Closer (The Sartorialist, #2) by Scott Schuman

Closer (The Sartorialist, #2)

After the enormous success of The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman is back with a completely new collection of beautiful images of the men and women who have caught his attention.His much-loved blog,, remains one of the most-read in the fashion world and continues to grow in popularity as Scott travels further and more widely. This book emcompasses the diverse style and visual attitude of people as far afield as Japan, Korea, Londo...

Details Closer (The Sartorialist, #2)

TitleCloser (The Sartorialist, #2)
Release DateAug 29th, 2012
PublisherPenguin Books
GenreCouture, Fashion, Art, Photography, Nonfiction

Reviews Closer (The Sartorialist, #2)

  • 7jane
    This follows the theme of the first book, so many observations I made of that is in my review of that apply here also. Still, I found once again new ideas and often got at least inspired (and made me consider dresses/skirst more seriously - I don't own any now). I really wonder why all the brown shoes caught my eye - those I can't wear though. Some pics are black and white.Small writings here and there: on the '100 Burberry trech coats' project, ...
  • lucy black
    so this is pretty much like the first book. Maybe a bit better. There are a few more freaks, a bit more diversity. Still no fatties! what? and to my agravation Scott Schuman goes on about how to be fashionable one should find inspiration in someome with style who has a similar body shape to your own, well, no one in this book has a similar body shape to me. That makes me sad. This is what I thought of the first one K, so Scott Schuman is a blogge...
  • Ian
    Much in the same vein as his first book. If you're looking for a 'trend guide' or a collection of what's 'hot' in fashion, you'll probably be disappointed. But if you're open to learning about how Schuman's understanding of style and personal expression is growing and evolving as he continues to shoot street style images from around the world via the ones he has chosen to curate within this book and the sparse but incisive commentary he intersper...
  • Phoebe
    After enjoying these many expressions of fashion and personality, I feel a lot free-er to wear whatever I'd like, which is pretty much what I do anyway. Now with more license. :^)
  • Rhode
    I love individual fashion and street photography, so was excited to see this thick book of photos. As I began riffling through the pages though, my stomach dropped. Why? The uniformity of the stick-like body types. I saw no visibly pregnant people. I saw no fat people of any age. I saw no big boned people or people with a little extra padding. I saw no lusciously rounded people. Also, the near-uniformity of youth.Roughly 80% if not more of the th...
  • Nox
    I've been obsessed with the blog since it started, so I've seen most of these images before. They're even more captivating in print.
  • Ellen
    "There is no such thing as effortless chic."
  • Caro the Helmet Lady
    From the book:"There is no such thing as effortless chic. If you are secretly harboring the dream that some day you will be able to consistently, thoughtlessly reach into your closet and pull out a super-chic ensemble, well, you are fighting a no-win battle with yourself.The most stylish people I know have spent lifetimes searching for what complements their body shape, their professional and personal lifestyle, local climate and how much they ca...
  • Patricia
    Great photographs, I like how some of them are grouped by colours and patterns/styles which was clever. Also enjoyed Scott's insightful commentary, wished there was more of it in the book.
  • Neville
    'The Sartorialist' is the title of a street style photography website created by New York based photographer Scott Schuman. Since it's inception, the site has generated upwards of 14 million page views per month, and Mr Schuman, with style blogger Garance Doré, was recently awarded the 2012 Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Media Award.'The Sartorialist' website was created to share photos of people on the street that Mr Schuman tho...
  • Shila
    For starters, flipping through the book, I really love what I see and believe that he chose a great COVER photo- actually the best possible. I really like the girls face. The 45 things I liked about the book:1. Boots- pg. 72. Entire outfit including the smile- pg. 8 3. Mixed up colors and purse- pg. 104. Ok, gold tooth- pg. 125. Scarf and face- pg. 426. Blue jean- pg. 457. Outfit- pg. 608. Hat and face- pg. 61-629. Coat- pg. 6810. Photos- pg. 71,...
  • H
    Amazing quality photographs; I feel very lucky to have gotten a hold of the limited hardcover & slip case edition. It is worth the buy alone for the massive variety of people within its pages, but my god - the style!! Sublime. And completely inspiring to me both visually and in regards to my own personal style. I prefer it slightly over its predecessor The Sartorialist purely because Scott Schuman made a conscious effort to cast a wider net for h...
  • Tam Starita
    This is my first book from the collection and I really enjoyed it. It is so inspirational! There is a difference when we see fashion trends in magazines and in the media versus seeing how 'real' people are interpreting and executing these styles to reflect their own sensibilities and lifestyle. It is a great resource for visual inspiration and to have a pulse on styles from all over the world.
  • Nancy
    Again, the same pleasure as an ice cream sandwich. In fact, I stared at these people while eating ice cream sandwiches. I'm not sure anything was "closer" but that didn't matter. There could be a Closest and I'd happily stare at it.
  • Dean
    Overall the print quality and photo composition seems higher than the previous volume and that makes a good thing even better. My chief complaint with the original book, however, remains with this one - the physical sizing is too small to do the visuals justice.
  • MyOnly
    Wonderful pictures, it was hard to put down! Nicely done, with some written bits by the photographer. I loved what he had to say about personal style, and how it's not about owning what's trendy but about owning things you love and wearing them.
  • Jeannie
    Picked up this book 2nd hand because it looked very interesting, and it did not fail to disappoint. I greatly enjoyed looking at all the people's fashion statements from around the globe. Much ado about shoes, but then again...why not!
  • Janet
    I loved looking at this book, portraits of people a la Bill Cunningham, or the Humans of New York blog. I didn't even know what the word sartorialist meant until today: Of or relating to a tailor, tailoring, or tailored clothing: sartorial elegance. This guy has an eye.
  • Theresa Malloy
    Honestly there aren't a lot of words in this book. It's mostly fantastic pictures from a photographer who has this blog It features everyday people on the street in high fashion. The people features are fabulous. The emotion and range of the photos is stunning.
  • Dominika Klekner
    woooooow. I love the project, I love the guy, I love the collection. And my flatmate the photographer bought the exact same lenses used by Scott Schuman the next day after I showed her the book. What can you say :)
  • Dawn Rutherford
    While I usually enjoy this sort of book, I frankly found this one to be a bit boring. Perhaps his tastes are too conservative for me, but I found this collection of street fashion photos totally uninspiring.
  • mellyana
    It's not about who you wear about wear who you are. I enjoy his work and when finally have his book at hands, I am happy.
  • Andd Becker
    The photographer captures ordinary persons who display fashion sense. Each subject is sharply-defined against a background that tells a story.
  • Andy Zaturno
    Makes a great coffee table.
  • Margaret
    Wonderful vibrant photos! Interesting, diverse fashion! People watching book! Love the small, compact size!
  • YT Lee
    Still great with many inspiring pictures, but just less stellar compared to his first book.Less 'commentary' too, which sucks.
  • Steven
    Intriguing book for the right audience ! As a photographer I really enjoyed the style and thought that went into it!
  • Sara Dee
    Loved it, very inspirational. Loved seeing people through Scott Schumann's eye.
  • Sara
    His photos are so beautiful!!!!
  • Carla
    not reading, really just gazing. What an eye this guy has!