The Motherhood Diaries by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

The Motherhood Diaries

As a mother, you love your kids. You’d do anything for them, but chances are, at some point in their childhood, you’ve probably wondered, “What in the world was I thinking?” Even if you’ll never admit it, if you’ve ever wished for Calgon to take you away, then The Motherhood Diaries is for you! As the working mother of three children, ReShonda Tate Billingsley knows motherhood isn’t a perfect science. She openly shares stories with ...

Details The Motherhood Diaries

TitleThe Motherhood Diaries
Release DateApr 9th, 2013
PublisherStrebor Books
GenreParenting, Diary

Reviews The Motherhood Diaries

  • OOSA
    ParentingGrowing up, we complain about things our parents did or didn't do and vow never to be like them. It sounds good but flies south once we become a parent. What kind of parent are you?“The Motherhood Diaries” is a book I recommend to all moms. It is a quick read that offers different views of parenting. Motherhood is a job in itself and it's not always easy. The stories are very relatable. I can guarantee you will walk away able to rela...
  • Marilyn Diamond
    Marilyn Diamond - Now you know I had to rate myself. Our book is awesome, if you get to know a little about all the 20 women that contributed to this novel you will come to love the stories just that much more. As a contributing author of this award winning novel, my expectations of all my other sister writers in this anthology has exceeded my expectations. We have established a movement and look forward to "The Motherhood Diaries" Part 2.
  • Keleigh Hadley
    Let me preface this review by saying that I am one of the contributing authors for Motherhood Diaries. So, my review will be on some of the other phenomenal diary entries I was privileged to be a part of.Let me also say that you need to keep a box of tissues with you as you read because along with the HA HA stories, there are BOO HOO entries as well. This was one of the reasons I could so relate because the journey of motherhood is filled with la...
  • Kimyatta Walker
    Now, I'm one of the contributing authors in this book, but even if I had not been, I would have rated the book the same way. The only story I was privy to beforehand was my own, so there is no bias here...well..maybe a little. ANYWAY, Reshonda Tate Billingsley is an absolute genius. In the beginning of the book, she shares her joys and pains with parenting her own three. I love how she takes us through the change of emotions and reactions as she ...
  • Monique
    The Motherhood Diaries by ReShonda Tate Billingsley - 5 starsReShonda Tate Billingsley has the God given Superpower to craft a humorous stories on a serious topic. She takes the most important job in the universe - MOTHERHOOD - and shares her personal challenges raising children. Hadley's story brought me to tears as she discussed losing her first born. C. Mikki forced me to recognize that racism is still here when she was told "he has dark skin"...
  • Hilary
    This collaborative effort will touch the heart of any mother (or father). The first part is written by ReShonda Tate Billingsley, and is a light albeit honest description of some of her favorite motherhood moments, and some of her worst. I think most parents would be able to identify with these scenes, even if it's with a sigh of relief that they escaped that one!The second, and main, part of the book is a collection of entries from different wom...
  • Lydia
    As a mother of who use to be creative and active twin sons (they are adults now), this was a great experience journeying with the shared stories. Most mothers can identify with different shared stories. Just when I was convinced only my children would pour Pepsi in the fish tank saying Bud was thirsty, or switching with one another because the one who didn't ride the school bus wanted to know where his brother was going everyday, or a few other s...
  • Donna
    I loved this book. There is a story here for all mother's. I mean, every situation that a mother may at one time in her life find herself in is captured in this book. I closed the book and instantly realized that what I felt was a struggle while raising my son was really a piece of cake as compared to what some of the mother's in the story endured.
  • Karen Reed
    Some stories made me laugh out loud, some had me in many I could relate to and others that made me cherish motherhood more than I already did. The perspective this book gave me has made me rethink and appreciate motherhood so much more, even when it's hard. Love this book!!
  • ♡B♡
    I kind of wish the main author would have wrote the whole thing with more stories. I was laughing while I read what she started off with. I did like the variety but kind of wish it was the main author only.
  • Lee
    I loved each and every story. Some touched my heart more then others, but they were all wonderful. What a great idea for this book.
  • Stacey Price
    I really enjoyed this book it's nothing like a book that can make you laugh out loud.
  • Hesha Gamble
    Loved this book and related to most of the stories! Motherhood has its ups and downs but the ride is glorious!
  • Kim
    I am so glad to know I am not alone. I saw myself, my friends and/or family members in each of these wonderfully written stories. I loved it. This is a must read for all women.
  • Monique
    Pure awesomeness...I am that mom. Thanks for sharing your stories ladies.
  • Orsayor
    1970-01-01 Stars