Drizzled with Death (Sugar Grove Mystery, #1) by Jessie Crockett

Drizzled with Death (Sugar Grove Mystery, #1)

Meet Dani Greene—a fourth-generation maple syrup maker dealing with a first-class troublemaker…The annual pre-Thanksgiving pancake-eating contest is a big event in Sugar Grove, New Hampshire. It’s sponsored by the Sap Bucket Brigade, aka the firefighters auxiliary, and the Greene family farm provides the syrup. But when obnoxious outsider Alanza Speedwell flops face first into a stack of flapjacks during the contest, Greener Pastures’ syr...

Details Drizzled with Death (Sugar Grove Mystery, #1)

TitleDrizzled with Death (Sugar Grove Mystery, #1)
Release DateOct 1st, 2013
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery, Fiction

Reviews Drizzled with Death (Sugar Grove Mystery, #1)

  • Kevin
    Pancakes and maple syrup, the author had me right there, I adore pancakes just about any kind of pancake and an all you can eat pancake eating contest sounds like heaven. The story was well fleshed out and has a large detailed cast of characters. The main character Dani was great, she was determined to help while at the same time vulnerable with her feelings, she's funny and a real force to reckon with. I loved the (view spoiler)[church scene whe...
    Welcome to Sugar Grove, New Hampshire. You are just in time for the annual pre-Thanksgiving pancake-eating contest sponsored by the Sap Bucket Brigade, aka the firefighters auxiliary. The Greene family always provides the syrup and Dani Greene—a fourth-generation maple syrup maker in helping her family carry on the tradition. She is even trying to expand the family business, Greener Pastures, by getting their syrup an organic certification and ...
  • Tari
    This book kept me laughing and giggling throughout! It had a lot of great twists and red herrings that I definitely didn't guess who the killer was until the author chose to reveal it. The whole wild animal escape thing may seem a little far-fetched to some but I thought it was such a fun comic relief to the mystery. The scene with the camel and then later the kangaroo were just priceless. Sugar Grove seemed to me like an amazing place I would wa...
  • JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book)
    Dani Greene is a fourth-generation maple syrup maker. She is 27, the unmarried baby of the family, and lives with them in Sugar Grove, New Hampshire. There is an annual pre-Thanksgiving pancake-eating contest (a big draw), which her grandfather, Emerald, always wins. However, this year there is something new added: an outsider, Alanza Speedwell, joins the contest, and when it is down to just Grandpa and her, she drops dead while still eating.Okay...
  • Sally906
    Dani Greene is a fourth-generation maple syrup maker and the family business, Greener Pastures, donates the syrup for the annual Sugar Grove pancake eating contest. The trouble starts when the obnoxious newcomer, Alanza Speedwell, drops dead face first into a stack of pancakes during the contest. The woman who half the town wants to kill has been poisoned - by Greener Pastures’ syrup. Dani decides to find who the killer is and starts to investi...
  • Ali
    It took me weeks to get through this book, where I normally read a book in 2-3 nights. It felt very bandwagon cozy, put out for the sake of putting a cozy out, and it followed all the contrived cliches. It was predictable, boring, and the characters had no personality or anything to make you feel interested in their story. I don't think I will follow up on this new series.
  • Jennifer
    I really wanted to like this one, but unfortunately it wasn't for me. Let's start with what I liked. The language and content were clean. I also liked some of the funny similes and overstatement. However, I felt like this tried to be a little too funny. I'm not into humour at the expense of a compelling plot. Ultimately, that's what this book boiled down to: a story that was a bit boring, a police department that seemingly does nothing to solve a...
  • Meg Gustafson
    Enjoyable and fun readI founds this book filled with humor and a wealth of suspects as Dani tries to figure out who killed the town "witch." When all signs point to the family business, Dani begins her investigation along with the possibility of romance.
  • Cathy Daniel
    What a lovely sweet cozy ! Not as funny as other reviews implied but still a good book. I liked all the different elements such as loose exotic animals. I enjoyed the NH setting too
  • Vicky
    Despite the fact the story was disjointed, full of flowery language not realistic of actual conversations, or thoughts, I sort of enjoyed it.to begin with a mountain lion to set up the meeting of Dani and Graham, progress to murder, then have a bunch of exotic animals escape sends the reader in too many directions.Dani's smart ass mouth is unbecoming and not funny.All the maple in every food item would send a normal person over the edge.I am hope...
  • Suzanne
    3.5 stars. This series has potential. I liked Dani and Graham. The setting was interesting and I liked the syrup talk. Some funny scenes throughout. The mystery itself just seemed a little...flat? I didn't have an 'ah ha' moment when the killer is revealed; it was more just a 'hmpf.'I'll definitely check out the next in the series.
  • QNPoohBear
    3.5 starsDani Greene has always been considered the baby of her family. Her small stature and super fast metabolism don't help that image much. She's determined to prove herself to her family and make their maple syrup business a roaring success. While avoiding her family's pre-Christmas cheer at her sugar shack office, Dani swears she sees a mountain lion out the door. As there are no mountain lions in New Hampshire, the game warden, Graham Pate...
  • Mary
    It was OK!This story was different! The main character, Dani Green, is a 27 year old unmarried young woman whose family is trying to get her married to just about anyone!She has her own thoughts about who she wants to marry. It is almost Thanksgiving and her family has a big gathering for all holidays. The family all gets together with some neighbors and friends for the big meal.It is also time for the pancake eating contest, that Dani's Grandpa ...
  • Christine
    Dani Greene is feeling overwhelmed by her family’s holiday preparations, but she is looking forward to the annual pre-Thanksgiving pancake-eating contest. Her family is proud to supply the homemade “Greener pastures” maple syrup for the event in which her grandfather has been the champion for many years. Unfortunately, the fun event soon turns deadly when Alanza Speedwell, a newcomer to the small town of Sugar Grove, New Hampshire, collapse...
  • Cindy
    DRIZZLED WITH DEATHJessie CrockettOctober 4, 20134 starsMove over Janet Evanovich, her comes Jessie Crockett. A murder with more suspects than you shake a stick at, all with different motives, a van filled with exotic animals who are set free and a charming little town in New England all adds up to one of the funniest cozy mysteries that I have read in a long time.We start out getting to know Dani (although we never find out her mysterious full f...
  • Suspense Magazine
    This is the first book in a new mystery series published by Berkley Prime Crime and it promises to be a good one.Dani Greene and her family are fourth generation maple syrup producers and Dani is developing an online business to further fund the family. Dani has the uncanny ability to see unusual animals as she treks through local forests and as such, begins an acquaintance with the local state Conservation Officer after reporting those she has s...
  • Georgiann Hennelly
    In Sugar Grove New Hampshire the annual before Thanksgiving pancake-eating contest is a big event. It is sponsored by the Sap Bucket Brigade aka the Fire fighters Auxiliary. The Greene family farm supplies all the syrup. When Alanza Speedwell an obnoxious outsider drops face first into her plate of pancakes during the contest the Greener Pastures syrup falls under suspicion. It is up to Dani to find out who poisoned the bottle of syrup before her...
  • Debbie
    I thought for a first in a series that it might be a little stiff, but I was wrong. Dani is a unique character diminutive in size but huge in character. She runs the family business and deals with a set of quirky family members, some more likeable than others. A small town of characters, some more likeable than others, and a murder that threatens her business. The plot kept me guessing until the end and the side stories along the way were great. ...
  • Susan
    Picked this up at the library from a display of books with a seasonal theme. The author spent a lot of time giving the history of the maple sugar business started by Dani and her family, and not enough time developing the plot for the mystery which was wrapped up way too quickly. The sub-plot of escaped exotic animals was silly and distracting. The author constantly reminded us that Dani, the main character, is short which seemed unnecessary. I w...
  • Carol Brown
    I'm sorry I wasted my time with this book. The characters are not appealing at all; the storyline was appalling and if the author intends with this character, Dani Greene, I certainly will not be reading anymore of them. I'm certainly glad that I read it as an e-read from the library and didn't waste my time trudging to the library or paying for it. Change the name of the book to Drizzled with Boredom.
  • Edith Maxwell
    What a delightful start to a new series. Crockett rocks it with a funny voice, a quirky family-centric business, a diminutive-but-strong amateur sleuth who has her share of relationship phobia, and a small town where the fact that everybody knows each others' business isn't necessarily a good thing. The New Hampshire setting and late fall season were crystal clear in the writing. I can't wait to read what happens next with Dani, Graham, and the r...
  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    loved the first book in this new series. the dialogue is witty and there are just enough clues to potentially figure out who the murderer is...of course I didn't figure it out right until the person was revealed. There are a lot of possibilities with so many unanswered questions.I do wish more recipes had been included, some of the food described sounded divine!I think this will be a winner of a series!
  • Dawn
    Not a bad start to a new series I stumbled across. I think it is one of the first books were the sleuthing was not really out there. I kinda like it. This book was a very pleasant read. I enjoyed all the characters for the most part. I really enjoyed this book. I will continue on in this series.3.5 stars but rounding up to 4 stars.
  • Paula
    A perfectly pleasant, light, humorous romance with some weird recipes for people who really, really like maple syrup. Mostly enjoyed the book, but the author tended to overuse similes, and I also kinda got tired of the humblebragging heroine "Oh, it's such a bother - I'm so tiny and petite, even if I eat a mountain of pancakes slathered in syrup I just never can gain any weight!"
  • Nancy H
    Quite a good new mystery series. I am quite entranced with the setting since I have family living in a small town in New Hampshire, and this book just transported me there! Good characters, good plot, good story.
  • Carrie
    Blarg it should not have taken me this long to finish this book. Just could not get into it. It was boring. But it's over now. Felt like there was too much going on but nothing happening all at the same time if that makes any sense.
  • Jason
    I really enjoyed the wry humor Dani showed throughout this story-especially as everything around her was falling apart. She reminded me of me. A great start to this series, setting up the peole on in the town and the town itself. Can't wait to see where this series goes!
  • Sarah
    This book was a little frustrating as the proagonist acted very childlike (i.e. not very mature) throughout the book. I can easily understand why she was treated as the baby of the family - she acted like one. Mystery itself is a little weak.
  • Mary (Biblophile)
    I wanted to like this book but found it excruciating to keep reading. Boring, boring, boring. The main character wasn't all that likeable and story just drug on and on.
  • Rachel
    I was hoping for a really good cozy mystery but instead this book was tedious to read with lots of juvenile dialogue and unrealistic plot.