Damage Control by Amber Dermont

Damage Control

A luminous collection of short stories focusing on privilege and entitlement, from the bestselling author of The Starboard SeaDamage Control displays Amber Dermont's remarkable gift for portraying characters at crossroads. In “Lyndon,” a daughter visits presidential landmarks following the death of her father. In “Damage Control,” a young man works at an etiquette school while his girlfriend is indicted for embezzlement. A widow rents ...

Details Damage Control

TitleDamage Control
Release DateMar 26th, 2013
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreShort Stories, Fiction, Literature

Reviews Damage Control

  • Larry H
    In the hands of a talented writer, short stories can have almost a transcendent quality, an ability to transport you into the minds of unique characters and memorable situations. I was a huge fan of Amber Dermont's debut novel, The Starboard Sea (in fact, it was one of my favorite books I read last year), so I was excited to read her new short story collection, Damage Control. And after reading the 14 stories in this collection, I was pleased to ...
  • Rebecca
    When I heard that this was a book about "privilege and entitlement" I wasn't sure I would relate, but the characters, while all associated with upper crust society, are also down to earth. Wealth and privilege are a theme in each story but it's not all stuffy, Emily Gilmore-esque nonsense. Amber Dermont has created fictional people that are just as faulty, quirky, interesting and fallible as people I know. The great thing about short story collec...
  • Ava Butzu
    Ms. Dermont is at her finest when she write about heartbreak and loss, themes that are often maudlin or overly-dramatic in the hands of lesser contemporary authors. In stories like "Sorry, You Are Not a Winner," "Number One Tuna," and the title story, the protagonists feel every bit of pain that the loss of a beloved father, a lover, and even the loss of a life of privilege realistically inflict upon us, but the pain is wrapped in cotton, more of...
  • Terrence McClintock
    Dermont's stories are consistently entertaining. Personally, I liked the bizarre elements in each story and I thought Dermont did a good job of making them believable. Without the odd pairings of people and situations, her stories would lose a lot of the allure for me. She packs her stories full of so much detail that I felt "short" is something of a misnomer given her ability to stretch my imagination and introduce me to novel situations.
  • Jen
    These stories are everything— smart, entertaining, funny, generous, plausible, fantastic, horrifying, well-written. They are stories about abduction and grief, they are about family and identity, they are about aging before your time, they are about not giving up on what it is that you want most. Amber Dermont is brilliant and I recommend her books to everyone.
  • Merrie
    I have never been one to enjoy short stories, I generally prefer full length novels. So when I won a free copy of this book on the Goodreads giveaways I decided to give it a try. I am glad that I did because I thoroughly enjoyed these stories. The characters were well developed and each story had its own unique way of drawing the reader in.
  • Maureen Flatley
    As much as I loved The Starboard Sea I loved this book even more. Tightly written stories beautifully crafted and often funny the narratives just pull you along from one story to the next. Possibly my favorite collection of short stories since T. Correghasan Boyle's hilarious If The River Was Whiskey.
  • Kim
    well written stories - great relationships and characters. a book of short stories is harder to stick with than a novel because you aren't trying to get back to an ongoing story and finish it up. i think i've had my fill with three this year. All were very good, but would be interested to read a novel from these authors.
  • George Ilsley
    This is a collection which should be read slowly, preferably over several years. If you read them all at once, they somehow start to cancel each other out, and become less interesting. Had to skip one of them, about pain. The last one, Camp, left me feeling more upbeat about this collection.
  • Mary
    A fascinating collection of stories, not unlike George Saunders' Tenth of December. Some really rewarding, some a little distasteful, but all reflecting the author's creative mind and considerable talent.
  • Ed
    After reading glowing NY Times review I waited a weeks for my library hold to come up. Worth the wait. I'm not generally a fan of short story collections, but this was thoroughly involving, and instead of reading a story from time to time I read it cover to cover in two days.
  • Amanda Nan Dillon
    This book has changed my opinion on short stories. Absolutely loved Dermont's stories and different styles of writing.
  • Patricia Geller
    Well written stories. Went in search of her earlier books.
  • Sam Grosby
    Re-upped it from the library. Really good short story collection.
  • Casey
    The more I think about these stories, the more I think I like them.Especially a few of the longer stories near the end.
  • Amy Long
    Discombobulated stories lacking theme. The fantastic characters and outrageous story lines fell flat and felt forced.
  • Anna
    Will update with a review soon.
  • Nancy
    I really enjoyed these short stories, especially after reading her new novel, The Starboard Sea last year. She is a great writer.
  • Lynn W
    She is two for two with me! Please write faster
  • Alex
    An admirably diverse collection of stories. I am humble before Amber Dermont.
  • Sidik Fofana
    SIX WORD REVIEW: Educated maids, high educators, paid travelers.
  • Gloria
    I dunno. A few of these stories are really good, but most underwhelmed me. Don't really know how to explain why.
  • Frances
    There is the deathless adage that a writer should write what she knows. Shelves of books rely on continuity of place and the strength that provides. “I Want to Show You More” by Jamie Quatro was a compilation of stories that did this particularly well; I relished the southern quirks of her Lookout Mountain. In her collection “Damage Control,” Amber Dermont rebels. From one story to the next it was a mystery as to where I would be taken. T...
  • Shannon B
    A good book of short stories , characters are unique and interesting and relatable .
  • Hilary
    Copy received through Goodreads’ First Reads program. Perhaps the most notable thing about Amber Dermont’s first collection of stories is its diversity, as Dermont manages to capture an impressive range of characters, settings and themes in these fourteen stories. Although you’d expect diversity in short story collections (since the stories are typically written over many years and published in different magazines), there are almost always ...
  • Kayla
    Damage Control is a collection of fourteen short stories. Some of the short stories seem to be about the coming of age of a female character such as in Lyndon, Afternoons in the Museum of Childhood and Notes Toward an Anatomy of Pain. Others are about older women who are discovering what they desire from life with some drama along the way. A few of the stories deal with male lead characters who are also searching for a purpose in their life. All ...
  • Carole
    I loved Amber Dermont’s debut novel, The Starboard Sea, but this collection of short stories just didn’t do it for me. Perhaps it’s the genre, not a favorite, or perhaps the decidedly bizarre element in each story, but despite Dermont’s very obvious creative talent and her outstanding ability to present characters with personalities that resound, I have to conclude that pre-ordering was a mistake. Caveat emptor.
  • Rachel Hunt
    I was a bit disappointed with this collection. Many of the stories came off a bit juvenile, like something written in a college creative writing course. However, there were a couple stand out stories that I enjoyed, especially the one about the religious cult leader that kidnaps a young girl. Yet many of the stories could have been cut out of the collection and it would have improved the overall read. I struggled I make it to the end.
  • Emily Capeles
    Getting this book as a goodreads give away was exciting as I do not usualy read short stories. I have to say that this was a good collection as I enjoyed most of the stories. I just did not get a few of these stories, but the ones I did get I loved. I recomend this for times when you are too busy to read a whole novel.