For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn

For Women Only

Discover the Truth He Wants You to Know The man in your life carries important feelings so deep inside he barely knows they’re there, much less how to talk about them. Yet your man genuinely wants you to “get” him—to understand his inner life, to know his fears and needs, to hear what he wishes he could tell you. In her landmark bestseller, For Women Only, Shaunti Feldhahn reveals what every woman—single or married—needs to know. Ba...

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TitleFor Women Only
Release DateMar 19th, 2013
GenreNonfiction, Marriage, Christian, Relationships, Self Help, Christian Living

Reviews For Women Only

  • Jesse
    If I could give this 0 stars or 0.5 stars, I would.I regret buying this on an impressive level. I honestly feel lied to since I didn't know this book was so heavily endorsed by Jesus. Every excerpt I read from this book and even the product description online gave no hint as to the very Christian nature of this book. Normally, I can deal with that but it constantly asked me to seek guidance from a God I'm not that close to. This book needs to do ...
  • Carly
    In a way, I suppose this really is a good book, but not for me. It was given to me at my wedding shower by a person who probably should have known better (my own sister!). This book is just an extremely dumbed-down version of His Needs, Her Needs by Willard F. Harley. Having read that book, reading For Women Only was a waste of thirty minutes. Feldhahn's book is somewhat helped by a collection of survey results, which tell us exactly the same thi...
  • Letitia
    Well-intentioned, but a little obvious, I would re-title this work "Traditional Gender Roles for Dummies." Many of the "surprising" revelations might be of real use to women who have little experience talking on a deeply relational level to men, and who want to affirm their men in traditional ways. I found that many of the things that were generalized about men were actually true of me, and many things that were supposedly unknown were just re-ph...
  • Debbie
    I read "For Women Only" very carefully several times. It takes things we've all heard before (like men need respect, sex, etc.) and really gets at the heart of what that means so than any other book I've read on the subject so far. I was a bit surprised by some of the things I read, but I carefully started applying what I learned in my relationship with my boyfriend.I read "For Men Only" and marked how I would have answered the survey questions a...
  • Ellie
    How do you rate a book if you thought the information was very good but couldn't stand the delivery method? This was our book club book this month. I'd checked it out from the library and set it aside after giving it the once-over. Its format feels reminiscent of a teen magazine with short pages, simple words, "cute" graphics, and quotes highlighted in a large font. The author refers to your significant other as "your man" and positions herself a...
  • Jeanne
    When I entered to win this in the FirstReads contest, I didn't realize it was a Christian book. Not that I have anything against Christians (being one myself), but I often don't agree with the fundamentalist/born-again point of view. And there was definitely a "serve your husband" undercurrent to this book. Wives are advised to change their points of view and actions to accommodate their husbands. I will be reading the "For Women Only" companion ...
  • Robyn Vergillo
    Basically, I'm supposed be a nun in public to help other men stay true to their wives, and a sex kitten in private. If he does something romantic I'm to reward him with sex, and understand that his needs for sex far outweighs my needs or obligations for anything that is not him.Listening to the survey questions, I felt that they were very leading and then Feldhahn presented the percentages to support the message she wanted to relay. I also feel t...
  • carolyn radach
    It's about the things that men wish we new about them, and how they really feel about us (as women), but more specifically their wives. Now as most of you out there may know, I am not a wife, yet (I still hold out hope), however, when I read books like this it's always with that expectation in mind, and more specifically, because I am an observer of people, I usually draw on past experiences and behavior that I have witnessed in order to understa...
  • Aliya
    This is supposed to be a Christian book but it's applicable to men in general and not just Christian men. I, as a traditional Muslim woman, found this surprisingly insightful in terms of explaining specific Islamic commandments directed at husbands/wives. The author unwittingly explained the logic behind the Islamic stance on marital relations and the standard for public conduct.Th book covers 7 facts about men, which are outlined in the sample a...
  • Melissa
    This is filled with generalities about guys - and excuses for why they do the things they do and what WE SHOULD DO to make their lives better. No thanks. I thought the survey she based her work off of was taken by 21-28 year olds, but almost all stories went back to her married life or the feedback from her second survey, taken by married, churchgoers. I am religious, but I don't think every annoying guy trait can be fixed by praying for them, so...
  • Stephanie Villegas
    There was a lot of really insightful information in this book, but the writing itself took what could have been a much better book and twisted it into something shallow. In the hands of a more capable writer, it may have been a great book (unfortunately, that's not the case). Rather than being about how to help build up your man, most of it came off as how to accommodate insecurity and emotional immaturity in our partners (not in charity, but in ...
  • Tim
    Avoid this veiled attempt to convince women that their man is helpless to his instincts and his success in life all depends on her. That its their (the wife's) responsibility to dress modestly so any man that might see them won't be forced to struggle with temptation. Also, after taking care of the kids (which was always relegated to the wife in this book) and everything else a woman has to do their man "needs" them to take care of themselves. An...
  • Tonya
    Tons of statistics, lots of polls taken. Very informative.But I would caution the author when writing "grounded in biblical hope" to MAKE sure you have the book FIRMLY grounded in the Bible. I searched and searched for some mention of what GOD thinks about all of this. Man can think all they want. And to a certain extent, all these polls and what men think, are so helpful to us women. BUT be very careful when you say you are grounded in the Bible...
  • Muphyn
    Just about the only thing I appreciated about this book was Feldhahn's solid survey design and the large scale nature of her study. That's where it ends. I can't say that I learned anything that I could even vaguely relate to or that seemed to be congruent with my experience of the "inner lives of men". I don't know if there are some huge cultural gaps that separate me from mainstream Americans or whether I just don't know any "typical males". Or...
  • Alissa
    I'm finally reading a book and getting to post! Jessica lent this to me to read after I got married. So far I really like this book. The author validates her survey findings by using multiple regression analysis, which I use for work sometimes. But don't worry about the statistics, that just struck my fancy. The book is not full of statistics, it is really more of a narrative of her findings. It has been a pretty easy read so far and has already ...
  • Nicole Elliott
    When I got married I wanted so much to be a godly and great wife to my hubby! What I didn’t realize was that sometimes my female brain with its ways of thinking and showing my love to him and his male brain and the way it is wired meant that sometimes there were things that I was doing, or not doing, that were causing problems I didn’t even realize were there!Thankfully through several different women giving me books and recommending blogs I ...
  • Dani
    Adult (due to themes)For Women Only is for women only for a reason - because everything it contains, guys already know inside and out. This is a book on the psychology of men, born from the research Shaunti set out to conduct for one of her fiction novels. Backed up by professional surveys and statistical data, this books presents How Guys Think 101 written especially for women.First ImpressionsWow. When I walked into the bookstore, I had absolut...
  • Xaka
    I liked this book. It's not that the information was necessarily new for me, since I have been studying men for decades, now. But, I am in a transitional point in my life. And, as I read this book, I finally understood that my mother raised me to be a man. I think this happens a lot. We live in a society that downplays the contributions of women and allows women to be abused (including a judicial system that actually condones the abuse of women a...
  • Faith
    Title: For Women OnlyWritten By: Shaunti FeldhahnGenre: Relationship Helps/Non-fictionRecommended Ages: 13 & up (skipping one chapter if not married)Introduction:This was my second time reading this book and I still learned a lot about myself and the men in my life. Even though this book was about how men's brains work, I found a lot I could relate to personally for myself. In other words, don't put people in boxes, they won't always fit. This bo...
  • Taymara Jagmohan
    I saw 192 pages, and I needed a very short read this Wednesday.Shaunti kept repeating her points, but maybe she needed to instill the points very well. She did so. I knew these qualities of a guy, but she just helped me to remember them a little bit more, and also fathom them a little bit better. You must respect a guy, or else suffer the dire ramifications.APART from respecting a guy, A GIRL REQUIRES IT TOO. However, with the growing industries ...
  • Abby
    I just randomly picked this book up at the library and didn't expect anything too spectacular. I actually thought it was a pretty good little book, though. It's all about men and what they think but won't tell you. For example, "I do love my wife and think she's great, but I would be so much happier if she lost 60 lbs and wore makeup again. I know we don't have enough money to buy gas or shoes, but I will happily spend $2000 on a personal trainer...
  • Allison Anderson Armstrong
    oh man...hehe, pun intended. I didn't really want to know everything they told me, but it wasn't as big of a revelation as I thought it was going to be. I guess I know my men, hehehe. I liked her statistical approach, and the way she balanced it with tasteful scriptural references. I'm glad she just laid out the facts honestly, but not...blatantly. I also appreciated how she ended the book by reminding women that the main thing so many men want t...
  • Shantelle
    Very enlightening. For Women Only answers questions, clears things up, displays surprising realities, and just makes it all around easier to understand the men in your life! I feel like I've learned a lot, and reading this book has made me desire to show more respect/love/honor to men in the way they understand.I've read For Young Women Only twice, but this one was even more helpful, I think.I highly, highly recommend. Looking forward to reading ...
  • Kristal
    It was fast, and had some good points, another reviewer said it was a dumbed down version of another book that now I want to read(His needs, Her needs). I'm always hesitant to recommend these kind of book because I know people are super sensitive about this topic, and gender roles in particular, especially when the book is HEAVILY Christian (which I liked). Bottom line, I tend to just take what I like and leave the rest, so I liked this book.
  • Hannah
    I'm thankful to be reading these marriage-related books after getting married, because bringing my personal experience to them really helps me understand what they say as relates to us. I found all of this book helpful, even the parts that could be redundant to what I've read before, but I especially appreciate the chapters about thinking and providing.
  • Deb
    This book reminded me of books that my parents brought back after attending one of the many Christian seminars that were touted to strengthen their marriage. I found it repulsive and belittling. The author was both flippant and silly. It seemed to me that her advice and observations were plain common sense.
  • Claudia
    I found this book pushed my buttons, which made for lively discussion with friends. However, i found John Grey's "why mars and venus collide" more enjoyable reading and very helpful. "For Women Only" was only about men, and not a side by side comparison. Reading it's companion, For Men Only, might soothe some of the issues it raised for me.
  • Kitty
    I read this when I was 20 and dating my now husband and loved it. I decided it may be a good time to revisit it 8 years later. This book is full of good reminders that women need when it comes to good communication with a man in your life. A great reminder of how men process often things differently than women.