What Was the March on Washington? by Kathleen Krull

What Was the March on Washington?

On August 28, 1963, more than 200,000 people gathered in Washington, DC, to demand equal rights for all races. It was there that Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech, and it was this peaceful protest that spurred the momentous civil rights laws of the mid-1960s. With black-and-white artwork throughout and sixteen pages of photographs, the March is brought to life!

Details What Was the March on Washington?

TitleWhat Was the March on Washington?
Release DateFeb 7th, 2013
PublisherGrosset & Dunlap
GenreNonfiction, History, Childrens

Reviews What Was the March on Washington?

  • Nate
    I love the "What Was..." series, and I'm really happy that two of those books were included in the Oregon Battle of the Books contest. I'm really excited to share this particular book with the group, as the March on Washington story shows not only some of the worst of America and humanity but also the best.
  • Tera (adventuresbetweenpages) Baird
    I thought I knew a lot about the March but I learned a lot of new things reading this. I adore these books. They are perfect for learning
  • Rowe Vinson
    This book was very, very sad and I hope we never have a water fountain that says colored people again.
  • Chase
    I liked Martin Luther King. As a kid, whos a third grader. This book taught me a lot about the civil rights movement and I enjoyed for my reading challenge. When my family visited to visit Williamsburg, Va and this book it started out in Jamestown, VA. My dad thought it would be a good book for me to read, and liked this book. It was very interesting and read easily. My dad said that this book will help education lesson kids need to know about. S...
  • Juliefrick
    Fantastic introduction to the march, from the planning to the figures involved. I especially appreciated the fact that the author took the time to address small but significant points such as the lack of female speakers and the fact that this struggle is not over. We read this as we prepared my son to take part in a Black History Month Student Showcase at school, playing the part of an ally marching with his friends and demonstrating peaceful pro...
  • Gerardo Sicairos
    The book "What Was the March on Washington" by Kathleen Krull is very emotional and mind blowing book.It will make you think about what it was like in the past and how people lived in those days.I recommend this book to people that want to learn about segregation in the south.It is a short but inspiring book.
  • Justin Likens
    A good book designed for younger readers that will help them understand the importance of the March, Dr. King, and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.
  • Devon
    This chapter book gives an in depth look at the March on Washington and the events that led to it. The author includes details about the planning of the march and the historical figures that took part in it. Illustrations are sprinkled throughout the story and real pictures of the march are included as well. The author does a wonderful job of pointing out the necessity of the Civil Rights Movement and showing children that nonviolent protests can...
  • Hailey Walls
    This series is awesome for people who like reading about history and need visualizations. This specific book is about the March on Washington and what happened. It also tells you about major people in the civil rights movement. It talks about Peter,Paul, and Mary and famous band in the ‘60s, and many other people. If you’re interested in the March on Washington or are learning about in school I highly encourage you to read this book.
  • Heidi Burkhart
    A very concise and informative volume about the famous March on Washington. Though I read at least one book each year to honor MLK about him and his life, I learned a number of things about the Civil Rights Movement, and the March that I didn't know before I read this book.Written for students, and would be an excellent resource for a number of class projects. As an adult I found it a pleasure to read. It brought the spirit and emotions of this t...
  • Marion Kim
    This nonfiction book is excellent for 3rd graders. This book talks all about what/how segregation was in the past, major people and events that lead to Black people received the equal opportunities and rights as Whites. This is an excellent book to have in the classroom library for kids to learn and understand why we celebrate/emphasize Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The teacher can also read pages to the students aloud to help the students to under...
  • Sue
    Most of the books in this series mention Jim Crow laws and racial issues. This one must be the flagship.We've come a long way but though racial bias is less blatant now--it's still there. I remember reading a sign in San Antonio, TX, in 1970, above a restaurant door stating "No dogs or ni...rs" allowed" (except they spelled it out and enforced it).
  • Mary Thomas
    A great overview of this time of history. I love these quick, jam-packed books. I read this one in anticipation of a much smaller commemorative march in my city for MLK's birthday tomorrow. This brings even more meaning to what the "march" is all about. 2018 Literary Escapes Challenge - Washington, D.C.
  • Judy
    Very informative.
  • Carter Sievers
    This book is alright. It did not interest me that much. I did like the part with the speeches.
  • Cindy
    Read this to my class and they loved learning about this time period.
  • Michelle
    Read aloud on MLK Day for my homeschool daughter. Used as part of our study on Civil Rights. Followed by video of his I Have a Dream speech and a documentary. Wonderful book to read aloud.
  • Nathan Ibanez
    This book is about the March on Washington which is when there as segragation and wb en Martin Luther King Jr. fought for blacks rights. He did this giant protest in Washington D.C. This book is for the people who want to learn about segragation and human rights. Martin Luther King Jr. was the person that did the I Have A Dream speech. This book was intresting because it talked about what caused this special moment and the people who were part of...
  • Michael
    This has been a good few days to read this book with my seven year old. This book is informative, reasonably easy to read, and interesting. I myself learned a lot about the March on Washington: how it was organized, the details of the event, etc. My daughter and I had some very rich conversations about the historical context of the march, and she has been exposed to some new vocabulary words, which is great (can you tell I am an English teacher?)...
  • Linda Lipko
    A very well-written informative book for all ages which provides a background into the necessity of the Civil Rights movement. Referencing the abhorrent treatment of blacks and the egregious unfair treatment and rules, the author does a very credible job of outlining the events which led up to the March on Washington.It took a tremendous amount of planning to pull the entire thing together. And, all involved were to be commended for their dedicat...
  • Alyssa
    Krull, K., & Tomkinson, T. (2013). What was the March on Washington? NY, NY: Grosset & Dunlap. This book was informing about Martin Luther King Jr. It began with who MLK Jr. was and what the March on Washington was about. Afterwards, the book talks about how African Americans were treated before MLK Jr. The book also talks about who helped to do the march, like Abraham Lincoln and President Kennedy. All in all this would be a good book to read in...
  • Courtney
    The author's handling of the peaceful time and inspiring speeches in D.C. saved this from being a one star book. And how could a simple, straight-forward book about the civil rights movement (an exciting and important and inspiring time) possibly be a one-two star book? The author defined racism incorrectly and it REALLY bothered me to an extreme level. "What is racism? Racism in America is the belief among some white people that they are better ...
  • HonokaAndo
    1.no level2.Dec 3. 60min 4.20min 6. 30min 7.50min 3.march,black,white,discrimination,king,washington,USA4.a)Black people were duscriminated for long days. Black people and white people were separate even in public bathrooms,theaters and drinking fountains...b) I Think the discrimination against black people were so cruel.I wonder is there any white people who think it is bad situation and stop doing discrimination?? They are same people. They hav...
  • Jen
    A succinct, well-written description of the events leading up to the March on Washington of 1963, along with descriptions of the day and its aftermath. Young readers will learn about the reason why A. Philip Randolph wanted the march to happen in August of 1963 and how much organizational know-how was required by Bayard Rustin in order to get the march off the ground. Finally, young readers will also get to appreciate why Obama's presidency is su...
  • Raylyn Lee
    In my opinion this book was tremendous. Kathleen Krull did an amazing job. It gave me a lot of information on racism, slavery,The March on Washington, and people who helped the march. I feel like i can really relate to the african americans that are made fun of in the book because people make fun of me bacause of my skin color. This book is very powerful, when the people gave there speeches. I would reccomend this book to all my fellow classmates...
  • Abby Johnson
    The "Who Was..." books are SUPER popular at my library and now they're publishing "What Was..." as well, so I wanted to pick one up to see what they're all about. I can see why the kids like them: they're no-frills introductions to people and historical events written at about a third-grade level. Illustrations and side-bars make the text a very quick read, while still being informative. Back matter includes a bibliography and timeline. Some publ...
  • Esther May
    Well, I just read through a bunch of my previous reviews and found that I use the words enjoyed and interesting way too much. So here goes a review without those words. The March on Washington was completely epic. What an event. So much went into the planning of this march. There were tons of people who attended with very real concerns and there were not any huge incidents. It took courage to attend. I loved reading about the march. This would be...
  • Kaleb Munro
    The March on Washington Kathleen Krull: The from Washington biggest United States civil rights movement in 1960s. When one of the biggest protest ever take place happened Martin Luther King and his protesters march all the way to Washington to protest about black people civil rights into desegregate all the United States. In my in this book had very true facts statements make a big impact on the world as saying there is no more segregation in th...
  • Patricia Tsune
    This series continues to do a wonderful job introducing young children to significant people and events. Far from exhaustive but able to hit the important highlights without stripping the significance of the event. It also provides the context for why the March on Washington occurred in the first place, referencing the Jim Crow laws and the everyday injustices and horrors that faced African-Americans. The organizational challenges and fears are a...
  • Nanci Booher
    This will be a hard one to review....it's non-fiction and part of a great series for kids; the What Was series.... This is part of the OBOB competition for the 2015-16 year. There were things I learned and things that truly shocked me, but that is maybe the point of historical non-fiction...to get you to feel something. I applaud Kathleen Krull for tackling such emotional and intense subjects. I will encourage kids to read this even after OBOB is...