The Con Job (Leverage, #1) by Matt Forbeck

The Con Job (Leverage, #1)

The rich and powerful take what they want. We steal it back for you. When a disreputable dealer starts swindling aged and ailing comic-book creators out of their wealth—and their high-valued comics and artwork—the daughter of one victim comes to ex-insurance investigator Nathan Ford and his team of counter-crooks for help. Their scheme: run a con at the Comic-Con International, where the crook intends to sell the goods. But there’s more goi...

Details The Con Job (Leverage, #1)

TitleThe Con Job (Leverage, #1)
Release DateDec 31st, 2012
GenreFiction, Mystery, Media Tie In, Thriller, Crime, Tv

Reviews The Con Job (Leverage, #1)

  • John Patrick
    Edit: TNT officially announced they have not renewed Leverage so the Long Goodbye Job which aired on Christmas was the series finale. So now we can only hope that the franchise will live on in a novel series.I have been a fan of the Leverage TV show since the first episode and it is the single oldest series recording on my DVR. Add in the fact that this book revolves around the crew running a job at Comic-Con International and I couldn't believe ...
  • Liriel27
    This was really very terrible. The set-up for the plot was not bad, but the writing....oh, the writing. A small sample for you:"As one of the toughest mercenaries Nate had ever met, Eliot - Nate felt sure - had never had much time for things like comics. If it wasn't featured on ESPN or didn't involve cooking, it wasn't the kind of pastime Eliot cared about. He preferred to do things rather than read about them" (9).If this seems clunky, simplist...
  • David
    If you follow my reviews much then you know it is a rare event that I give a book five stars.. Even really good books suffer from some sort of flaw that keep me from rating it above a four. However, Forbeck has done an excellent job with this particular intellectual property and I believe it deserves the highest rating.When one reads a book based on a television series, there are a number of pitfalls that authors fall into. Forbeck manages to avo...
  • Kathleen
    The Leverage Crew steal San Diego Comic Con. This book has some flaws. For one thing, while they wind up going against a proper target (a land developer with multiple interests including Manga), the crew starts out against a basic crook who probably could have been taken down by the police. Occasionally the writing feels a little clunky when it reminds us that Nate sees Hardison as a protege or Parker has a complicated relationship with her old m...
  • Magali
    ok so this book was not the best example of heist writing i’ve ever read but as an adaptation it shone. it really knew its audience... up to & including the bit where hardison, parker & eliot show up to an over crowded hotel and There’s Only One Bed. the loose plot is that the crew have to go steal Comic Con, because Crime Reasons, and at various points they: go to a star trek party, run into cha0s (who is never seen in the same room as wil w...
  • Sammm [involuntarily somewhat on hiatus]
    It's really more of a 4 but I'm giving it a 5 for now. Mini review WIP, but probably not anytime soon.
  • Abigail
    *4.5 stars. Ahhh I enjoyed this so much! Full review to come!
  • Kaniac
    Personally I think this book. Is brilliant. I may be slightly biased as I absolutely loved the show. Still upset it was cancelled but the writing was outstanding and the characters are also great as always. Nate and the rest of the crew head to ComicCon to take down a comic book forger and thief. Lorenzo was taking original artwork from the old time comic creators with the promise of selling them and cutting a check for the money. Anyone guess wh...
  • Abhinav
    You can read the full review over at The Founding Fields: reviews the first Leverage novel, based on the hit TV show created by John Rogers and Chris Downey.“Matt Forbeck strikes again in a love letter to geeks and nerds.” ~The Founding FieldsMatt Forbeck is undeniably my favourite author, and over the last one year, definitely the one I’ve read the most, with seven novels and eight comics t...
  • Eli
    Leverage is a major fandom for me and I want to like the books badly. But I can't even finish this one. I really can't. One of my beloved characters has been kidnapped and we haven't heard from them in ages, and I am walking away because I can't stand my cringe level any longer.I'm rather suspicious that the author has much of any familiarity with the tv show, as characterization here is sketchy at best (Parker's led "a sheltered life"? Nate's ea...
  • Michel Siskoid Albert
    The Con Job is a cleverly-titled Leverage tie-in, because the con is being perpetrated at San Diego's Comic-Con. Get it? Writer Matt Forbeck does a good job of translating the TV show's characters into book form, and he certainly puts his research (or experience) of conventions to good use in this caper about faked comic book art, wronged artists and dangerous hentai magnates, with nods to cosplay, nerf sword fighting and backroom role-playing. A...
  • Robin
    The potential was there. I mean, it had all the elements: great set-up, solid con job, compelling bad guy, and a Wil Wheaton cameo.And it could have been better. The dialog was stilted, and I feel like the continual revisiting of Nate's son was overkill. If you watched the show, you know about it. If you didn't watch the show, the odds that you'd find and be interested in the book are pretty slim.The climactic end scene went on way too ...
  • David Ginsburg
    Finished in one day! I actually recorded a podcast episode with the author, Matt Forbeck, back in December before his Star Wars: Rogue One Junior novelization came out and we chatted about this book for awhile.The Con Job is a wonderful look into an off season job they pull and it's right up Hardison's alley. They get to go to San Diego Comic Con. You get to spend time with each of the characters, but clearly Hardison is the one having the most f...
  • Enigmaticblue
    There was a lot of backstory that I didn't need as a fan of the show, but I think that's the nature of a tie-in novel. It's a tough balance to strike between giving a lot of background for the new fans, and not overloading long-time fans. But the con was excellent, and the characterizations and dialog was spot-on. I loved the backdrop of comic books and Comic-Con, and once I really got into it, it was quite good.So, long time Leverage fans can sk...
  • Kristina
    This book exceeded my expectations. It is just like it would be if it was a normal episode of Leverage, but better. Since it's in a book, you read what each person is thinking whereas if it was in a TV episode, you wouldn't really know. Mr. Forbeck, you did this book justice and I thank you sooooooooo much for that. You deserve a high-five. :)
  • Caiti
    A great read for all Leverage fans, especially those of us mourning its cancellation. It reads like a great episode with fast pacing, a perfect setting, a believable con, and fabulous character moments for all. I can't wait for more!
  • Katrina
    12/3/18 reread. Miss the show 12/3/18 reread. Miss the show💚
  • Mimi
    3.5/5The Con Job was a pretty good book. For the most part it stayed in character, and I liked how the author described the characters. There was one point at the beginning that was a little weird, when Sophie was described as having a 'sly smile spreading over her sensual lips'. That was weird, but other than that the book was mostly in character. The premise was interesting, and I liked how excited Hardison was about ComicCon, and how he didn't...
  • Tracy
    So, this started off okay, but I do have some minor issues already.The teaser starts off with Simon Curtiss who's just been to his wife's funereal. It's never stated how old he is, but since a daughter is mentioned being in the house, you get the sense that Simon might be 40-50. Next chapter: Simon's in the hospital and his daughter, Susan, has gone to the Leverage team to ask for help finding her father's stolen original comics art. So while Nat...
  • Filip
    Recently I've began rewatching one of my favourite series - Leverage. When I learned about the tie-in books I just had to try them.This one... wasn't bad. It wasn't particularly good either, unfortunately.Now, I consider myself a bit of a nerd/geek but this was overdosed with popculture references. Don't get me wrong, based on the setting, it did make sense... but still I found it a bit distracting. The con itself wasn't that bad, maybe on the si...
  • Mel
    The Con Job is a tie-in novel for the (now sadly cancelled) show "Leverage," which is about five criminals who break the law in order to punish the rich and powerful, people who steal from others yet cannot be held accountable by legal means. The show was a fun romp, made more enjoyable by the character dynamics and the banter rather than the twists at the end showing how they pulled off each con, so I wasn't going into it expecting a wildly clev...
  • Epeeblade
    Three stars for being readable at least. The plot however, hinges on something I think the character wouldn't do. And I nearly threw the book at one point.Most tie-ins aren't very good. In fact, I think fanfic has a better grasp of the characters most of the time, and the same was true here. (I think it only natural that the Leverage crew would end up at a Comic Con at some point. I wrote something similar)However, this wasn't terrible. At least...
  • Adrianna Covert
    A fun romp through the world of con artists and comic artists! I picked up this book because I wanted to read the first Leverage novel. Turns out it has everything I love in it. Comics, Stan Lee, Star Wars, Star Trek, Wil Wheaton, and, of course, Leverage. It was a whirlwind through fandom and the convention experience! (This review may be a tad biased based on the sheer nerdiness of both myself and this book)
  • Julie
    *Minor spoiler about something that happens to a character, but no plot details. Based on the TV show. It was good, very similar banter to the show. Lots of background so you don't have to be a fan of the show to get the dynamics. But, if you are a fan of the show, the backstory gets very wordy. My only quibble was Eliot passing out from a through and through. Not buying it.
  • Gina Gallo
    This was fun. Lots of people I knew about from the comics world. I’ve met Stan Lee and some of the other people mentioned. Seeing into the characters heads was fun, and I’ve watched the show so many times that I heard their voices as they spoke. It went way too serious though with them getting hurt. Fun book to read. Cha0s is still a jackass! I hate that guy.3 hrs 39 minutes
  • Linda
    Forbeck did a more than passable job of adapting a visual medium to the printed word. He got the atmosphere of a Comic-Con just right. I particularly enjoyed the insider joke of the hacker Cha0s being a fan of Wil Wheaton (who, of course, portrayed Cha0s).
  • Tessa O'Donnell
    I just discovered this show on ION TV and now binge on it regularly. So sorry it ended. The book was very good and I enjoyed hearing the character's thoughts. It's nice when the good guys win and destroy the bad guys.
  • JR 'Thalia' Maxwell
    The dialog was quite in character, which is quite a feat with these characters. The backstory was clunky, a lot of telling not showing, and there was no Leverage-y twist or subplot. Entertaining read, though, because I love this crew. And having them be at SDCC was a nice nerdy touch.
  • Eron
    Lots of name dropping and a very slow start, but the final few chapters were much better! Could've done with less Leia slave outfit for sure, and Elliot's characterization seemed weak in particular, but the double-triple-cross and resolution ultimately tipped the scales towards positive. 3.5/5
  • Danielle Baranowski
    “C’mon baby,” Eliot said, snorting. “Give me some of that Alderaanian sugar.”This book was just terrible. Entertaining, but terrible.