Curses! Foiled Again (Foiled, #2) by Jane Yolen

Curses! Foiled Again (Foiled, #2)

Defender of the Seelie Courts, Aliera Carstairs, is back! This time her cousin and best friend, Caroline joins her in both the human and the faerie realms--where the stakes are higher than ever. And then there's the Unseelie-defector-troll Avery tagging along, Baba Yaga herself, and much, much more that is rarely what it seems.

Details Curses! Foiled Again (Foiled, #2)

TitleCurses! Foiled Again (Foiled, #2)
Release DateJan 8th, 2013
PublisherFirst Second
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Young Adult, Comics, Childrens, Middle Grade, Fiction

Reviews Curses! Foiled Again (Foiled, #2)

  • Calista
    I enjoy this series. Sadly, Jane said in a fan question that First Second did not want to do another book, so Jane is not going to finish this series. The first book was better, but I enjoy this sword or weapon welding girl. I like how this ties into the other world of fairies. Baba Yaga shows up and her tea cup, which is funny. I knew that was Baba Yaga before they said it too. Aliera gets deeper into the world of seelie. She has to rescue her f...
  • Faith Hicks
    Strange book. Loved the story, but it didn't quite work as a comic (too much internal narration, little reliance on the art to tell the story, complicated plot). It would've maybe been a better prose novel.
  • Pamela
    I enjoyed Foiled, and was excited to read this sequel. Plus, it's by Jane Yolen, who I generally love. This second entry in the Foiled series was still good, it just had a few things that threw me off a little.One thing (however, this does seem to be popular in YA series nowadays, so) is that we jump right in without practically any backstory at all. I mean, I only read Foiled a few months ago and I already forgot that the main character was colo...
  • Hollowspine
    I love the cover of this graphic novel. The pose reminds me of Star Wars, but instead of the Jedi/Warrior/hero being a man it's Aliera, an awesome and strong willed girl, whose ace with a fencing foil (or weapon as she insists it be called). Ali has some trouble trusting her new found henchman, Avery, a troll, but he plays her princess leia, doing his best to aid her in the fight against the Dark Lord. Who is not Darth Vader, but the references t...
  • Joe
    Sorry, but Aliera, the protagonist, was a little whiny for me--not quite as bad as Bella, but I still wanted to smack her. It might have been better, I admit, if I had read the first one, but I don't think I will now, despite how much I enjoy Jane Yolen's writing. This just didn't do much for me.
  • Ellie
    Not as strong as the first in this series, but still wonderful overall. Mostly I was bothered by the fact that the main character REFUSED to just LISTEN TO THE OGRE DUDE. SRSLY. That would have solved like half of her problems.
  • Sharni
    Baba Yaga taking the bus *AND* Princess Bride references- worthy sequel!
  • Kimber
    This is a trimmed down version of my review, to view the full review visit The Book Ramble.Aliera and Avery are back at it in this sequel to Foiled! Together they must fight against trolls to save the kingdom of faeries, whether they like it or not. When the trolls strike out against them in the real world however, things take on a turn for the worse. Aliera must finally face her destiny and save her family before it's too late.In this book Alier...
  • Kellee
    Reviewed at:**Spoilers for Foiled #1**Surprisingly, I liked the 2nd book of the series more than the first. It must have been that the first was just the exposition where this one you are really getting into the meat of the story. And there is definitely meat in this book. We delve deeper into Aliera's job as the defender of Fairy Land as well as her love/hate relationship with Avery the troll. The first b...
  • Shazza Maddog
    Aliera and Avery return in this sequel to Foiled! in another quick-moving graphic novel. Aliera is a teenager who wound up becoming the human Defender of fairyland due to her mother picking up what appeared to be a rather tacky fencing foil with what looks like a plastic light-up jewel as a pommel. But looks are deceiving and the foil turns out to be the weapon of the last Defender of Faerie - whomsoever holds the foil has a lot of power. And Ave...
  • Rachel
    In the first volume, Curses! Foiled, Aliera caught a glimpse of another world, and a life more dangerous, and purposeful, than the estranged one she lives in. Her classmate and many others turned out to be magical creatures, many of whom seek to cause trouble. Now, it is up to her to use her fencing skills to foil their plans again. Reluctantly, she takes up her magical sword, one that only the Defender of Faerie can use. On top of the troubles c...
  • Christopher
    I'm sad to say that this book was abit of a dissapointment in comparison to the first book, Foiled. I think the problem is that the story spent too much time in the faerie realm and not enough on Aliera's life outside of her new role as Defender.I still really like Aliera's voice. The constant tension between belief and disbelief in the new world opened to her in the last book feels natural for a teen if somewhat grating to my older self. That sa...
  • M.
    Book 2, sequel to Foiled. Strong female protagonist. The first few pages give a brief synopsis to the previous book but I wish I'd read the other one first as this second book would have made more sense right away. Basically, Aliera, a very good fencer and high school student, has become the owner of a magic fencing epee which makes her magical and the Defender of the Fairie World. The bad guys are trolls who can masquerade as human if they're in...
  • Rebecca
    Aliera, a high school outsider and fencer, has unwillingly assumed the title of Defender of the Faerie world after she received the bejeweled Defender's foil mostly by chance. Now she can see fairies and trolls, and has a troll disguised as a boy bound to her because she saved his life. He's her lab partner at school, and they do nothing but bicker as he tries to convince her that she is in danger, and she refuses to listen because she really doe...
  • Becky Soledad
    *Copy provided by Net Galley**Spoilers for Foiled*I really love Jane Yolen. Her graphic novels have as much magic and fun as her novels. They have good characters that are often well drawn and a great story. Aliera is a strong young woman who is making the best of being thrown into a world she never knew existed. Over all I really enjoyed the book but I was a little frustrated with Aliera and the way she treated Avery. I wanted to shake her and s...
  • Janie
    While the design is still great, I don't have much to say about this one that I didn't say for the first one (Foiled). Being a sequel, I expected more answers. But they only left more. Plus, the plot in this one took a "twist" that seemed very tired and cliché. Did I see it coming? I suppose not, but I still groaned when I found out about it. I don't know. So much potential darn it!Art notes: Mike Cavallaro didn't illustrate this one? That's biz...
  • Ange (Libby Blog) Schmelzer
    Aliera Carstairs is a high school girl, a good student, a great fencer, and oh, The Defender! That's right! She's The Defender of Faerie thanks to the new "practice foil" that her mother purchased for $2 at a rummage sale! Now that she understands WHO she is, she needs to understand WHAT her purpose is. The Seelie Court is under attack and only Aliera and Caroline, her best friend and cousin, are the key to saving them all. Dive into Aliera's wor...
  • Marsha
    Much like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Aliera’s new position of Defender comes with a great deal of responsibility. Also, like Buffy, she wants nothing to do with any of it. However, just as the television blonde cheerleader was finally forced to pick up a stake and do her duty, Aliera is dragged into the fray when someone close to her is threatened. The pacing is brisk and the characters that swirl around Aliera are fun to read. The uncertainty ...
  • Becky B
    Aliera has a magic weapon. She's been named the Defender. But what does that mean? Aliera's trying to figure this whole thing out, and while she's busy doing that someone goes and kidnaps her cousin Caroline and puts her Aunt in the hospital. Aliera quickly has a focus. She's got to rescue her cousin. (And survive the annoyances of Avery, part-time human/part-time troll, who says she's his liege lord and keeps pestering her asking for instruction...
  • Kristen
    Plot: Taking off where the first book left off, Aliera must save the fairy kingdom with the help of her cousin Caroline. I love watching her in action and the twists of the plot in the book were quite shocking and kept me reading right until the end. I fear I will have to wait too long to find out what is next for Aliera.Characters: I just love Aliera, who is a bit of a stubborn girl, strong-minded but not without fault. Caroline is a fantastic c...
  • Nicole
    Recommended for grades 6+I had missed the first book in this series, so going into it I wasn't aware of it being a second...however, it was made painfully obvious over and over again that there was a first book that gave all the background. Aliera is a defender of fairies, but she can't find them and is afraid they are all dead. (I guess I needed to read the first book for this to make more sense.) While looking for the fairies where she first sa...
  • Kamillah
    In this sequel to Jane Yolen's first graphic novel, Foiled!, the teenage protagonist Aliera tries to return to her ordinary life away from trolls disguised as teenage boys, faeries, and magical weapons. Those plans go awry when her best friend and cousin, Caroline, mysteriously goes missing. While the series has all of the above promising elements, this sequel fell flat for me with its confusing plot and overemphasis on dialogue. Much of the dial...
  • Karin
    Aliera doesn’t really know how she feels about being the Defender of the Faerie world. She does know that she wants Avery to stop following her around though. She is so sick of him insisting on helping her. She doesn’t want anything to do with that troll.But, after she and her family are put in grave danger she doesn’t really have a choice. She has to come to terms with her role in the world and start acting like the Defender she is.Aliera ...
  • Alex
    This one was better than the first though not by much. I really wish Yolen would let the illustrations speak for themselves. You don't have to recap everything, you don't have to explain everything that is happening as we can see it happening. And you really don't have to have your character be so aggressively angry at literally everything. Her classmates, her troll, the fact that she's magic. Really seriously tone it down a notch. A hero can hav...
  • Mowalski
    This book picks up where Foiled left off, and you definitely need to read the first in order to understand this one. I love the art and colors, but I must admit that the narration isn't quite as good as it was in the first. To be honest, I must say that Aliera got on my nerves a bit in this book. She seemed a little more hot-tempered, and refused to listen to Avery almost every single time, even though he actually helped her a lot and offered pro...
  • Nicola Mansfield
    I've got to say I was somewhat underwhelmed with this one. I really enjoyed the first book and this sequel just didn't live up to it for me. The initial background story was never referred to; the mix of b/w and colour in the art doesn't make as much of an impression when one forgets that Aliera is color-blind in the first book, and references to a few names and places from her and Caroline's "rpg"-ing from the first book also fall flat. The stor...
  • Rosa
    So thankfully there is a brief reminder in the beginning of what happened in the previous book. This book continues the series and wraps up the beginner story line started in the previous book. (i.e. while the series continues, this at least feels like I completed story.) I also felt like this volume had a more grown up vibe. Even Aliera felt more grown up looking to me. There were some unexpected betrayals and there was some unexpected help. I a...