, Audiobook

Reviews Man Up!

  • Calista
    This book almost killed me it is so funny! Ross is fantastic and he can put together some totally terrific tales talking tricks - well you get the idea, phrases with the same letter. Ross basically was handed a chance to be famous and he simple stepped up and did it. It's such an amazing event. He was supposed to be there. Thank you Jay Leno for giving this guy a chance. Ross is truly a funny guy. I knew him from Rupaul's Drag Race and now I know...
  • Dian Romonosky
    Only took me a few days to read, mostly because I finished about half of it on a 5 hour plane ride. To sum it up, Ross and I would totally be best friends. The way he writes is very much like my thought process and there were multiple times that I would find myself laughing out loud. It was also very interesting to see how he got his start on Leno, showing that hard work can actually pay off....or just being at the right place at the right time, ...
  • Heather
    Ross Matthews is right about one thing – any self-confidence he feels about his writing skills is without a doubt delusional. He’d have to be out of his mind to think that readers will actually be entertained by the garbage he passes off as a book.These comedic memoir-esque type books seem to be growing in popularity these days, but I still consider some of Chelsea Handler’s and David Sedaris’ works to be the golden standard for this genr...
  • Janine Slayton
    I JUST LOST THE REVIEW I WAS WRITING. THIS MAKES ME SO MAD. An abbreviated version of what I just wrote: I didn't actually finish this book. I skipped the last disc, but I'm counting it as read AND giving it 3 stars, because I did enjoy what I got through. The biggest setback for me was what a big fan of alliteration Mathews is, and that got grating. Plus, the last disc started with a chapter about Madonna, and I kind of just didn't care. That be...
  • Theresa
    I love Ross Matthews, another comedian I was introduced to through Chelsea Lately. Every round table he was on was already 1000 times better than usual. This book definitely doesn't disappoint.Ross is the sassy gay man that every girl dreams of having as her best friend. This book gives you insight as to how Ross went from sassy twelve year old to Hollywood red carpet correspondent. Every step of the way is fascinating! If you have the chance, do...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: being bullied as a kid to breaking into stardom as “Ross the Intern” and everything in between – Ross Mathews shares how he has “manned up” to various situations life has thrown him.I’m not a Leno fan (but I can’t WAIT for Fallon to take over the timeslot, baby!) and have a love/hate relationship with Chelsea Handler (specifically, I hate her face and her voice, but I...
  • Heidi The Reader
    I've been reading a lot of heavy stuff lately and I needed a bit of fluff. I'd venture to say that there are very few books as fluffy as this one. :) It's one silly bit after another and it's just what I needed.Ross skates across deeper issues a couple of times (he mentions that he lost his father at a young age) but he doesn't go into it, instead he talks about overdosing on THC when his father was dying in the hospital. So, though there are no ...
  • Erin
    Had I the good sense to stop after one disc, this may have been a 3-4 star review. For the record I think Ross is adorbs. His writing, not so much.The narrative was just way too bogged down with superlatives, exaggerations, cheesy alliteration, and long-winded lists of synonyms. When every single detail is THE most/best/craziest thing you've ever seen in the whole wide world/your entire existence, NOTHING seems important.
  • Stacey
    I love this guy! He's so funny and sincere. Reading this book was just like listening to his podcast or watching him on video. I'm sad there wasn't a little more depth to this book but it was still just a fun time reading it!
  • Yodamom
    Ross the Intern, on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno that is how I first became aware of this funny amazing human being. He was this laughing, shining man who almost floated across the stage with enthusiasm. I fell for him and watched for him everynight. He is a talented, a remarkable voice and an excellent interviewer. he is able to get 'stars' to say and do the most 'human' things.As I read the book I was struck by how difficult his road has been...
  • Erin
    Ross Mathews is not the type of celebrity that one can be sure everyone knows about. I wasn't a regular "Tonight Show" watcher, but came across him in bits and pieces on internet clips. He's as charming here as he appears on television - stand up comedians usually don't translate into funny in books, but there's something about Ross's child-like persona that I totally buy and enjoy.....this wasn't great literature, of course, but a good distracti...
  • ❤Marie Gentilcore
    I completely enjoyed this book. It made me laugh so hard right from the beginning. I became a fan of Ross Mathews earlier this year when he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. He is such a fun person to watch so I was eager to read his memoir. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the audiobook version and it was delightful to hear him talk about his childhood and his start in show business. I read that he is working on another book and I will happily...
  • Leslie
    I'm not sure about these kinds of books anymore. I usually get so excited to read books written by people who I find just so funny! For example: Ellen DeGeneres, Tina Fey, Chelsea Handler, Mindy Kaling.. So far it hasn't been working for me. I have been disappointed more than anything. I love Ross Mathews. He's hilarious and I just love how he owns himself and doesn't care what other people think. I was excited for this book because I figured he...
  • Alexandra
    Ross Mathews is best known for his role on Jay Leno, Chelsea Handler, his new talk show 'Hello Ross', and his high-pitched, unique voice. I first saw Ross Mathews on Chelsea Handler's show and instantly fell in love with him. He's sassy, witty, funny and embraces his homosexuality. He's my ideal best friend. And somehow this book made me like him even more.Ross Mathews just found a way to find humor in everything and he can now look back on embar...
  • Fran Court
    I gave this 4 as I love Ross and love his story but it was quite short and light, I'd have liked it to be a little bit meatier but still enjoyable.
  • Elena
    Absolutely laugh out loud hysterical! I just love Ross Matthews!
  • Jessica
    I really enjoyed this book. Life has a way of dragging one down and this book was just enough of a light, humorous read to distract me from every day life. And the thing is, I’ve watched enough Drag Race with Ross on there that I had his voice in my head while reading this so it was like an audiobook, but not, for me haha. I should mention that Drag Race is the only place I knew him from. I never watched Leno or Chelsea Handler but Ross is tota...
  • Adam Webling
    Man Up! Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence is a must read for all Ross Mathews fans. Full of stories from across his life, Man Up! will fill you with lots of things you never knew about him. It expanded on stories I’d heard on his podcast and definitely revealed things I wasn’t expecting. And, of course, it was all told with his trademark humour that had me giggling to myself as I turned each page.
  • Amandalyn
    I loved this autobiography. I took it on vacation and finished it up when I got home. I have loved Ross ever since he was Ross the Intern on the Jay Leno show. He hails from a town less than an hour away from where I grew up in WA state. The book was just like him-funny, energetic, and over the top. I LOL'd in many places and it was just an easy fun read!
  • Nicole
    I've read a ton of these types of books and usually end liking the author a lot less afterward (Ahem...Tina Fey)...But this book was actually pretty funny...laugh out loud funny at some parts (pot butter). Worth the's a quickie, not too deep and I actually like him a little more now.Helps if you know who Ross is though...the voice is killer...even just in print
  • Bridget
    Not as many laugh out loud moments as I'd expected. Ross Matthews always cracks me up on Chelsea Lately and still does but this book didn't blow me away. Maybe I should have gotten the audio book. Reading his book in my mind in my voice just didn't do it justice.
  • Jamie Lehessalo
    This book was a great read, kept me laughing every time I picked it up. Ross Matthews's writing style made me feel like I was literally having a conversation with the TV personality I have come to love. Great light read with an underlying message we all need - just go for it!
  • Amy
    I love Ross Mathews! This book about some of his adventures in life is great fun, but also inspirational, with lots of life lessons about accepting yourself as you are.
  • Megan ~The Never Ending Book Basket
    I have not laughed as much reading a book ever in my life. I don't think I have even smiled as much as I did reading this book. This book was pure enjoyment. It was hysterical, it was funny as hell, and I love Ross Matthews with all that I have right now. His memoir was everything I needed. It made me laugh my ass off, it had so many unforgettable stories that were equal parts ridiculous and fun and perfect, and it was him all the way through. Ma...
  • Cathy
    Ok I know I’m often too extravagant with my 5 stars, but I loved the experience of this book and his Ross’s narration. I definitely can imagine (and encourage!?!) him sharing even more stories in future books.I remember that first assignment on Jay Leno and feeling so excited, happy, and validated. I grew up following his red carpet interviews and now enjoy catching his podcast and most of all his assuming his rightful spot on Rupaul’s drag...
  • Jacob Blank
    Ross is a cult favorite for being an unlikely overnight star. His fame comes from his unnervingly sharp ability to make an audience laugh with him instead of at him. One of the most surprising parts about him is that behind his sweet demeanor is a pitch black sense of humor. The latter of which is sadly missing from his first memoir. A reader who is a fan will get the sense that he has held back writing this- both in terms of length and depth.Whe...
  • Jayna Dash
    I like reading books that make me laugh. This one had me laughing, hard, several times....and some of the one liners were just so good. He is a clever guy who I have enjoyed watching on Chelsea Lately over the years. Since we are about the same age, I really appreciated some of his commentary, especially when it related to his High School years and his affections for those in Hollywood around that time. If you like reading books by funny people, ...
  • Natosha Ann
    THIS BOOK WILL MAKE YOUR DAYRoss’s voice is clear, fun, and upbeat. He is the pinkest pink in the rainbow, and reading this book will bring brightness to your day that you didn’t know you needed. I truly, truly, truly loved this book and I can’t recommend it enough 💖Side note: I got 100% on the quiz at the end.
  • Kaycee Mohr
    This book was a hilarious read. I've always liked Ross Mathews and I just had to read his book. He really does make you feel like you are best friends with him. I also loved how he described his relationship with his parents and how they always made him feel like he could be his true self. Great read!