The Chinese Takeout Cookbook by Diana Kuan

The Chinese Takeout Cookbook

America’s love affair with Chinese food dates back more than a century. Today, such dishes as General Tso’s Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Egg Rolls are as common as hamburgers and spaghetti. Probably at this moment, a drawer in your kitchen is stuffed with Chinese takeout menus, soy sauce packets, and wooden chopsticks, right?   But what if you didn’t have to eat your favorites out of a container?    In The Chinese Takeout Cookbook...

Details The Chinese Takeout Cookbook

TitleThe Chinese Takeout Cookbook
Release DateDec 11th, 2012
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, Reference

Reviews The Chinese Takeout Cookbook

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    I so love Chinese Take out food. Love the whole buffet thing too. Hmm now I'm hungry. Anyways, this cookbook actually looks like I can make some of the recipes. I made this one last night. Dan Dan Noodles... Yes I improvised and threw in two different kinds of noodles. I was out of scallions too. Oh well..they actually turned out well. The kidlet really liked them. There are several other recipes in this book that I would love to try. Including M...
  • Sharon
    Only made two recipes so far, but just those two earn this book a perfect rating. For as long as I've been cooking, I've been dying--DYING, I tell you!--to learn how to make junky, takeout-style Chinese food at home. I've experimented with virtually every recipe I could find online, but nothing ever satisfied the same way a giant serving of strip-mall buffet food would. I just figured it was the lack of MSG...or some other mystery ingredient I di...
  • Kathrynn
    I love this little cookbook! It truly has "Chinese takeout" recipes, i.e., Pork and Shrimp Egg Rolls; Classic Barbecued Spareribs; Crab Rangoon, Pork and Mushroom Dumplings; Fried Pork and Shrimp Wontons; Egg Drop Soup; Hot and Sour Soup; Wonton Soup; Chinese Chicken Salad; Kung Pao Chicken; Lemon Chicken, Cashew Chicken, General Tso's Chicken, Stir-Fried Sesame Chicken; Moo Goo Gai Pan; Orange Chicken; Spicy Black Bean Chicken; Beef with Broccol...
  • Sarah
    I took a dumpling class taught by this author before her book was published. She really has taken the time to learn her craft. Every recipe I've made from the book so far has been great. It does help if you have an Asian grocery store nearby for ingredients, as some are not easy to find in regular grocery stores.
  • Mike Watson
    So good. If you look up the author's web site, you quickly see that she is qualified to talk to you all day about the intricacies of authentic Chinese cooking. That is not what this book is about. It is about making goddamned beef and broccoli that tastes just like your favorite Chinese restaurant by your house. Everything I've made out of it has been a success.
  • Marianthi
    really is ridiculously easy to follow
  • Nicole
    It is a useful beginners book because it introduces the spices and other ingredients necessary to cook an average Chinese meal, one that is comparable to a fast food chain or most Chinese restaurants. However, the author is an accomplished cook but not a chef. Hence, the dishes lack the distinct individuality that could make them outstanding. In contrast, when I use the Chinese recipes from my America's Test Kitchen cookbook they sparkle with ind...
  • Barbara J. King
    Simple and delicious food recipes...I like the way they explain the history of each recipe as well as the ingredients. The recipes seem easy to make and most of the ingredients I was familiar with...all my favorites.
  • DeeDee
    Chinese food cooked at home rather than order takeoutI would recommend this book to anyone that loves Chinese food. Now I am planning on cooking my own rather than ordering takeout. Beware of reading this on an empty stomach.
  • Gina
    There are about five amazing and easy recipes that I want to make.
  • Carolyn
    Very good and doable recipes. Wish there were pictures for every recipe.
  • MarilynneWILSON
    Chinese FeastThis is a good book for new Chinese cooks. Everything is delicious and the directions are very easy to follow.
  • Kristi
    Accessible and EasyI already cook pretty good Chinese, and a lot of these familiar recipes are very similar to how I do it. I will write a longer review when not on my kindle.
  • Carolyn Page
    MMMMMMM Crab Rangoon! General Tso! Along with recipes that WORK for these yummy classics and more, there are little mini-lessons on the history of Chinese food in america.
  • C. Brian Batey
    I haven’t tried many of the recipes, but what I have yielded amazing results.
  • Kim
    When I picked this up at the library today, the librarian was quite excited about it, and said she'd have to write it on her list of books to get. I can't remember where, but I came across a review for it just recently, although the book was published in 2002. The book starts with some pantry essentials, before getting into recipes, each with a little background. Along with old favorites like chop suey and General Tsou, there are recipes for food...
  • Dani
    I haven't had a chance to cook from it yet, but this book seems more accessible than most of the Chinese cookery books I've checked out. It is filled with the Americanized Chinese food that I grew up eating from various restaurants. All of the Asian ingredients are items I have heard of, and many of them are available at the grocery store in my semi-rural town. I borrowed this book from the library. I am not quite ready to buy my own copy yet, bu...
  • Autumn
    Not sure I'm ever going to take the time to make my own scallion pancakes, but it's certainly enlightening to know how it's done. I did notice one copyediting error -- Jennifer 8 Lee, who wrote a great book on the history of Americanized Chinese food, was referred to as Jennifer B. Lee. That made me sad because this book certainly used a lot of her work as context for the recipes.
  • JDK1962
    In terms of layout and recipes, this looks excellent. Emphasis seems to be in the right places, buying guide makes good and specific recommendations of authentic ingredients. I'm planning to make the Dan Dan Noodles tonight, but I saw at least a half-dozen recipes that I can't wait to try.
  • Debbie
    Fantastic Chinese cookbook. Best of the best. I own 10 Chinese cookbooks and this is the best written one yet. Great recipes, excellent explanations, and every recipe photographed.
  • Jennifer Lycus
    Great recipe book for an introduction to Chinese cooking. I have tried several of the recipes and all have turned out well and have great flavors, though not exactly the same taste as when served at the restaurant. I will continue to use this book often for Chinese cooking.
  • Mckinley
    The thing about making Chinese food at home for me is that there are so many ingredients with a pinch of this, a little of that. Also we don't deep fry at home. Humm. But there are a couple of recipes I'd like to try.
  • Lisa
    Makes cooking Chinese food seem simple. I'd like to own this one. Nice photographs, too.
  • Rebecca
    Pictures of Recipes? Yes.Commentary on Recipes? Yes.Nutrition Facts? No.Recipe style? All your American Chinese takeout favorites. Any keepers? Lots!
  • Bookish
    Easy-to-prepare recipes of pretty much everyone's favorite Chinese dishes. Yum!
  • Marlee
    Wonderful read but will find one day a nice chinese restaurent.
  • Abbie
    I've been cooking from this book for several weeks and everything I've made has been wonderful. Everything. The wonton soup was a revelation.
  • Beka
    This has all the classic takeout dishes, but nothing stood out to me.
  • Katie
    Nice photos that go with recipes.